Temple of the Fallen Sky

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Temple of the Fallen Sky

For all outward appearances, the temple of The Fallen Sky is certainly architecturally impressive: A flawless marble temple with marble roof tiles; Ionic columns of 18 meters with carved bands atop form an 8 by 20 design. A spectacular frieze is carved on all sides and beautifully sculpted figures decorate the acroteria and pediments. This construction is majestic with one possible defect: while a false porch can be included for aesthetic balance, this temple has two and no entrance!

The lack of entryway is not the only odd feature of the temple. Studies made of the decorative frieze and figures reveal changes but no one know when or how. Those ambling through the ambulatory frequently describe feeling uncomfortably constricted by the columns. Any who spend a lengthy time near the temple begin feeling inexplicably desolate or frustrated. Of course, the most disturbing truth about the temple of The Fallen Sky is that it appeared in Arborea when the pantheon of Olympus disappeared.

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Re: Temple of the Fallen Sky

The Fallen Sky has other mysteries.

Near the back (front?) of the temple, a scenic, tended trailway begins at a gazebo and leads to the mountains. Onto these mountains are carved stairways for all beings great and small. The stairs eventually lead to a plateau where the sky is always heavily overcast. Daily from mid morning to mid afternoon, clouds part to reveal colossal golem of black rock. The golem is Tartaros, the lord of caverns and warden of Carceri; he appears as an animate onyx or obsidian statue. Accompanying him always is Tartaros's son Typhon, god or tornadoes, who appears as a black-haired storm giant.

Typhon typically sulks silently while Tartaros soundlessly receives questions from those present. Only one question per individual is allowed; if the Warden accepts the question he nods and more clouds part to reveal the deity who will answer. Unacceptable questions result in a shake of his head; the individual is then expected to alter the query or leave. Unruly individuals will be removed forcibly by Kampe (and/or another enforcer) and should consider themselves fortunate if that is all that occurs. The latter two circumstances are fortunately infrequent. (Be forewarned that answers may be dissatisfying: “I do not know” or “I may not divulge that now” or “I can not disclose that perhaps ever” are not unheard answers.)

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Re: Temple of the Fallen Sky

Aside from the identities of Tartaros and Typhon, the following information has been gathered from responses and observations about the current condition of the Pantheon of Olympus: the pantheon is imprisoned under the curse of Ouranos!

Generations of his descendants are to remain bound in an unknown demiplane until unknown conditions are met. Until then, the deities may grant power to their faithful but may not communicate outside of this forum. Fortunately, not all had the ichor of Ouranos in them and those remain free. Unfortunately, those divinities deities are overworked, overwhelmed and becoming exhausted.

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Re: Temple of the Fallen Sky

The following include known divinities working public relations for imprisoned pantheon at this time: The Protogenoi, the Atlantean Gods, the Children of Night and Darkness, the Children born of Strife and The Apotheosized. In the time since the temple of The Fallen Sky appeared, these divinities have increased in power (but the gains are pyrrhic).

The Protogenoi

    Khaos (Air)

    Gaea (Earth)

    Tartarus (Cavern)

    Pontus & Thalassa (Sea)

    Nyx (Night)

    Erebus (Darkness)

    Hemera (Day)

    Aether (Light)

Gods of Atlantis

    Nereus (blessings of the sea; fishers)

    Thaumas (dangers of the sea)

    Phorcys & Ceto (depths of sea; sea life)

    Eurybia (naval warfare; sailors)

Children of Night and Darkness

    Moros (Doom; later Fate)

    Ker (Violent Death; later War) & her Keres (avatars)

    Thanatos (Peaceful Death; later Underworld)

    Hypnos (Sleep; later Prophecy) & his Oneiroi (Dreams)

    Momos (Criticism)

    Oizys (Misery, Pain; later Healing)

    the Hesperides (Evenings) - adopted protogenoi

    Nemesis (Vengeance; later Justice)

    Apate (Deceit; later Illusion)

    Geras (Old Age; later Wisdom; Time)

    Eris (Strife)

Children born of Strife

    Ponos (Toil)

    Lethe (Forgetfulness)

    Limos (Starvation)

    Dysnomia (Lawlessness)

    Ate (Ruin)

    Horkos (Oath; later Law)

The Apotheosised

This list is not definitive. Any number of centaurs, chimeras, griffins, harpies, lamiae, minotaurs, medusae, nymphs, satyrs, sirens, and sphinxes have sanctified and apotheosised for the service of the gods!




















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Re: Temple of the Fallen Sky

Designer’s Notes:

This is Open Content.

I really do not know what else to do with this. Suggestions are welcome.

The Curse of Ouranos imprisons the Olympic pantheon and generations of his descendents until some kind of accord can be reached among these quarrelsome deities. Don’t hold your breath. (This is how I envision the curse; feel free to modify or create your own.)

It is improbable for the adventurers to find the demiplane of imprisonment but they can not release the pantheon. The gods would be impressed by such resourceful champions and would gladly bestow upon them the honor of proxy (or perhaps impress upon them the honor is a more accurate description; otherwise, the heroes can remain the demiplane until they agree).

If the adventurers are looking information or a particular free deity, the Garden of the Hesperides is a good place to start. Due to their location, the three Hesperides have become the administrative assistants of the remaining pantheon. Adventurers would be wise not to stare at the golden apples or bother Ladon the dragon. The exact location of the Garden may be variable, secret or both.

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Re: Temple of the Fallen Sky

Great location to close out 2013!

Which gods will provide answers at the Temple?

Do they appear as avatars in the clouds, only faces, glowing holy symbols, or something else?


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Re: Temple of the Fallen Sky

Excellent question.

In my mind's eye, I guess I saw avatars in the clouds of all the gods. I think this is best decided by the gamemaster.

FYI: the elder Eros and Philotes are not omitted by accident; they diffused their essences into the womb of Aprodite and were reborn as gods.

Also, Khaos and Gaea are not the "mothers" of all the gods. They simply organized the protogenoi into a pantheon.

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