Roads of Light and Dark

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The Roads of Light and Dark: These are transitive paths that celestials and fiends can create with great effort to link their plane with a mortal world. Mortals end up walking into soft points such as crossroads and places where the nature of a plane has been readily taken up by mortals.

Abattoir, City of Corruption and Hunger

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City of Corruption and Hunger

In the badlands of Avernus where the River Styx first flows into Baator from Gehenna lies a sprawling metropolis of monolithic factories and elegant mansions as well as crumbling tenements and narrow alleyways filled to overflowing with homeless dregs.

A titanic sculpture—or possibly a natural formation, or even a petrified fiend or forgotten god—looms over one side of the city, resembling an enormously fat humanoid, its features so weathered that it's no longer clear whether the points on its head are ears or horns or both.

The Festival of Maiming

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Die Vecna Die! mentions "A week-long festival, sure to be reenacted on a regular basis." As far as I know, this has never been developed further.

I suggest that this week is celebrated in Mortis, one of the final months of Sigil's Calendar, and that it's called the Festival of Maiming. Named for the Maimed God, this is a celebration of the time Vecna was cast out of the City of Doors, and the multiverse was saved from his meddling.

Sigil Identities I: Quéssā and Half-Elven pride

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Quéssā [ kwEH-hsaah; etym: probably corruption of Quessir (people) in Faerunian High Elven or h'quhs (bawdy or irreverent speech) in Oeridian Wood Elven (disputed)]


Sigismund Pandulf v. Dassau (Ed.) Subcultures and Counter-Cultures in Contemporary Sigil 6th Ed., Baying Arcanoloth Press

The Ascendancy

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Many githyanki are lost without a Lich Queen to guide them. She was their revered ancestor, ruler, god-head, hero, and matron. She was also a cruel mistress who demanded total loyalty and obedience. Githyanki society held the Queen’s “final honor” as the true mark of success. If a githyanki conquered all foes and was a success in life, they were called before the Lich Queen for their living essences to be consumed in her quest for greater power. Most githyanki did so willingly without question.

Adventure Hook Junction I

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Happy Holidays!


Here's to hoping all of you have found yourselves surrounded by friends and family this season! I and my bevy of mephit assistants present to you:

Adventure Junction I.

Our first compilation of 100 plot hooks and campaign seeds.

The Alternative Guide to the City of Doors

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Welcome, esteemed readers, to "Queer Sigil" - this primer on the lively, dynamic, alternate face of Sigil. Adventurers used to narrow-minded theocracies and insular, soulless Prime worlds take heed – Sigil will, by its very nature, offer a breadth of experience beyond the realms of your very imagination...still, we're here to talk about more practical matters. Seeking a contact? Looking to unwind? Need a lead into the next dungeon? Sigil's patchwork of life and energy will doubtless throw something up, so follow me, your impeccably-travelled guide, into this portal of the delicious and the sublime...

A Selection of Stones from the Sensorium

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This is a collection of sensations hand selected from the vaults of the Society of Sensation. They reflect a variety of lives and experiences that will enrich any who would choose to consider them.

And without further delay:

Gazetteer of the Grey: Gallows Wood & The Horse of the Hanged

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I hung upon that windswept tree for nine days and nine nights, pierced by my own spear. I stared into the void between and beyond all things, until I spied the runes and seized them up. And howling, I fell.

- Attributed to the Power Odin

3.5ed Update to The Deva Spark

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These updates are my own personal attempts to update the 2nd ed. Planescape Adventures to 3.5 ed. Some feats, skills, or rules are borrowed from the Planescape 3.5 ed. Project at, and some creature stats are taken from the PSMC 3.5.

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