Slaan: Part 3 - The Life of Slaan

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The Two Most Interesting People in Slaan, and How they Got to Be that Way

Obviously the previous pages set down the most important people in the city, such as the Ministers of Trade and Water and the High Priest of Io, but Slaan has many unaffiliated and yet extraordinary characters. The two most intriguing of these are described here.

Wax Face

Something like two hundred years ago a strange being all white and wearing a bisected mask showed up in Slaan. He dominated a kobold and announced his intention to take up the professional dueling circuit.

Slaan: Part 2 - How Slaan Runs

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Slaan Part 2 - How Slaan Runs


This place isn’t like Sigil; it hasn’t got a Lady of Pain to straighten out all the inconvenient messes that happen when you throw a bunch of races together into a mix and ask them to tolerate each other.

Slaan: Part 1 - Introduction to Slaan

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Slaan - City of Paraelemental Smoke


There are many ways to describe a city, glowing poetry, epic histories, great paintings, and many more, but to describe the lizard-man city in the Paraelemental Plane of Smoke a single word generally suffices, “Slaan.” At least, the lizard-men and their relatives seldom get anymore descriptive than that highly non-descriptive word. I mean really, Slaan doesn’t even mean anything, either in Planespeak or Draconic, the prevailing languages in the city. Apparently the Lizard men like it that way.

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