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Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
Oh, how I wish he'd go away.

Ever met someone in a dream who was both there and not? Those were these people. The interfae exist only as interference patterns of identity that occur when two dreamscapes brush against each other.

Taming the Ether

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Requirements:Wilderness Lore/Survival3.5 7 ranks, must have stayed on theethereal for a period of one month, and received tutoring from the EtherfarerSociety.

Squamous Dreams...

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Ruvanna (elven for “dream forest”)Description: The entire plane appears to be a forest encased in fog. Closer exploration shows that the ground closely resembles the color of dirt and has a slight give to it, but cannot be moved. The trees have relatively little limbs until about 50ft up where they suddenly sprout out into a dense canopy which blocks out any possible view above them.

Ethergaunt Devices

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Half Fey (Shemmie Storyhour Varient)

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Half Fey (Shemmie Storyhour Varient) Hidden in your dreams, secluded in the nightmares of children, so rest the little ones. Long in retreat from the world of mortals and long diffused into the tiniest of forms are the fey. The Shining Folk forgotten in the mists and the creak of tree bark in the night. Into the willful ignorance of mortal kind come the Sidhe and the pixies, the selkie and the redhats.

Plane of Finite Angles (demiplane)

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From the Notes of Dr Byran Lorft - Senior consultant of the mind , The Fraternity of Order.Day 194, Year the eighth:

On the Ethereal

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There is an echo within us.An echo of something grand, and an echo of something tiny.When you listen, when you truly listen to your inner soul and purpose, that echo sounds. And it tells of birth. Not the birth of your body, or the birth of your ideas. It tells of the birth of everything, and what it tells you is the truth.There is a Deep within us.And it tells you words you’ll never understand.

The Ethereal Egg

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Recommended Levels: n/a Author: Gary RayEmail: -Required: one hero- The adventure is only suitable for pc´s where at least one character is of good alignment.


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Recommended Levels: n/a Author: Orri EiríkssonEmail: players become the main course for an eater. -INTRODUCTION- The brotherhood of belief, also known as the eaters or the hollow, are a rather unique sect whose focus is to feed of the belief of others, including factions (whom they like the taste of) and priests (who were their main course back when they were a part of the Athar).

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