DM Genie - PSCS Spells

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For use with the DM Genie / Player Genie programs. This file contains all of the spells from the Planewalker PSCS. This file contains the following spells:

Baatezu Bane, Barmy Touch, Beckon, Beckon- Lesser, Blessed Forgetfulness, Bone Craft, Celestial Refuge, Chain of Command, Chain of Command- Lesser, Chains of Water, Communal Strength, Cubehopper, Curious Courier, Curst Word, Dead Life, Debunk, Detect Spell Alteration, Dream Conduit, Dimensional Tether, Earth Thrust, Ecstatic Decay, Exalt, Extradimensional Awareness, Faction Press, Find Planar Paths, Genesis- Ethereal, Gift of a Second Chance, Hagan’s Supervising Eyes, Howl of Pandemonium, Impassion, Inspire Obedience, Kiss of the Succubus, Light of the Soul, Mental Cell, Mind of the Hunted, Moment of Travesty, Mournful Mutter, Move Fire and Magma, Obfuscate, Planar Union, Plague-Mort Affliction, Protomatter Infusion, Repudiating Gaze, Seal Portal- Lesser, Spirit Guard, Supremacy of the Passions, Suppression Fire, Talking Door, Tanar'ri Tribulation, Touch of the Styx, Transmute Element to Paraelement, True Speech, Vile Temptation, Volund’s Confounding Problem, Vrock's Screech, Wastequake, Weight of Entropy, Whispering Runes, Winds of Death, Winged Memory.

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