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Bubbling Tortoise

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Being a description of a gnome native to the Bottomless Deep, his craft, and the bloods and/or addle-coved sods in his company.

Comdo Corkstopper (Pl/ ♂ gnome/ Exp 10/ Frat. of Order/ NG) says he was born in the City of Glass and later orphaned when his parents, explorers themselves, left on an expedition to examine a portal rumored to connect the Bottomless Deep to the Treasure Trove. Of course they got lost and he never saw ‘em again. Corkstopper’s spent his life exploring Water and the chant is he’s searchin’ for his long lost loved ones.

Paraelemental Plane of Magma, Derived From the 3.0 Rules of Planar Construction

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It is a cauldron of boiling stone.
It is a place of wastelands.
It is a plane of death and renewal.
It is the child of Earth and Fire.

At its heart, the Paraelemental Plane of Magma is a molten sea of rock. This primordial soup is the closest a mortal can get to the heart of a Material Plane world. Few things last long on a plane where worlds themselves are reduced to a roiling ocean by the power of this plane.
There is a sky above the bottomless depth of the great sea, albeit one choked with liquefied rock, volcanic gasses and pillars of fire.

Paraelemental Plane of Ice, Derived From the 3.0 Rules of Planar Construction

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It is a solid mass of ice harder than stone.
It is as unforgiving as a bitter heart.
It is the freezing grip of deepest winter a thousandfold.
It is the offspring of Air and Water.

The Paraelemental Plane of Ice is a solid plane, consisting of a core of solid ice with few natural pockets and crevices. Liquids freeze, ice freezes, breath freezes, even thoughts freeze.

Speaker of Balance- Fiendish Aasimar Monk

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Born from an illicit liason between his half Archon mother and a Tiefling father, Speaker of Balance has felt the pull of two worlds since his birth. He knows little of his family as he was left on the doorstep of an obscure monastery in Limbo shortly after birth. There he was raised by an order of human monks until his fourteenth year.

A Tiefling's Diary (Extract)

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Extracts from the memetic diary of Bryseis, known as “Rysse”, tiefling machinist – published in “Voices from the Hive” Issue 2, Revolution 12, Cycle 4.

Grey Sigil morning. The rain hits the panes like a Stygian drum. I have to start stocking up on food on my day off. The larder is sad and lonely and empty. A sodding void – so I finish off a half-bottle of Dispater-label firewater and pretend it's breakfast.

If I finally decide to buy food, I might as well remember to find a new tint of horn polish.

The Anatomists

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The Anatomists

“Pass me that scalpel will you Jeren.” A cold voice, all business, requested.

“Which one? There’s four in the tool kit.” Jeren returned, all nerves and jitters.

“Only one of them cuts through elemental flesh you dolt, didn’t you learn anything in your training?”

[i]“Well, yes Professor, right, I’ll get you that scalpel.” Jeren hurriedly grabbed the sharp implement from among its fellows in the tool kit, and almost cut himself in the process.

Slaan: Part 3 - The Life of Slaan

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The Two Most Interesting People in Slaan, and How they Got to Be that Way

Obviously the previous pages set down the most important people in the city, such as the Ministers of Trade and Water and the High Priest of Io, but Slaan has many unaffiliated and yet extraordinary characters. The two most intriguing of these are described here.

Wax Face

Something like two hundred years ago a strange being all white and wearing a bisected mask showed up in Slaan. He dominated a kobold and announced his intention to take up the professional dueling circuit.

Slaan: Part 2 - How Slaan Runs

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Slaan Part 2 - How Slaan Runs


This place isn’t like Sigil; it hasn’t got a Lady of Pain to straighten out all the inconvenient messes that happen when you throw a bunch of races together into a mix and ask them to tolerate each other.

Slaan: Part 1 - Introduction to Slaan

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Slaan - City of Paraelemental Smoke


There are many ways to describe a city, glowing poetry, epic histories, great paintings, and many more, but to describe the lizard-man city in the Paraelemental Plane of Smoke a single word generally suffices, “Slaan.” At least, the lizard-men and their relatives seldom get anymore descriptive than that highly non-descriptive word. I mean really, Slaan doesn’t even mean anything, either in Planespeak or Draconic, the prevailing languages in the city. Apparently the Lizard men like it that way.

An Interview with the Creators of Nobis, a New Campaign Setting for v.3.5

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"Imagine a world that has begun to cast off the yoke of monarchy, a world where the old ways are slipping into memory and a new era of enlightenment is dawning. Knowledge spreads like wildfire, commerce and democracy take root. Thousands upon thousands gravitate to massive City-States, towering metropolises that cast long shadows across the face of the earth. Once jealously guarded arcane secrets are now available on every corner, and the very fabric of the universe succumbs to the inevitable march of progress. Imagine the world of Nobis."

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