The Planewalker's Codex

Here on Planewalker our greatest strength is our community, a vibrantly creative group of people from around the world whose imaginations have been captured captured by the Planescape setting. A setting so innovative that even now, years after the product line was discontinued, inspires continual commentary and development.

Now, almost twenty years after the original boxed set was released, we would like to share some of our community's creativity with the world. Today we launch the debut issue of The Planewalker's Codex!

This new magazine is inspired by a new influx of planar gaming materials including Paizo's Book of the Damned and Open Design's Dark Roads and Golden Hells (both of Planewalker's managers and numerous denizens of our forums contributed to the latter).

We hope that this not only encourages discussion about the Planescape and planar campaigns in general, but also to explore topics long held to be taboo. In the spirit of pushing the boundaries this issue kicks off with a look at the biggest taboo in the setting: Killing the Lady of Pain.

So grab a copy, it's a free pdf. Since it is a free product allow us to encourage you to pass it on via file sharing networks (which would also save us a bit of bandwidth).

Let us know what you think of Issue One as we will be looking at your feedback in order to improve future issues! We're already working on more issues in the forums where on Planewalker, so join in!

The Planewalker's Codex - Issue 1, Q3 20123.82 MB
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