The Heartforce

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I heard you say something about Gith's reincarnation as Ar-Gish? Please, tell me more, brother. – An undercover secret police recruit in the Githyanki city of Githmir.

Come with us, brother. - The same recruit, to the same githwarrior, a few hours later.


The Reconciliation

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“Any enemy of The Great Enemy can be my friend … for a time.” - Gith.

Githyanki Martial Tradition – Part 2. Innate Psionics

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“I had my eyes trained on the gith, but somehow I still didn’t see him coming. I was dead certain my aim would strike true, but it seemed like my sight did not relay the information to my sword arm. Then I stumbled over nothing, my focus blurred, and suddenly my blood was all over his blade. Last thing I remember was yielding.”

- Noel, recently resurrected planewalker

The Ascendancy

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Many githyanki are lost without a Lich Queen to guide them. She was their revered ancestor, ruler, god-head, hero, and matron. She was also a cruel mistress who demanded total loyalty and obedience. Githyanki society held the Queen’s “final honor” as the true mark of success. If a githyanki conquered all foes and was a success in life, they were called before the Lich Queen for their living essences to be consumed in her quest for greater power. Most githyanki did so willingly without question.

Githyanki Martial Tradition – Part 1. Mentality

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“Never kill a worthy foe casually, young ones. Plunge your blade hilt-deep in his chest while shouting your defiance to his face, lock eyes with him, and watch the vitality rapidly drain away until there is but the faintest flicker of life left. Then you twist.”

- Rev’keth, varsh overseer

The Unifists

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The fracturing of githyanki society into competing power blocs is better described as a cultural revolution than a civil war. Blood is spilled in personal duels, not battles. Still, the events following the fall of the Lich Queen are distressing to many githyanki, as they were unified like no other race. Orc tribes fight, human nation scheme, but the loyal children of Gith were all brothers in battle.

The Silver Eyes

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Dire is every hour the illithid continue to blight space and time with their presence.

~ Telas-Niah, Soulknife of the Bronze Tower


Of all the power blocs of the githyanki, one is not opposed by any of the others. They do not dare. Whoever rules the githyanki, the Silver Eyes will be pulling the strings behind the scenes, that much is certain.

The Apocalytes

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Queen Vlaakith CLVII had reigned longer than the memory of any living githyanki, despite the fact that they dwelt on the Astral where time could not touch them. When her Incursion into the prime spheres brought disaster, it left many of her people broken and devoid of hope, but no less fierce in battle.

The githyanki Incursion was larger than most outsiders realized. Nine prime worlds were invaded by the bulk of Lich Queen's armies, and over a dozen more saw either major raids or the establishment of new fortified outposts.

The True

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Faith is for the barbarians. We have no use for faith. We are the True, and we have seen the proof with our own eyes. The Liberator has returned. She has come in our hour of need.

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