An Unusual Abyssal Transformation

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He stretched his over-sized limbs in preparation for the coming battle. His dark blood seemed to boil within him as he prepared himself for the bloodlust that was to come shortly. The sky was a dark overcast pall that cast its shadow over the assembled horde. He looked as if he was but a shadow, his skin glistened in places as the ruddy dank light from unknown sources drifted over him.

Blade of Innocence 2: Ramifications

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A single fly screeching cannot be heard. But billions of billions of them, each a traitor born of the same betrayal, is a cacophony. Memories are harmless so long as the feeling of the past is barred.


The ecstasy nearly throws him off his mount. A beautifully scented twist in the spacial folds, a delicious contradiction within the orders of infinity. Why had he not felt this before? He is always smiling, but this time there is truth to it. He turned his bronze mount with a tap of his scythe. He must, after so long, speak with his sister.

Tanari'ri Turning Table

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 Level of Priest***

Root of All Evil

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Just SurvivingRoot of All EvilCopyright


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The LocalsMa'azbertCopyright

Gallery of Agony

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Just SurvivingGallery of AgonyCopyright


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Just SurvivingGreenspawnCopyright

Realm of Kali

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Just SurvivingRealm of KaliCopyright

Abyssal Layer 225

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Just SurvivingAbyssal Layer 225 Copyright

Yellow Claw

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Just SurvivingYellow ClawCopyright

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