Roads of Light and Dark

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The Roads of Light and Dark: These are transitive paths that celestials and fiends can create with great effort to link their plane with a mortal world. Mortals end up walking into soft points such as crossroads and places where the nature of a plane has been readily taken up by mortals.

Going Up and Going Down

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Points Above and Below

being a compilation of answers to the curiosities of planeswalkers who wonder what lies above and below the typically-settled portions of the Outer Planes

compiled at the request of the Fraternity of Order


Zzing, xorn late of the Plane of Earth,


Elenya Ihaha, avariel late of Jhankal (Beastlands)


Humanoids, as the numerous races are called for whom humanity is widely regarded as the tabula rasa, tend to be air-breathing, land-bound bipeds without ability to transit through other solids.

The Secret of Secrets

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~Pandemonium, Day 15~

It's like the wind knows who I am, who all of us are. And these pale men and women we kill, these packs with their pale bodies given hints of amphibian things - their frog smiles tell us they know too.

I hate it here. It's like all my thoughts are on the outside, like I'm traveling through the cavernous expanse of what I keep so deep I don't ever have to look at it.


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[Intermediate power - The Endless Fight, The Senseless Death]
Copyright © 2000 by Antonio Jose Blasco Lopez



AoC: Fight without a reason, wars, corruption, bloodlust

Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/Agathion/Frozen Realm

Symbol: a dagger over a pool of blood.

The history of Rencilla is buried under the millennia that had passed and the spells of enemy powers.

The Jackal and the Bear

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The first war was begun by the first of the fiends. On leathery wings they rose from their first home in the Gray Waste, dripping gore and spiritual slime, hungry as only a new-hatched thing can be. They rose to devour the Upper Planes, which were then uninhabited by anything corporeal.

Power Keys and the Outer Planes

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The Slavic Pantheon

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The worship of Slavic powers has been in decline for several centuries now. On many Prime Material Worlds their followers have converted to other religions, often monotheistic ones – it is known that the pantheon has been pushed out of least three worlds by Taiia the Maker only. That is why the Slavic powers are always on the lookout for young civilizations, unsophisticated, unclaimed by more powerful gods, and easily impressed.

The Faerie Pantheon

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The Faerie PantheonDeities of the reclusive and mysterious fey are, not surprisingly, reclusive and mysterious. They are loosely organized into a pantheon of sorts, but given the diversity of their ageless people, the border between a powerful fey and a fey power is often difficult to notice.

The Japanese Pantheon

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The original worshipers of this pantheon are said to be civilized folk who nonetheless occasionally indulge in barbarism. They've established dynasties and traditions that put most cultures to shame, and expect other mortals to recognize this. Still, they do know how to adapt, and that's one of the reasons why their ancient powers still exist on the planes - at least that's the chant. It could be that, even as they mold themselves to common thought, they are also molding the common thought to their dreams.

The Hindu Pantheon

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