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The King of the Rats, Tattershade, is a Shadow demon who lives underground in a section of UnderSigil taken from the Dabus and never reclaimed. These tunnels are arranged entirely for defense, for Tattershade lives in constant fear of... something, something he will not reveal even to his trusted lieutenants, the wererats Trick and Track. Some say that he fears the Master of the Bones, or a Baatezu he crossed, or the Lady of Pain. A few claim that he fears the ghosts of his offspring, whom he drowned in the Ditch. Others claim he fears his followers, the wererats, and those who know the dark of the shadow demons say that Tattershade once sold a captured mind that later escaped and that haunts him still (a certain Abyssal+Lord is often mentioned).

Source: In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil

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