Ranged Attacks on Vacuum

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Ranged Attacks on Vacuum

Since there is no air resistance on Vacuum, shouldn't ranged attacks go forever?

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Ranged Attacks on Vacuum

Get your physics out of my planar systems! Eye-wink

Which is to say: I suppose so if you want to rule it as such in your game.

But if you'd rather not - then given that the Multiverse as a whole probably isn't't terribly familiar with the idea of air resistance or the lack therof... they probably don't believe in it. And therefore - the arrow behaves as one would 'expect' it to.

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Ranged Attacks on Vacuum

Depends on the medieval physics one believes in. In a system including ether as the ur-medium, if Vacuum also includes a lack of ether, motion shouldn't be possible at all! (Of course, neither should vacuum or negative energy, but that is another story).

As a matter of fact, travelers to Vacuum experience a tiny amount of pressure and temperature -- enough that the dangers they face there are cold and suffocation, but not decompression and freezing solid. I suspect that they're being affected by, not nothingness, but the elemental essence of nothingness, which is itself something -- enough for egarus to feed on, give a traveler taking the long drop a (very high) terminal velocity, and eventually drag an unattended item (one that isn't imagining any gravity) to a stop.

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Ranged Attacks on Vacuum

Get your beliefs out of my inner planes! Eye-wink

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In the Guide to the Astral

In the Guide to the Astral it's specifically mentioned that projectiles will just keep going until they hit something (and maybe your friend will be killed by an arrow fired six hundred years ago by a githyanki). I'd presume the same applies to Vacuum.


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