Shadows of Madness

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Shadows of Madness

Huh...this particular board hasn't had any posts for a while, has it? Well, I guess I'll do my part to change that with a little talk about my own campaign I started a few weeks ago. I'm not going to post an account of everything that's happened, for two reasons: first, because I don't have the time right now, and second, because I'd want to clear it with the players first. (I don't think they'd object, but I just want to be sure; I'd rather ask them ahead of time than have one of them run across it later and decide he doesn't like my posting an account of his character's travails.)

But, just for the sake of posting something about it and keeping this forum alive (and maybe piquing interest a little for when and if I do post more details), a few brief stats.

Planes Visited: Acheron, Pandemonium, Outlands, the Ethereal Plane (including the Border Ethereal with the Plane of Time). Also Sigil, if you want to count that as a separate plane. Other planes likely to be visited in the near future: The Quasielemental Plane of Ooze; the Beastlands.

Factions: None of the PCs started out as members of a faction, but one of the players has told me he plans for his character to eventually join the Athar, and another player is interested in her character joining the Fated. The other three players have not expressed interest in any particular factions yet, but it just occurred to me today that one of the other PCs would be a perfect match for the Free League, so I think I'm going to start dropping some hints and steering him in that direction. (As for the; one of them could fit in well with the Sons of Mercy or possibly the Harmonium; the other maybe the Doomguard (the Salties in particular)...)

(Or, here's an evil thought that just occurred to me: if that last PC found out about the Incanterium...oh, now that has some interesting possibilities... :twisted: )

Canonical Characters Encountered So Far: Tharick Bleakshadow, Friar Muriov Garianis, Hobard, Lhar, Utadas Tensar, Vicsek, Xanxost. Other characters likely to be encountered in the near future: Kesto Brighteyes, Caylean, Sir Cleve, Jaya Forlorn, the Warlock of Ooze, Zadara.

Further updates as events warrant. Eye-wink

[Edited to add Acheron and Pandemonium to the "Planes Visited"; I'd forgotten that two of the PCs had been to those planes.][Edited again because I'd forgotten a couple of canonical characters the PCs had met]

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