The Lords of the Eight

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Delayed Vengeance

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Just Surviving Delayed Vengeance Copyright © 1999 by Leo An excerpt from "Planes of Disease" from famous Dustman doctor Hikelliam, who argues the that diseases are a right way to offer death, saying that artificial means are not adequate to evolution.

Styx Fish

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The Locals Styx Fish

The Tree of Suffering

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The Tree of SufferingCopyright © 1999 by Heiner de WendtLocation:

Battle Spheres

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Just Surviving Battle Spheres Copyright © 1999 by Andrew Judd Battle Spheres are a recent addition to the machines of war implemented and designed by Pearza. From a secret processing factory, she has started to mass-produce these devices.

Baatezu Teleporting Tactics

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Just Surviving Baatezu Teleporting Tactics Copyright © 1999 by Heiner de Wendt Baator: Ruling the low-rankingA report by Markhen Ribbust, Fraternity of OrderChapter 3: Baatezu military of AvernusSub-Chapter 7: Teleporting baatezu troops

Red Stardust

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Just Surviving Red Stardust [Realm] Copyright © 1999 by Leo Character: Time and ambition were invented. Innocence was lost and can never be regained, nor is wanted. Those that fall may never get up. In their aloofness, the stars' light burns out leaving a cold world.


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Just Surviving Arkenfort [Burg - Avernus] Copyright © 1999 by Heiner de Wendt CharacterPower is for those who can take and keep it; for all others, there is slavery. The higher you struggle to the top, the farther you get away from slavery, but you only completely abandon it if there's no one above you. Strength is freedom, but it needs to be a strength of body, mind and soul to bring you to the top.

Takhisis's Abyss

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Just Surviving Takhisis's Abyss [Realm - Pit of Despair, Red Waste, Abthalom] Copyright © 1999 by rfirestorm LocationBaator (see below) CharacterScreaming, eternal fury. Service to darkness, might makes right but only success is rewarded; false pride and arrogance damn you as surely as any blasphemy.

The Soap Works

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The Soap WorksCopyright © 1999 by Torsten Bernhardt

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