Denizens of the Transitive Planes

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Release: v1.0, 27 Oct 2005, 1.52 MB, 68 pages

This collection reveals the native creatures from the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, and the Plane of Shadow. The following old edition monsters have been converted to v3.5 rules - apparition, astral whale, astral searcher, astral streaker, berbalang, chronolily, chulcrix, devete, dhour, astral dragon, ebon tiger, ether sea horse, garmorm, gk'lok, gloomwing, ether golem, kodragon, magran, meme, memedi, nathri, nethling, plasm, shadeling, spectral hound, planar spider, shadow symbiont, terithran, translator, and tween.

Update v1.1: Errata for astral dragon and garmorm added.

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