DM Genie - PSCS Feats A-F

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For use with the DM Genie / Player Genie programs. PSCS Feats (A-F) - This file contains all the feats (a-f) from the PSCS.

NOTE: This is a preliminary fileset. All of the data is here, however we are waiting for scripting to make them automatic within DM Genie. You will have to manually apply all feat based modifiers until we get the VB script written.

This file contains the following feats:
Action Without Thought, Addled Mind, Amoral, Anarchist Craftsmen, Annihilation Spell, Arcane Dabbler, Ascetic, Assemble Pattern, Authority, Aversion Barb, Bear The Burden, Between The Lines, Blasphemous Prescence, Blessed Smith of Bytopia, Bloodhound, Bookworm, Borrow Style, Branding, Brawn Over Brains, Cadence Strike, Cadence Whispers, Chaos Infused, Cipher Trance, Cleanse Impurity, Commanding Spellcasting, Communal Experience, Complete The Cycle, Condemnation, Confident, Counter-Indoctrinate, Dead Truce, Deal Maker, Death Focus, Death Wish, Deny Edict, Descend The Chain, Destruction Embraced, Detached, Disenchant factioneers, Disruptive Aura, Divert Attack, Divert Pattern, Empathic Awareness, Empathic Insight, Entropic Blow, Entropic Understanding, Evaluating The Outcome, Exceptional Immunity, Expanded Dead Truce, Extended Cipher Trance, Extra Cipher Trance, Extraordinary Sense, Eye For Injustice, Eye For Treachery, Faction Free, Faithless Blessing, Faithless Miracle, Finder, Focus of the Modron, For Justice, Functional Wings

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