The Sigil Papers and Map

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Sigil Map

Montage by: Denis "Ambrus" Richard
Original Cartography by: Rob Lazzaretti
Additional Artwork by: Tony DiTerlizzi & David S. "Diesel" LaForce
Poetry by: Algernon Charles Swinburne

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Caveat: In an effort to consolidate multiple maps of Sigil, culled from various supplements and adventures, some of the streets and venues had to be displaced slightly to fit together properly. Other streets and venues, with no clear indication of location in their original mention, were positioned wherever they best seemed to fit on the map.

Since Sigil is described as being morphic in nature, both growing and shrinking at the Lady's whim with both buildings and streets being moved by the Dabus over time, the map is intended to represent only one possible geographic configuration of the city with approximate distances. Scale of the features on the map is only representational, meaning that individual buildings are purposefully enlarged to depict appearance and importance rather than relative scale to each other.

Each venue on the map is assigned a three character code which correlates to the Sigil Venues document. Further information concerning the various neighborhoods shown on the map can be found in the Faction War adventure/supplement.

Sigil Identification Papers

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Description: A ready-to-print PDF document with space to inscribe a character's name, species & gender, physical description, occupation, faction, place of residence, place of birth and date of birth. The parchment also includes space for the Hall of Census Records' attending Steward to write down the document's file number, the current date and her own signature. The top of the parchment features the Lady of Pain's crest, flanked by a pair of distinct labyrinth stamps while the bottom features a wax seal depicting the Fated's faction symbol, details intended to hinder would-be forgers.

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