Paraelemental Plane of Ice, Derived From the 3.0 Rules of Planar Construction

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It is a solid mass of ice harder than stone.
It is as unforgiving as a bitter heart.
It is the freezing grip of deepest winter a thousandfold.
It is the offspring of Air and Water.

The Paraelemental Plane of Ice is a solid plane, consisting of a core of solid ice with few natural pockets and crevices. Liquids freeze, ice freezes, breath freezes, even thoughts freeze.

Rimefire Glade

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Situated deep in a valley on Ice lies a small forest. The trees are like trees you'll find on any Prime tundra, except they're completely encased in ice and covered by snow. A dark sky hangs over the valley, but a faint light, like starlight, descends from the skies to illuminate the forest. The entire place glows like a magical, crystalline forest lit up by a full moon.

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