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DM Screens - We just completed our second draft of our screens for the Planescape setting, one for 3.0 and one for 3.5. These are four panel screens complete with some art for your players to stare at while you pontificate. We have them in two formats, the first in four pages to be printed out on your home printer the second in a single wide panel if you wish to print it at your local print shop.

This is the initial draft of these screens so please give us feedback on the forums to let us know your thoughts. We are also taking art submissions for the player's side of the DM screens. If you are an artist looking to drop off a screen design, please let us know, we'd love to give our DM's some options!

Recent updates: Fixed a handful of spelling mistakes, and a cut off second of pg 1. If you spot any more errors please let us know!

Addendum: If you (like me) are having trouble finding a place that will print out the screens for you in the wide format on card stock - here's a few tips. Don't forget to check with sign printer companies, they're more comfortable with oddball sizes. Also, check out:'s Worlds Greatest Screens I picked up a copy of these at Gencon 2007 - and they are sturdy things, more than capable of smacking an errant player upside the head with. Very handy if you need to change your information often, or just on a whim want to use some nifty screens you found online someplace...

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