Urban Planescape

Sigil Identities I: Quéssā and Half-Elven pride

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Quéssā [ kwEH-hsaah; etym: probably corruption of Quessir (people) in Faerunian High Elven or h'quhs (bawdy or irreverent speech) in Oeridian Wood Elven (disputed)]


Sigismund Pandulf v. Dassau (Ed.) Subcultures and Counter-Cultures in Contemporary Sigil 6th Ed., Baying Arcanoloth Press

The Alternative Guide to the City of Doors

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Welcome, esteemed readers, to "Queer Sigil" - this primer on the lively, dynamic, alternate face of Sigil. Adventurers used to narrow-minded theocracies and insular, soulless Prime worlds take heed – Sigil will, by its very nature, offer a breadth of experience beyond the realms of your very imagination...still, we're here to talk about more practical matters. Seeking a contact? Looking to unwind? Need a lead into the next dungeon? Sigil's patchwork of life and energy will doubtless throw something up, so follow me, your impeccably-travelled guide, into this portal of the delicious and the sublime...

Urban Order of Being

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A new faction in the Urban Planescape setting: The Order of Being.

Urban Harmonium

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The Harmonium in the Urban Planescape setting.

Urban Planescape: Urban Gods

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DeferoGreater Deity Lawful Neutral "You've got mail!" Portfolio: Communication, Information, Knowledge, Collective Thinking. Domains: Community, Knowledge.

Modern Hell

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AvernusThe first layer of Baator is a wasteland of broken concrete, barbed wire and choking smog. Under an eternal rain of flames massive factory complexes churn out armaments for the diabolic legions, while in immense courtyards the fiends themselves drill endlessly in preparation for the next battle against the Tanar'ri.

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