Xan Yae

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Xan Yae is a goddess of twilight, shadows, stealth, and mental power worshipped on Oerth. Her symbol is a black lotus blossom. Xan Yae dwells in the Outlands in the realm Tower of Iron Will.

She is true neutral. Her clerics are agents of harmony and balance. The demigod Zuoken serves her.

The great wheel of Xan Yae's doctrine depends upon three vital and interconnected spokes: the Universal Mind, the Perpetual Harmony and the Internal Peace. The concept of the Universal Mind posits the belief that all things exist because the mind created them, and without imagination, consideration and willpower, the multiverse would cease to exist. This tenet agrees closely with the primary contention of the Outer Planar Faction known as the Sign of One. Like the Signers, followers of Xan Yae believe in the malleability of creation and the ability of the mind to alter reality. In the ultimate expression of the faith, believers hope to one day use their collective mental faculties to transform the very shape of the multiverse.

The idea of Perpetual Harmony contends that all life is balanced, that symmetry governs all beings, and that to be in harmony with one's self and surroundings puts one in harmony with nature. This in turn permits one to more readily access the Universal Mind.

Finally to manipulate the Universal Mind and maintain Perpertual Harmony one must first achieve Internal Peace. In other words martial and mental activities must be mastered and reconciled to attain a higher level of existance. Thus followers of Xan Yae perform both physical and mental exercises in an ongoing effort to find inner alignment.

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