Paraelemental Plane of Magma, Derived From the 3.0 Rules of Planar Construction

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It is a cauldron of boiling stone.
It is a place of wastelands.
It is a plane of death and renewal.
It is the child of Earth and Fire.

At its heart, the Paraelemental Plane of Magma is a molten sea of rock. This primordial soup is the closest a mortal can get to the heart of a Material Plane world. Few things last long on a plane where worlds themselves are reduced to a roiling ocean by the power of this plane.
There is a sky above the bottomless depth of the great sea, albeit one choked with liquefied rock, volcanic gasses and pillars of fire.

Magma Element

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Magma Element Magma Element creatures exist primarily in the Paraelemental Plane of Magma. Some can be found in the planes of Earth or Fire, or in volcanoes and lava flows on other planes. Occasionally called Magma Animentals, they are said to be the product of the theory of Parellelism.Magma Element creatures look like their material counterparts except that they are typical pitch black with glowing orange veins of magma with fire for hair, and glowing embers for eyes.

Molten Lava

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Recommended Levels: Mid (8-14) Author: Orri EiríkssonEmail: The para-elemental plane of Magma may be the last place in the multiverse most planewalkers would like to explore, strange as that may seem. Actually, the plane of boiling rock isn't all that bad if you can stand the heat. It's certainly no Baator, and the natives won't go out of their way to cause travelers often as in some of the outer planes, that is.

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