Planescape in Other Systems

Optional Rules for Races in Mage: Planescape

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ImageOne mephit minion in particular pointed out, in his wisdom, that he happened to have some alternate rules for Planar Races that went along with O'Rance's conversion for Planescape to Mage. After much negotiaion, and some obligatory begging (you know how mephits are) - I'm lucky to present Matthew Rees's approach to the Planar Races in the Storyteller system.

Conversion Guide for Mage - Part 2 - DMG

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ImageMore of Mr. O'Rance's work has been found in the eddies of the Astral where it vanished to. My mephit minions located the Mage-DMG, so I'm happy to present to you the second half of the Conversion Guide for Planescape to Mage the Ascension.

Conversion Guide for Planescape to Mage: the Ascension

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A while ago I was emailed a copy of a conversion for Planescape to Mage: the Ascension. At the time I had no idea who the author was, so it took quite awhile for me to track down Mr. James O'Rance. I recently got in touch with Mr. O'Rance and he graciously gave us permission to host his work.

Conversion Guide for Planescape to HERO

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HERO Games Janus Aran has put together a conversion for Planescape (in 2nd and 3.x formats) to his preferred system: HERO. Here you will find Janus's conversion guide for Planescape to HERO, the first in our efforts to bring the Planes to other systems.

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