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Erinyes are a caste of Baatezu. They are usually promoted from kocrachons who have proved their mastery over both pleasure and suffering. Erinyes are given unusual freedom in entering the Material+Plane, as they are the primary tempters of mortal souls. They use every means at their disposal to convince mortals to love law and evil and hate chaos and good, corrupting both individuals and entire societies. They are named for the Furies of Greek mythology, who torment those who fall from the dictates of Law. In some ways, the erinyes is the lawful evil equivalent of the Succubus.

Erinyes resemble human females with feathered wings, a form that has caused some sages to mistake them for fallen celestials. While their shape might indeed be inspired by the celestial form (the better to tempt the unwary), erinyes are baatezu, through and through, promoted from lower castes and eligible for promotion to higher baatezu forms. Some have performed so well that they were promoted directly to the status of cornugons or even pit+fiends, though most become lesser baatezu instead. Others have been known to turn down promotions in order to retain their access to the Material Plane.

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