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Keepers are enigmatic, roughly humanoid creatures who wander the planes demanding information and orchestrating cover-ups. Their motives are unguessable, but they most often appear to learn and shield deep secrets.  Their origin is itself unknown, but the most common tale links a member of the Fraternity of Order with their creation or summoning, centuries ago.

Keepers have grayish skin and move with an alien gait. They wear heavy clothing and dark-lensed spectacles, as if they can't stand bright light.

A group of keepers are custodians of the shifting city of Gloomwrought on the Plane+of+Shadow. They regularly inspect the streets and passages of the city, answering to their own unknowable goals.

Keepers are among the five signatories of the Draeden Compact, governing the transmission of pre-Great Wheel arcane secrets. The other signatories to the pact are the Mapmakers, Rilmani, Devetes, and Githzerai.

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