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From Mechanus emerged a creature known as the Mediator. This powerful (some say, almost god-like) race has the power to change reality to balance it out.

Of course, such power draws the fiends like the doors of the Cage draw planewalkers. In one such case, a pit fiend known as Mortifer managed to catch a Mediator. After a long, long time of conducting research on the creature, Mortifer and his baatezu minions spawned a new race, this one entirely bound to the morals and ethics of Baator: The Projectors.

A projector's size varies between the size of a human fist and about a yard. Its shape reminds of a raw crystal, slightly green, and slowly, but constantly changing. The projector floats silently, reaching any height it wishes.

The projector's major power is what has given the race its name: It can project the physical existence of any being into reality.
What this means is that the projector can basically create any creature it wants to, completely controlled by its own will. But it can never create more than one creature at once, and the creature may never be farther away than a hundred yards - or it dissolves instantly. Also, the projector falls into a trance and moves its mind into the new creature, so its body is practically helpless until its mind returns.
This happens whenever the projector decides for it, or when the being it projected into reality dies. If it wants to, it can instantly project a new being afterwards, though. A projected being that is slain always dissolves instantly.

In combat, the projector prefers to let a projected creature fight for it, because its true body will stay unharmed. If it is forced to fight for itself, it uses so-called Darkrays. These rays, of which it can fire up to two per round, inflict 2d12 points of damage against any chaotic creature, and 1d12 points of damage against any neutral creature. Lawful opponents stay unharmed, even if they're of non-evil alignment. This is probably the creature's greatest drawback and the reason why it appears rarely, in most cases on special missions for its baatezu masters.

If an opponent dies from the projector's Darkrays, the victim has to make a Will save against DC 20. If it fails, its alignment is shifted to Lawful Evil, and the deader's soul is pulled to Baator and transformed into a nupperibo.

Due to this effect, many gods and other powers would prefer this young race to be wiped from the multiverse's face. Thus, whenever a projector's presence is known about, it usually doesn't take too long before a cleric or other servant of a power appears on a mission to slay the creature.

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'joyblood' wrote:

What this means is that the projector can basically create any creature it wants to, completely controlled by its own will.

What are the limitations on exactly what it can create?

The following examples are silly, but take a moment and imagine the worst possible min/maxing munchkin sitting at a tabletop game. A Projector could create a projection of Bahamut (a god), or the Oinoloth (unique named planeborne being whose influence and power extend across the planes, even before taking his stats into account).

For that matter, can it project a non-unique planeborne, such as a marilith? Or only mortal creatures?

Could a projected person impersonate someone convincingly (the non-unique marilith lieutenant of a tanar'ri lord)?

I think a creation of the baatezu would also be limited in some ways by its own rigid lawfulness-- though this might be more a matter of roleplaying than something easily described by stats. It might have trouble creating (or simply refuse to create) any creature that has a supernatural connection to true Chaos (slaadi, or beings that have the ability to chaos sculpt, for example).


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Hi Zimrazim,

I'd say it cannot create a specific person, but it can create a being of any specific race. Since such a creature is always controlled by its own mind, though, creating a marilith would basically lead to a lawful evil marilith - in the Abyss, the powers of a projector probably don't help long.

As for creating a god, well, I'd say the limit is demi-god (with demi-god being OUT of reach for a projector).

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