Denizens of the Inner Planes

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Release: v1.0, 16 March 2006, 2.32 MB, 148 pages

Denizens of the Transitive Planes

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Release: v1.0, 27 Oct 2005, 1.52 MB, 68 pages

This collection reveals the native creatures from the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, and the Plane of Shadow. The following old edition monsters have been converted to v3.5 rules - apparition, astral whale, astral searcher, astral streaker, berbalang, chronolily, chulcrix, devete, dhour, astral dragon, ebon tiger, ether sea horse, garmorm, gk'lok, gloomwing, ether golem, kodragon, magran, meme, memedi, nathri, nethling, plasm, shadeling, spectral hound, planar spider, shadow symbiont, terithran, translator, and tween.

Sigil Identities I: Quéssā and Half-Elven pride

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Quéssā [ kwEH-hsaah; etym: probably corruption of Quessir (people) in Faerunian High Elven or h'quhs (bawdy or irreverent speech) in Oeridian Wood Elven (disputed)]


Sigismund Pandulf v. Dassau (Ed.) Subcultures and Counter-Cultures in Contemporary Sigil 6th Ed., Baying Arcanoloth Press

Githyanki Martial Tradition – Part 2. Innate Psionics

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“I had my eyes trained on the gith, but somehow I still didn’t see him coming. I was dead certain my aim would strike true, but it seemed like my sight did not relay the information to my sword arm. Then I stumbled over nothing, my focus blurred, and suddenly my blood was all over his blade. Last thing I remember was yielding.”

- Noel, recently resurrected planewalker

The Consumers of Knowledge

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Githyanki Martial Tradition – Part 1. Mentality

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“Never kill a worthy foe casually, young ones. Plunge your blade hilt-deep in his chest while shouting your defiance to his face, lock eyes with him, and watch the vitality rapidly drain away until there is but the faintest flicker of life left. Then you twist.”

- Rev’keth, varsh overseer

Math and Mechanus VI: Sets as Monsters

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Githyanki Insults

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Githyanki are normally polite toward one another... but not always. None of the insults below should be used against a githyanki carelessly by the wise.

Math and Mechanus IV: Funxions

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Legends speak of a group of marraenoloths who, tainted by the greed of their race, sought to find the Axioms and use an artifact in their possession to usurp their power. Somehow, these planar travelers managed to find the hidden kingdom of the Axioms who emerged from their immaculate dwellings of perfect geometries. Upon seeing the indescribable beauty of those who are Foundation of All Things, the marraenoloths surrended without a battle and begged only to serve.

Math and Mechanus I, II: Introduction, Inhabitants and Items

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Math and Mechanus I: Introduction

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