Quotes form Bolemenx the Birdwatcher

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Quotes form Bolemenx the Birdwatcher

(heh here are some of the Quotes from My character Bolemenx The Birdwatcher.)

In Sigil Bolemenx demonstrates his Cant on a confused Clueless when stopped on the street.

"As much as I'd love to hear the dark of your adle-coved Perceptions of the planes Berk, I have more important things to do. Clueless to chiv, Kips to bob, chaosmen to give the laugh, getting mazed and the like. All of wich requires me to be away and or remove myself from your presence, preferably chordwiserdly from whatever Bub guzzleing antihill you clueless hardheads bang around in. Now bar that studdering bone box o' yers and get out of my way before I introduce you personally to the next opening in the dead book!"

Bolemenx while riding his Falcon gives his pasengers a warning when they get to roudy.

"Do you sods WANT to go back to Baator?!"

just somthing Bolemenx says when means "hell no" or "screw that"

"Swim the Styx"

Somthing else he says when things are bad

" ...bleed'n 'Mazing "

In the beastlands Bolemenx finds a bird, (which is how he got the name) a sympathetic.

"Oh what a pretty raven, and look he's chirping at me...."

What he said afterward

"where in the abyss are my cloths!? And why in the lady's robes the are you leatherheads tying me up?!"

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What is your badge, cutter? Have we ever met before? What are you? An athar? the dead? the doomguard? Are you MAD?!

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