RanDOm (unique cosmic occurrence)

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An exerpt from the Notes of Dr Byran Lorft - Senior consultant of the mind , The Fraternity of Order.

The Test of Rthak'aai

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Nope, it's not a "The lich-queen is dead!..." piece, but hopefully it works for Rrakkma regardless. Fun little possibility for dungeoneering in Limbo, or a truly odd solo adventure. Enjoy...

A Just-So Story

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Best Beloved, would you like to hear how Slaad got his ranks? No? Shall I get out the... oh, I knew you'd see it my way. When the gods of creation made the First Mortal, they gave him the task of naming every creature in existence. (I'll show you what hard is, Best Beloved, if you don't shut up).

Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon

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The Unbroken Circle of ZerthimonFirst Circle of Zerthimon

To be Zerth

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"Our zerths tell us that it all began with a single word, uttered in reverence many millennia from tomorrow. And that word... was 'freedom'. The legends they sing do not tell us much. These tales do not tell us how or why they came to walk among us... to lead our entire race from the depths of slavery to the threshold of liberation in a better tomorrow. The legends are empty of any true facts, but we would not have them any other way.

Chaos Hound

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Medium Magical Beast (Chaotic, Extraplanar) Hit Dice: 2d10+4 (15 hp) Initiative: +8 Speed: 40 ft. (80 ft.

Thieves' Justice

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Tosti's hands shook as he tried to warm himself in the unnatural chill. The Floating City was never cold, never warm; it was kept always at optimal temperature by the city's anarchs. The chill, he knew, was shaped within his own soul."Today's the happiest day," thought Tosti, "of my life."He was lying, covered in vomit and other excretea, against one of the Floating City's sharp, domineering buildings. No one else was in the street.

Slaad Chaotic Mutations

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Despite the form-control set by the Slaad Lords through the Spawning Stone, the slaadi continue to mutate, giving rise to unpredictable forms as befits the plane of chaos. Slaadi Mutation Table 1d% Mutation Effect 01-11

Toroj: City in Limbo

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Character: Zerthimon showed the way, it is up to you to follow. Make your own freedom. Know yourself, for no-one else can do it.

The Test of the Blade

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Ke'n'to was Senzi's Reward to heroes (1), said the proven takers of blood.(2) Ke'n'to's was the will and teaching behind the blades of many rrakkma bands, and many (3) were the illithid skulls for whose liberation Ke'n'to shared credit. To be trained with Ke'n'to was to share great honor, everyone knew.The student shared this knowledge. She was young, only just ready to enter the circle (4) of the knowledge of steel, but she showed great promise, and Ke'n'to was currently unoccupied.(5)

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