Possible storyhour?

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Possible storyhour?

Me and a few others(Feathercircle,Alexburel,Gnoll Druid, and factol Rhys.<-their WOTC board names) are currently playing in a game DMed by Nordom. I happen to have saved the game logs and (although they'd be rather messy the OOC coments would probably be pretty amusing) could post them here if anyone here wants to hear it. I could also probably clean up the game log and clear out the OOC stuff if people would rather have that instead.
(A quick note, my character in the first game session was a Pseudonatural but I decided to have a more serious character and ended up being a Red Etheraunt Wizard 3 for all sessions past the first, it was merely assumed that was how he was the whole time.

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Possible storyhour?

That's what the board is here for - I'm curious to see it, knowing you folks Smiling

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Possible storyhour?

Ok then, here it is the first game log, I'll clean it up if anyone wants a smaller version.

You have just entered room "Planescape Game."
CG123n: hello everyone
FalkBurel: Hi
Darwyn1234: We'll just wait for everyone to show before we begin.
Darwyn1234: How is everyone doing?
Umbreon197 has entered the room.
Umbreon197: Greetings
Darwyn1234: Feathercircle will also be joining our game, so please be patient.
CG123n: who are you? I'm gonna guess factol rhys?
Umbreon197: Did you get in contact with him?
Umbreon197: <=== Gnoll druid.
CG123n: ah
Darwyn1234: Her- yes, we had a long chat not 30 minutes ago.
Spectre503 has entered the room.
Spectre503: hey
Umbreon197: Hello
FalkBurel: Hi
CG123n: hello
Umbreon197: And who might you be?
*OnlineHost*: CG123n rolled 1 100-sided die: 37
CG123n: yup it works
CG123n: just checking to make sure the commond really worked
FalkBurel: /roll-dice3-sides-3
FalkBurel: what was it again?
CG123n: you need 2 slashes
FalkBurel: oh
*OnlineHost*: FalkBurel rolled 4 3-sided dice: 1 2 1 1
*OnlineHost*: Spectre503 rolled 2 4-sided dice: 1 1
FalkBurel: there
FalkBurel: thanks
CG123n: no problem
*OnlineHost*: Umbreon197 rolled 6 1-sided dice: 1 1 1 1 1 1
*OnlineHost*: Umbreon197 rolled 1 1-sided die: 1
Umbreon197: bah
CG123n: so who exactly is spectre? I assume you're factol rhys? You have to be unless I'm forgetting someone
Spectre503: yep
Umbreon197: Is feathercircle not here yet?
Darwyn1234: Ok. While we're waiting for Feathercircle why don't we assign items to those without them. I only have copies of Alex Burel's and Gnoll Druids.
Darwyn1234: Is there anyone without proper items of the appropriate level?
Spectre503: I'm finishing that up
CG123n: well my character has nothing but that was an active choice
*OnlineHost*: Umbreon197 rolled 3 1-sided dice: 1 1 1
Umbreon197: damn.
Umbreon197: I can't seem to get the sides of the dice to be anything but 1... I'm doing what you said.
Nekaku has entered the room.
Umbreon197: Greetings
Nekaku: Yikes. Stupid CharGen froze my computer up... sorry for the delay.
CG123n: when you input a number after sides that number is how man sides will be on the dice
CG123n: hello
CG123n: everyone seems to be here now
*OnlineHost*: Umbreon197 rolled 3 6-sided dice: 1 2 5
CG123n: how many sides
Umbreon197: There we go..
CG123n: Name:Yyzaquinmechtoaweemzadafek(Yyza for short)Lesser Pseudonatural human(Outsider)Alignment: TNLvl: 13 sorcerer(ECL 15)XP: 105,000HP:41(averaged with max at first level)HD:13D4+13AC:11
Darwyn1234: Ok! Since we're all here, why don't we introduce ourselves and our charcters- much like CG123n is doing right now.
FalkBurel: <---Human in dreamscape form, expert15
CG123n: Intitiative-+0Abilities:-Str:8(-1)-Dex:10(+0) -Con:12(+1)-Int:14(+2)-Wis:8(-1)-Cha:19( +4)Speed:30 ft.
CG123n: Skills:Concentration:16 ranksSpellcraft:16 ranksKnowledge(the far realms):16 ranks(not a class skill for sorcerer but he CAME from there after all)Knowledge(Arcana):16 ranks
CG123n: Feats:Augment SummoningSpell Focus(conjuration)Epower SpellIron WillMaximize Spell
Spectre503: alright: Elisted Mareas: Human Dustman Cleric 15. TN.
CG123n: Saving Throws:-Fort: +5-Ref: +4-Will: +9Attack Bonuses:-BAB:+6/+1-Melee:+7/+1-Range d:+7/+2
Umbreon197: Dustman?
Darwyn1234: Would anyone mind if a friend of mine whatches? He'll be quiet, promise.
FalkBurel: STR:13 Dex:14 Con:12 Int:16 CHA:13 HP70 INT +2 BAB +11/+6/+1 Saves Fort:+6 Ref:17 Will:10 Alignment N
CG123n: no problem
Nekaku: I don't mind.
CG123n: Weapons and armor:NoneOther Equipment:Explorer's outfitSmall Bag of spell components and arcane focuses(for the spells he Currently knows)
Umbreon197: Don't see why not.
CG123n: (starting GP averaged)GP left:-(It would probably fit that this character has no money, and besides I'm to lazy to figure it out and buy things)Known Languages:Common CelestialInfernal
CG123n: ????
CG123n: ick how'd that odd looking smily get there
Darwyn1234: You must've put a colon and a closing bracket in there.
CG123n: oh : then (
CG123n: ugly
Nekaku: Yeah. If they're too close together, it interprets it as a smiley.
Nekaku: They ought to have a code to turn that off, but they don't.
FalkBurel: Feats: Run, negotiato, Martial weapon Prof Longsword, Combert expertice, Self Sufficent Skills: Siplomacy +16 Knoladge the Planes +16 Use magic device +16 Spot 16 Perform 16 Speak language(many) Search 16, Hide 16, Gather info 16, L
CG123n: Class features:Currently has no familiarSpells per day:0:6,1st:7,2nd:7,3rd:7,4th:7,5th:6,6th:4
CG123n: Spells Known:0:Arcane Mark,Prestidigitation,Ghost Sound,Mage Hand,message,Mending,Detect Magic,Ray of Frost,resistance1st:Unseen Servant,Magic Missile,Summon Monster 1,Identify,Comprehend Languages
CG123n: 2nd:Summon monster 2,Acid Arrow,Mirror Image,False Life,Scorching Ray3rd:Summon monster 3,Fireball,Fly,Blink
CG123n: 4th:Stoneskin,Summon monster 4,Black Tentacles,Dimension Door5th:Summon Monster 5,Contact Other Plane,Telekinesis6th:Summon Monster 6,Disintegrate
CG123n: thats all of it, just call him Mr. cannonfodder
Darwyn1234: Laughing out loud
Umbreon197: lol
Umbreon197: Ok... finally got my character sheet up in the background.
Darwyn1234: Ok, um, Umbreon, how about you?
CG123n: I could make a small army with all those summon spells
Umbreon197: Would be interesting to see.
Umbreon197: Rrodek; Gnollish Lich; Ex druid-1/wizard 6/Loremaster 7; TN; Str 16, Dex 16, Con --, Int 19(24), Wis 18, Cha 10; Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +15
Darwyn1234: Ok. And Nekaku?
CG123n: *sigh* I'm gonna be the partys face most likely then huh? Thats gonna be odd. Nothing like a creature from outside the multiverse to negotiate
Darwyn1234: The NPCs can always help if you
Nekaku: I might beat you on that, although I'm not much less strange.
Darwyn1234: want.
Darwyn1234: Yeah, Nekaku, introduce your character.
Umbreon197: Wanna see skills/feats from myself?
Darwyn1234: Actually, for the interests of time, just class, abilities, race, and alignment.
Nekaku: Ikanthilossk (Ika), CN illithid/ Bard 3/ Sor 4 (ECL 8, according to Soldarin's formulas, most of that being gratuitious stats... I'm a ceremorphosis-accident, and missing ALL the SR and Psionics, including Mind Blast)
Umbreon197: One you guys would really need/want to know are craft wonderous item, craft wand, and scribe scroll.
Nekaku: If that turns out too high, I'm more than willing to go back and tweak stuff lower.
Umbreon197: Quite the party.
Umbreon197: Not to high.
Umbreon197: Doesn't seem like it.
Umbreon197: <=== item bitch.
CG123n: hmm maby I'll take scribe scroll as my next feat
Darwyn1234: Ok. Since we've pretty much introduced ourselves, we'll go over the basics of the game. I'll call for roles when necessary, but I want as much roleplay as possible. IE, no "bluff" roles unless absolutely necessary.
Nekaku: Str 15 Dex 20 Con 12 Int 19 Wis 15 Cha 24
Darwyn1234: Clear?
Nekaku: Okay.
CG123n: yup
Nekaku: I don't need to keep posting my stuff?
FalkBurel: I guess, bit new at this kind of sutff
Umbreon197: Sounds good.
Nekaku: It's okay, I am too..
CG123n: I think most of us are pretty new to this, myself included
Umbreon197: I think this is a first for most of us in an online game.
Darwyn1234: Me too. First time running.
ChristophHed has entered the room.
CG123n: that your friend?
Darwyn1234: Yup.
Nekaku: I've got two problems, John... I don't have equipment purchased yet and I'm not certain if it's by ECL or character level.
CG123n: ok, just checking
Nekaku: Hi, Chris.
Darwyn1234: He just wants to watch.
ChristophHed: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...."
FalkBurel: BTW, are we allowed to take the leadership feat?
ChristophHed: Hello Nekaku.
CG123n: ah starting gold is per ECL
Darwyn1234: Rene- it's by ECL, not character level. Lemme get my DMG.
Umbreon197: Ah yes... I forgot to mention, have a familiar-- Fluffy, skeletal collie dog.
CG123n: I should note that my character differs from your average sorcerer in the fact that he manipulates reality instead of using some inate power, although it has the same effect
Nekaku: Anyone have any other "pets"?
CG123n: my template also gives me a fun fun ability that allows me to make very odd things happen, such as randomly appearing farm animals or musical instuments
Umbreon197: Haha
Spectre503: my guy talks to Death sometimes... or at least is convinced that he does
Umbreon197: Psycho then?
Spectre503: as much as a Dustie can be
CG123n: schitzophrenic(sp?) most likely
Spectre503: who knows? maybe he really does talk to death
FalkBurel: Your just jelious because he doesnt talk to YOU
Nekaku: ^_^ You never know....
Umbreon197: Well... you have someone dead to talk to right here! Well... kinda dead.
Darwyn1234: Ok, Nekaku. Roll 3d100.
CG123n: That would require death to be a person, in which case we might want to rip off discworld a bit. Have you ever heard of the discworld series?
FalkBurel: Yeah, one of my favorites
Nekaku: (Yes... hey, if we're starting, we maybe should OOC in parentheses, ne?)
*OnlineHost*: Nekaku rolled 3 100-sided dice: 40 87 26
CG123n: (I don't think we've started quite yet)
Spectre503: how about OOC in <brackets>
Nekaku: <Sure, that's just what I'm used to using for telepathy>
CG123n: <(but it might be good to get into the habit of it now)>
Umbreon197: <....perhaps it would>
Spectre503: <well, I have a helm of telepathy, so what could I use for that?>
Spectre503: [this can be telepathy. you're all seeing this via telepathy]
Darwyn1234: Ok, Nekaku. You have a Ring of Chameleon Power, Robe of Eyes, and a Bag of Holding (1500 lbs)
Nekaku: <Goes off to look those up>
Spectre503: how are we determining items, anyway? because those items don't seem to equal the 15th level gold total
Darwyn1234: For the brackets, use () for OOC, and [] for telepathy, sound good?
Darwyn1234: I'm using the random tables in the DMG
Spectre503: ok, so will there be any difference in noting "I walk through the door" and "Greetings, cutter"?
Darwyn1234: Use ** for actions.
Spectre503: ok
FalkBurel: (how do you make it in the grey box?)
Darwyn1234: What?
Spectre503: can I request that everyone write down in front of them the names/screen names and general characters for the rest of us? it would probably help so we can refer to each other by name
FalkBurel: (How do you put the text in the grey box?)
Nekaku: (What you're doing, Spectre.)
Spectre503: I don't want to steal Darwyn's thunder
Spectre503: that's just my AIM text
Darwyn1234: Ok, I'm John.
Spectre503: I just changed how my text is
Darwyn1234: The rest of you?
FalkBurel: Alex
Spectre503: ok so DMspeak will be in big black letters
Nekaku: Rene'
Darwyn1234: YES.
Umbreon197: My name is Alex.
Spectre503: and us mortals just have to settle with Times New Roman black on white
Spectre503: Patrick
*OnlineHost*: CG123n rolled 1 100-sided die: 20
Darwyn1234: Chris, is that for an item?
FalkBurel: ANOTHER alex? Seems like every Tom Dick and harry is named Alex
Umbreon197: Don't really see it that often.
CG123n: my name is Chris, it's far more common than Alex
FalkBurel: (I do, every year I meat at least three other Alexs)
Darwyn1234: What roll was that for, Chris
CG123n: <as for that roll it was to try using my ability to give an example of what reality tremor does>
CG123n: <checking results now>
Darwyn1234: Ok. Let's begin then, shall we?
Umbreon197: Ok.. people are going out to dinner though, might have to take my dog out at some point, but shouldn't be much of a problem.
Spectre503: before we start, is anyone else a factioneer?
Nekaku: <Ackpt... any chance I can switch out the Robe, or sell it, or something? I already have enough vision problems in bright light...>
Umbreon197: What faction are you a member of Patrick?
Darwyn1234: Of course, if that's what you want.
Spectre503: Dustman
Nekaku: <I'm a new arrival, so no... though I'll probably end up with the Sensates>
Umbreon197: Oh..
CG123n: A pulsating growth appears on the creature, granting it a +2 zmuzzk bonus to strength and constitution, +1 to natural armor, and 1d12 temporary hit points.
Darwyn1234: Ok. Anymore questions? My next post will be IC.
CG123n: <it normally would target a creature I suppose in case it gets one of these targeted results>
Spectre503: um and how did everyone determine items?
FalkBurel: (Same as Nek)
Darwyn1234: Everyone else just used standard gold for their level and bought them.
Spectre503: so my level is 15 so I get 200,000 gp?
Darwyn1234: Yup.
Spectre503: ok good
Spectre503: that's what I did
CG123n: <my character is also a new arrival, although I doubt he'd really care much about the factions>
Spectre503: <alright, lets go>
Darwyn1234: Ok. Starting now...
Darwyn1234: The five of you, a gnoll, a dustie, a human, an illithid, and a far realmer each arrive in front of the Brothel at the designated time, close to anti-peak.
Darwyn1234: The door is locked tight, and there doesn't seem to be anyone waiting outside, other than the five of you.
Darwyn1234: What will each of you do?
FalkBurel: IS the lock visable?
CG123n: *Yyza looks around and then knocks on the door*
Umbreon197: Wonderful, wonder what's wrong...
Umbreon197: *knocks on door*... Anyone in there?
Darwyn1234: The lock is a big and seems to be made of iron.
ChristophHed: ((Thanks John. Have fun everyone. This guy is a kick ass DM, personally experienced.))
Darwyn1234: You knock, and a familiar "click" and "whir" approach from behind the door. It clicks, and the door slowly creaks open.
CG123n: "Ah so are all of you also here to join the not modron on his search as well?" *says Yyza to the others*
Darwyn1234: Nordom stands in the doorway.
Umbreon197: Greetings Nordom.
FalkBurel: Heya
ChristophHed has left the room.
CG123n: "Hello again Nordom"
Darwyn1234: "Greetings. Arrival anticipated. Request you all follow Nordom into structure."
Umbreon197: Ok...
FalkBurel: Sure thing
Spectre503: *follow Nordom*
CG123n: *Yyza nods and proceeds to follow Nordom*
Nekaku: <It would seem so... > Ika says, bowing its head deferentailly to the not-modron.
FalkBurel: *Follows Nordom as well*
Nekaku: <Bah, confused brackets AND was late. Damn.>
Nekaku: *Follows behind the others*
Umbreon197: (Don't worry too much.)
CG123n: <heh typing fast is a learned thing, I don't even type traditionally, I just look up then at the keyboard then back again>
Darwyn1234: You all follow the rogue into the Brothel. Patrons, both male and female, are conversing with the 'prostitutes' in both the hallway and private chambers. Some are more attractive than others, but everyone involved seems to be enjoy
Darwyn1234: Enjoying themselves.
Nekaku: <Sorry, it's in my nature to be a worrywart.>
Umbreon197: So what is it you do here, Nordom?
Darwyn1234: In the backround you can here a male voice yelling "Is that all you got, you flea bitten bitch?!" You then hear what appears to be glass breaking.
FalkBurel: *Winches*
Umbreon197: Problems... always problems.. *sigh*
Nekaku: *looks around, curiously, while still listening to the conversation- then starts a little at the shout*
CG123n: *Yyza chuckles*
FalkBurel: True, true, wouldn't be Sigil if it didn't
CG123n: "your reality is certainly odd"
Darwyn1234: Nordom leads you to what seems to be the very center of the building, and to a door to an inner chamber. The door is finely crafted wood, and the lock appears to be brass.
Spectre503: Odd doesn't begin to describe it
FalkBurel: We'd say the same about yours. But....
Darwyn1234: Nordom opens the door, and inside, seated at an oak stained table sets two people: A blonde succubus, and a red-headed teifling.
CG123n: "things are only considered odd because the observer does not understand them, If you were to spend more time in my reality you would not think so"
FalkBurel: I've already spent time in your reality. Lovecraft was more right than he knew
CG123n: "Nice to meet you" *Yyza bows towards the teifling and succubus*
Umbreon197: I take it the succubus is Fall from Grace... greetings, mam. Who might the red-head be?
Darwyn1234: The succubus is dressed in a simple blue gown, covering much of her body. This doesn't really detract from her sensuality, however. The tiefling has short red har, pale, white skin,and what appears to be a rat tail.
Nekaku: *Ika's eyes widen in surprise slightly upon seeing the current occupants of the room... whatever it was expecting, it wasn't this..*
Darwyn1234: The succubus smiles. "I take it you are the ones interested in helping us?"
Umbreon197: Yup.
FalkBurel: Yep, first time out on the planes.
CG123n: "that would be correct"
Spectre503: What may we help you with?
Darwyn1234: The tiefling girl spots the far realmer. "What in the nine hells have you brought with ye, yeh soddin' box?! A fiend, that one is!"
Nekaku: (to the dreamtraveler) [You, too? Good, I won't feel quite so out of my depth...]
Umbreon197: He isn't a fiend... least from what he's told us.
CG123n: *Yyza laughs out loud*
FalkBurel: Nah, this is a creater from a little known dimension called the "sar realms"
CG123n: "No more a fiend than yourself"
FalkBurel: er, "far"
Darwyn1234: The girl seems to be reaching for a weapon of some kind hidden in her leather armor.
CG123n: "I wouldn't do that if I were you..." *Yyza yawns*
Darwyn1234: Nordom stops her immediately. "Negative. Not fiend. Far realmer. Nordom will allow far realmer to explain." Nordom turns to the far realmer to allow it to speak.
Spectre503: *prepares a calm emotions spell*
Umbreon197: Bad experiences with fiends, I take it?
FalkBurel: Considering most experience with fiends are bad...
Umbreon197: Yes... but not all have to be violent.
CG123n: "It is rather hard to explain, I think I shall simply explain it as a place quite different and apart from your reality"
Darwyn1234: The girl snears. "Oh, aye? Mayhap it's 'cause I'm a teifling. You're a smart one, yeh are!"
Nekaku: *touches the Dustman lightly on the arm* [Let's see if they can work this out on their own- I don't think they'd appreciate our interference.]
Spectre503: "I'm sure you're right"
FalkBurel: Think of it this way Annah, we can see into three dimensions. Four if you count time. Being from the Far realm exist in seven spatal and three temportal dimensions making it very hard to be comprehended by us
Darwyn1234: Grace stands. "Enough! Annah, stop being so rude. My apologies, gentelmen. Annah is simply...emotional. Why don't you all introduce yourselves?"
Umbreon197: I myself, am Rrodek.
CG123n: "Alex here explained it perfectly"
Darwyn1234: Annah looks at the far realmer. "Eh. Whatever."
CG123n: "thank you Alex"
FalkBurel: *Nods* Thank you, I am Alexander Falk Burel, mostly known as "alex" I was warped into Sigil from a dreamsscape many years after I sealed myself in Stasis on my homeworld
FalkBurel: No Problem,
Spectre503: "My name is Elisted Mareas. I come under the authority of the Dustmen faction from factol orders." <Is that okay? I thought faction assignment would make sense given TNO's unique death condition>
CG123n: "My name is Yyzaquinmechtoaweemzadafek although I think it can be abbreviated to Yyza easily enough"
FalkBurel: At least, it seemed like many years, time is erratic in dreamplanes
CG123n: "I have come because this seemed like a good chance to start my research on your reality for my plane"
Nekaku: <??? John? What was that " "?>
CG123n: "well not really a plane, more of a completly different reality"
Umbreon197: Just thought I could help, nordom seemed worth it.
Darwyn1234: Grace smiles. "Very well, Yyza." She turns to the illithid. "And you?"
Nekaku: *it drops into a bow* [My name is Ikanthilossk, though you can call me Ika if you like... I'm pleased to make your accquaintance.]
CG123n: *Yyza uses Detect magic bringing down his daily castings of 0 lvl spells to 5 and proceeds to study every object that reacts to the spell*
Umbreon197: *lights up like christmas tree*
Spectre503: *Elisted proceeds to light up*
FalkBurel: *Becomes roughly as bright as your average quasar*
Darwyn1234: So does Nordom, Grace, and Annah. Annah seems even more annoyed than before, but Grace just laughs.
Nekaku: <Ditto, even after "selling" the robe for equipment that's more in character. At least this way I get the Ring of Sustenance I wanted so badly>
CG123n: <hehehe>
Darwyn1234: "Well," Grace replies "At least we know the five of you are qualified." Grace chuckles and returns Ika's bow. "I am Fall from Grace, or just Grace if you like.."
CG123n: "These objects your kind have made are quite interesting, They will certainly be a large part of my research"
Darwyn1234: "My friend here is named Annah, and you all know Nordom. Does everyone know why I asked Nordom to bring you here?"
Umbreon197: We're here to help find his superior from what he told us.
CG123n: *Yyza nods* "We are to find a friend of yours, correct?"
Darwyn1234: "Yes," Grace replies. "Are you familiar with the stories around the Cage of the Nameless One?"
FalkBurel: I am, though not form the cage
Umbreon197: Not especially.
Spectre503: "My faction has known a great deal about this being. It is said that he has gained immortality and then tried to undo it."
CG123n: "I'm afraid I only recently came to this reality"
Umbreon197: Haven't been around in sigil very long, only 'bout a week or so... but I'm liking it.
FalkBurel: See, my homeworld has an unsual property of people writing tales of occurences elsewhere in the multiverse even though people belive them fictional. I'd guess that some planar found his way to Earth and made a killing.
Nekaku: [....no, not even in the slightest...], Ika admits, a little sheepishly. [I'm a new arrival myself.]
FalkBurel: The Nameless One's tale was among these
Nekaku: *Its tentacles writhe in a thoughtful fashion as it listens to Alex speak*
Darwyn1234: Grace turns to Alex. "Truly? Hmm....most likely 'loth mischeif. I wouldn't be so free with that information, Alex. Far too many beings would be after what you know."
CG123n: "My superiors in my reality might know somthing of your friends wherabouts if you want me to ask"
FalkBurel: I know, I doubt it's loth mischief though, I have never known a Loth to head to a world they coulnd't easily get out of.
Darwyn1234: Grace stands from the desk. You notice for the first time that, unlike other succubi, her wings are metallic gold in color, not red.
Umbreon197: Neato.
Nekaku: *gives the illithid equivalent of a grin*
Darwyn1234: "I thank you for the offer, Yyza, but that will be unnecessary. I have my own contacts. You see, The Nameless One was indeed immortal, but had lost all his memories...."
Umbreon197: How'd that happen?
Darwyn1234: "...he enlisted my help to discover why his condition was so."
Spectre503: A flaw in his condition, I believe, though I admit I do not know how that came to be
CG123n: "Memory loss, a lot of things can cause that"
Darwyn1234: Grace nods to the gnoll. "Yes. He asked a night hag to make him immortal. While mortal, he apparently did things so evil he needed more time to make up for them to keep from going to the lower planes upon death."
CG123n: *Yyza appears lost in thought*
Umbreon197: He asked a night hag? That was his first mistake.
FalkBurel: Maybe he founded the telemarketing industry
CG123n: "not very wise was he?"
Umbreon197: (lol!)
Darwyn1234: "When he found his immortality, it had gained consciousness. He managed to reclaim it, but was sent to the lower planes as a result- each time he had died, another being died in his place. He was inadvertantly responsible for...."
Nekaku: *Looks at Alex, confusedly, before returning it's attention to Grace*
Darwyn1234: "...the death of many mortals."
Umbreon197: Ouch.
Spectre503: "and well before their due time"
Umbreon197: Any important mortals?
FalkBurel: Define "important".
FalkBurel: Anyone can be important if you like them
Umbreon197: Well...
CG123n: "In an attempt to repent he commited more evil than his original sins most likely, there is a lot of irony in this story"
Umbreon197: Significant accomplishments I suppose..
Darwyn1234: "As a result, his soul was damned. However, the man I knew was a kind and generous soul, and does not belong there. I wish to travel the planes to see if it is possible to give him peace and earn him a place on the upper planes."
Spectre503: "I would of course help you to redirect this being on his correct course toward True Death"
Darwyn1234: Grace closes her eyes. "A difficult task to say the least. I will harbor no ill will if any of you wish to stay out of this ordeal. Any objections?"
CG123n: "This reality seems to judge from an overall perspective and not the present..."
FalkBurel: Sound fun, count me in. I mean, we've got nothing to lose but our lives...
Umbreon197: Nah, no objections.
CG123n: "No objections here, this all seems very interesting
FalkBurel: Do you know where he might be?
Darwyn1234: Annah jumps up. "Yeh're damn right it judges! Unfairly too, it does! I'll walk to the bottom o' the abyss to find 'im if I have to!"
Umbreon197: That'd be an awfully dangerous walk..
CG123n: *Yyza looks at Annah* "you liked him didn't you?"
FalkBurel: Specially since there is no "bottom"
Umbreon197: Well, ya don't know that for sure.
Umbreon197: But there sure is alot of layers either way..
Spectre503: "You must know that your friend will have awakened as a petitioner, would he not?"
FalkBurel: Yeah, read somewhere this one guy who was cursed to wander the Abyss until the found the end cataloged over fifteen billion on them
Darwyn1234: Annah sneers. "I know the abyss has no bottom! Ever hear o' dramatic emphasis, yeh idjit?"
CG123n: "Chaos is inheritly perodoxical if you ask me"
FalkBurel: Relax, I was just joking. I know what you mean
Nekaku: [None, other than the fear that I may be a liability... My life is worth little to me at this time...] It trails off, a little surprised at the tiefling's vehemence...
Umbreon197: We didn't, but yes... I agree.
Spectre503: "As fascinating as this discussion of planar geography is, I'm afraid I must insist that we focus on the task at hand."
Darwyn1234: Grace nods. "Yes, but what most mortals don't know is that petitioners don't lose their memories immediately from the astral. A petitioner with a strong will can stave off amnesia from the plane he resides on."
Umbreon197: Would figure as much.
FalkBurel: True, By the way I read that for some reason he not only retained his memories but he also retained his form
Umbreon197: I take it he would probably still have his memory in some form then.
Umbreon197: You sure know alot about him, Alex.
Darwyn1234: "What I also need to do is locate a wizard by the name of Thaladorn. He supposedly went mad after trying to prove mathematically how Sigil can be at the top of the infinite spire."
Nekaku: [That is... encouraging....], it trails off wistfully.
Umbreon197: Eep... that'd drive anyone made; well.. one that hasn't already lost their sanity.
Darwyn1234: "Thaladorn is rumored to be in possession of an artifact known as "The Girmorum Temporum." I
Spectre503: "What would this artifact have to do with your friend?"
Umbreon197: Yes... what does it do?
FalkBurel: Let me guess, its a book about time
CG123n: "Tch, creatures should know their limits and not attempt to comprehend what they can't understand"
Darwyn1234: "The tome is said to hold the secret of rewriting someone's fate. In essence, to allow the Namelss One to be allowe peace on the Upper Planes."
Spectre503: intriguing
FalkBurel: Do you know if it has to be in the person's fate you wish to rewrite's possesion?
CG123n: "Such a thing surely would attract beings of great power"
Darwyn1234: "I don't know how accurate the rumor is, nor how the process is supposed to take place, but it's the best my sources have to go on."
Umbreon197: Ones greater then us to say the least.
Darwyn1234: "Agreed. Considering how a mere mortal managed to possess it."
FalkBurel: Sounds fair, do you know where the barmy greybeard might be?
CG123n: "To be more precise it more likely does not alter "fate" so much as change events so that the outcome is different"
Umbreon197: Probably.
Darwyn1234: "That's the problem. He set up kip in Bedlam. Unforunately, he disappeared a month ago. My guess would be Pandimonium."
Umbreon197: What was he doing before he dissapeared?
Nekaku: [Even so, it's still tempting.]
Darwyn1234: "From what I understand, he was trying to find a pattern in the behavior of time on the Outlands."
FalkBurel: Have divinations given any info?
Darwyn1234: "Insane, as I told you before."
Nekaku: <Ghaa, late still. Damnation, I need to react faster>
Umbreon197: What would that matter, anyway?
Umbreon197: Ehh... what use would that have in him finding, just insane as you said... some personal satisfaction?....
Umbreon197: finding *that*
FalkBurel: He's barmy. nuff said
Darwyn1234: "Divinations have told me this man DOES have in his possession some sort of powerful magical item, but I can't pinpoint his location. This leads me to believe the artifact is helping him hide from me."
Umbreon197: *shakes head* Must be.
Umbreon197: Why would he want to hide from you?
CG123n: "Artifacts tend to do that"
FalkBurel: Propably not just her, everyone
Darwyn1234: "My apologies. I meant hide from general divinations."
CG123n: "The artifact most likely hides its location"
FalkBurel: I mean, if you ahve a device that can warp the past. Your going to get a lot of attempts on your life
Umbreon197: Yes..
Umbreon197: indeed.
Darwyn1234: "Add in his lack of sanity, and I beleive him to be highly dangerous."
CG123n: "Insanity can take many forms, the mind rarely folds in on itself the same way twice"
FalkBurel: How would we defeat him? Shove him into the elemental plane of mathamatics? Tell him to compute the value of pi?
Umbreon197: I think the modrons are already working on that, they probably beat him to it Sticking out tongue
FalkBurel: The modrons are to smart for that. At least the higher up ones
CG123n: "There may still be a sane being inside of him, often when a mind collapses it does so by making a small section that it isolates itself while the rest of the mind comes crashing down"
Darwyn1234: "From what I understand, it takes a focused will to use the Grimorum to any great effect. His mind simply lacks the ability to do so. If we can separate the tome from him, it would be easier to deal with him."
FalkBurel: Why would we want to deal with him if we only want the tome?
Nekaku: [Sanity by what standards? In my experience, it's a rather subjective concept.... For example, my own race would consider me insane.]
Darwyn1234: Grace turns to Alex. "Well, to find the tome, we must find him."
FalkBurel: Most likely the kind of madness that results after seeing something in the far realms
FalkBurel: True
CG123n: "that is true <errm I forgot you characters name(nekaku)>"
Umbreon197: So we wanna use the tome to rewrite fate or what not for your friend?
Nekaku: <Ikanthilossk/Ika. Quite accidentally, the nickname is a mneumonic- it's Japanese for "squid".>
Darwyn1234: "To put it in simple terms, yes. I, however, am short on the details of how to use the tome. It might be a simple matter, it might be a complex one that takes years."
Spectre503: "Were I one to hope, I would that it is not a complex matter."
Spectre503: <woah, this guy has some crazy quotes>
FalkBurel: Yeah, or we might have to find something that changes time as well
FalkBurel: Liket he "Stature of Limitations" Nodwick's group got from the Norse
Darwyn1234: "In any event, I feel we must put the tome at our highest priority, not just for our companion, but for the multiverse as well."
CG123n: "There is always a shortcut if you look for it, although it it is often dangerous"
Umbreon197: Why for the multiverse as well? Keep it safe from everyone else... try to destroy it... what?
Darwyn1234: "Yes. I have a friend, a celestial, that is willing to lock it away on one of the higher layers of Mount Celestia to keep it out of harm's way."
Umbreon197: He doesn't mind us using it to write him into Mount Celestia?
FalkBurel: Fair enough, what would be the best way to find the tome?
Nekaku: [Such an item is sorely tempting... haven't you ever done anything you regret, anything which you would give almost anything to undo?]
Darwyn1234: "Truthfully, the Nameless One is unaware we are even looking for him. But we refuse to leave him to his undeserved fate."
CG123n: "Even beings of what you call good can fall to temptation believing it to be for the greater good, I would trust no one with such a thing"
Darwyn1234: Grace turns to Yyza, "More than you know. I suppose he and I are kindred spirits in a way."
Umbreon197: Why did he go to a night hag to begin with if he was good at heart? Did he really want imortality that badly?
Nekaku: *There is a pensiveness to the illithid's mental voice which makes it clear that it's speaking from personal experience rather than just entertaining a hypothetical concept..*
FalkBurel: The night hag fell in love with him...
CG123n: "If it should go anywhere I think it should go to the Far Realms, it has no power there because time has no meaning"
Umbreon197: What... how'd that happen?
Darwyn1234: "Correct. But the reason he went to a night hag was one of desperation."
FalkBurel: Nuh uh, the LAST thing I want to happen is for it to wind up in the paws of Nyarlothotep or Cthulhu or somesuch
Umbreon197: Specific reason he was desperate... or did he just want it really bad?
Darwyn1234: Grace turns to the far realmer "Truly? Then that would be a loop hole in its intended use? Interesting..."
Darwyn1234: "Wouldn't you be desperate if faced with eternal damnation?"
Umbreon197: I think my current state explains that perfectly.
CG123n: "As for Cthulhu, he tends to get a bad reputation but he's a nice fellow at heart"
FalkBurel: I'd say that if you don't want it someplace in Mt. Celestia, we should store it in the bottom of pandimonium along with everything else the gods feared
Nekaku: *Ika leans forward, listening to Alex and Grace... unconsciously stretching the tips of its tentacles towards them in a gesture of intense curiosity*
Umbreon197: Meh, even storing it in pandemonium gives a chance for it's use to some other being, regardless of how small that chance may be.
FalkBurel: Cthulhu-NICE fellow? he makes vecna look like little yellow sunshine.
Spectre503: Is the destruction of this artifact a viable option for its containment?
FalkBurel: Then destory it? I'd hate to get rid of something so usefull but
Darwyn1234: Annah burst to her feet. "Enough talk! Yeh're all gonna help us, jig? Fine! Let's get teh work then! We leave tomorrow afternoon for Bedlam. And iffin any o' yeh try teh peel us, I'll write yeh into the deadbook, so I will!"
Umbreon197: I could definitely use it myself, but I'd like to use a more legitamate way if at all possible.
CG123n: "And besides the Far Realm becomes more and more intense the farther away you go from any stable reality, eventually it becomes impossible for anything to survive because the rules keeping them existant just break down"
Darwyn1234: Grace sighs. "Fine. As far as destroying it, that would be the best option, but that would require even further study."
Umbreon197: Well,don't see why we wouldn't have time.
FalkBurel: All right, which portal would be the best choice for Bedlam?
Umbreon197: To do that.
CG123n: "And where did you get your information on Chthulhu anyways Alex?"
Darwyn1234: "The portal is conviently enough in the Civic Festhall. For now, however, please...I have made rooms available for each of you, and you may converse with the girls here if you like."
FalkBurel: Many places, in the dreamlands I met a number of his followers in my homeworld there's a man called Lovecraft who would see the relaity he sleeps in during his dreams...
CG123n: "You'd b surprised how much false information comes out about him, he's really quite a hermit so a lot of nast rumors start up about him"
FalkBurel: Then why did he try to destory the worlds when he was almost released?
CG123n: "As I said REALLY nasty rumors"
Spectre503: "I thank you for your consideration, Lady Grace"
Umbreon197: Of course, thank you for the room.
CG123n: "Everyone has enemys, his tend to frame him"
FalkBurel: *turns to grace* Yes, thank you.
Darwyn1234: Grace bows. She goes to leave, and Annah does the same, but not before giving each of you a dirty look. For the first time, you realize Nordom hasn't moved an inch the entire time you've been here.
CG123n: "Thank You as well" *Yyza bows towards grace* "I think I shall rest now"
FalkBurel: Really Yyza? what if I told you I met the man who had the person "honor" of meeting him
Umbreon197: Cat got your tongue, nordom?
FalkBurel: Ah well, so long as he doen't get loose I can deal with his existance...
Umbreon197: I'd say you're crazy, Alex.
Darwyn1234: Nordom continues to stand still like a statue.
CG123n: "I think he's sleeping..."
Umbreon197: *pokes Nordom with quarstaff*
CG123n: "Or at least whatever passes for rest among his kind"
Umbreon197: *quarterstaff*
FalkBurel: Crazy? Lets just say that when you get to meet every sleeping person on several worlds, you get a LOT of knowladge
Umbreon197: How do you know they're not just bullshitting you or dreaming up crazy shit that doesn't exist?
Nekaku: *Ika returns the bow with one a little deeper, out of deference* [I take it we'll be travelling by day, then? That will certainly be, interesting...] *It seems to be rather unenthusiastic at the prospect*
FalkBurel: I've never know a person to lie during a dream unless they wholeheatedly believed that lie
Umbreon197: Well... could easily be a lie they were told or just something they were dreaming up themselves as I said.
Umbreon197: (Brb... must feed my dog.)
CG123n: "And besides, I personally know him and I think you can tell I'm a good person and I can state as a fact that he is too"
FalkBurel: Maybe in your reality...
Darwyn1234: Nordom suddenly whips towards Rrodek. "Apologies. Nordom was calculating chances of success. Odds of our success are approximately 1,993,442,984,995 to 1."
FalkBurel: against, I assume
Darwyn1234: "Affirmative."
Spectre503: "I suppose some might say it is fortunate, then, that we seek an artifact that rewrites fate."
Darwyn1234: "Affirmative."
FalkBurel: Glad I took that class in chaos theory
Spectre503: "A strange sensation. Is that humor?"
CG123n: *Yyza laughs* "Of course, no adventure ever has a good chance of success"
Spectre503: "Well, given the late hour, it would seem prudent that we each get some sleep."
Darwyn1234: "Affirmative, both counts. Nordom is beginning to understand the subtlety of humor."
FalkBurel: Sounds good
CG123n: *Yyza nods* "where are those rooms that were mentioned earlier Nordom?"
Umbreon197: (Back)
Darwyn1234: "Sleeping quarters are located at sub-level 1. The stairs for said level are in the back room at the end of the main hallway."
Darwyn1234: "Would you like Nordom to accompany you to sleeping quarters?"
CG123n: "Very well, I'm off to rest and gather strength for the coming journey"
Umbreon197: Got any interesting books here I could read while everyone else sleeps?
CG123n: "I should be able to find them on my own but thanks for offering"
CG123n: *Yyza goes off to the rooms and rests*
Spectre503: <Alex, you're in a brothel and you want to read books?>
FalkBurel: Yes, I'll be find, thanks though
Spectre503: *Heads off to room, maybe to sit and contemplate death*
FalkBurel: It's an intulecctiual brothol, silly
CG123n: <Well if you played the game you'd know this isn't THAT kind of brothel>
FalkBurel: *Head to his room to meditate*
Nekaku: *turns to Nordom* [Would it cause any disturbance if I were to wander around for a while before resting? I'm used to spending nights awake...]
Umbreon197: (A, I'm a lich... don't think anyone would wanna fool around with one and B, do you even know what this place truly is?)
Darwyn1234: A panel opens in Nordom's body. It pulls out a book from inside itself and hands it to you. "Affirmative. 'The Usage of Chaos Mathematics in an Orderly Space Time Continuum.'"
Umbreon197: Sounds interesting... I will definitely spend my time reading this.
Darwyn1234: Nordom turns to the illithid. "Request falls within acceptable parameters. Request granted."
Nekaku: <Ghaa, stupid message limit. By the way, I DON'T know... care to clue me in, or should I find out in character for myself?>
Spectre503: <know what? what the Brothel is?>
CG123n: *Yyza lets out a reality tremor in his sleep*
*OnlineHost*: CG123n rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
CG123n: <errm it messed up> ment to be a 100
*OnlineHost*: CG123n rolled 1 100-sided die: 63
CG123n: <there>
CG123n: <The result 56-68 Create Pink lemonade (as create water, but makes 5 gallons of pink lemonade, which fill nearby empty liquid containers if available, any excess pink lemonade is created directly above the opponents)>
Spectre503: <okay, that was really weird>
FalkBurel: <tasty>
Nekaku: < *blinks* You're like a walking rod of wonder, aren't you?>
CG123n: <I'll leave it to John to decide what happens because of that>
CG123n: <Yup albeit a very minor one>
Umbreon197: <Haha! A walking rod of wonder, that fits it>
Umbreon197: <John... what's happeneing with your messages?.>
Nekaku: <I'm in the same boat, Spectre... I have to leave by 5:50 at the latest if I want to get to the dining hall before it closes.>
Spectre503: *sugary beverage+bright pink+strong tase=Elisted has the worst nightmare ever*
Darwyn1234: What
Darwyn1234: Something wrong with my posts?
Umbreon197: <You've sent several blank messages.>
Nekaku: No one can see your messages, apparantly. Or at least Alex and I can't.
Spectre503: the last two have been totally blank
Umbreon197: 3.
CG123n: <Blank for me too>
Darwyn1234: Ohh.....stupid pop ups are scewing me up.
FalkBurel: <blank here as well
Darwyn1234: Sorry. Is it ok now?
Umbreon197: Yeah.
Nekaku: Much better.
CG123n: <still blank for me>
Darwyn1234: How about now?
FalkBurel: retroactivly? or the one you just sent?
CG123n: <the previous messages, not the current ones>
Darwyn1234: Ok. Minor stitch. Sorry, everyone.
Spectre503: <Alright, so I assume we all wake up alive the next day?>
CG123n: <And maby whover was sleeping in the room next to me drenched in pink lemonade?>
Darwyn1234: Yes. You all wake up the next morning. For some reason, the floor around the far realmer's room is very sticky. It smells funky, too.
Nekaku: <What about those who spent most of the night awake?>
CG123n: "Oh dear, it appears I let out a reality tremor in my sleep..."
CG123n: <just give a summary of what they did>
Darwyn1234: Right. Basically, the brothel is for intellectual stimulation, not physical. The girls talk, not sleep with the patrons.
Umbreon197: Sleep.. not so sure I miss that anymore.
FalkBurel: It's hard to get to sleep when your already asleep
FalkBurel: But I make do
Umbreon197: Perhaps that explains your slight psychoticness.
FalkBurel: Nah, I attribute that to the encounter I had with Azathoth
Darwyn1234: Your rooms are all connected to a main foyer. You awake to find Nordom waiting for you there. Nordom seems to be focused on the sticky substance outside the far realmer
Umbreon197: And you still exist after that... IF it even did happen?
Nekaku: <Okay, my character officially had one of the best nights it's had in some time, then... sounds wonderful.>
Darwyn1234: room.
CG123n: *Yyza walks up to the first floor and finds Nordom* "hello are we going to head out soon?"
FalkBurel: lets just say its a good thing he's a dumb as an animal
FalkBurel: And that I'm in dreamform
Darwyn1234: "Analyzing.....water.....lemon juice.....sugar. Lemonade. Query: From where did it come?"
CG123n: <Ack my computer lagged ignore my last message>
FalkBurel: *shrugs* I think Ford prefect has a case study
Umbreon197: I dunno about Ford prefect, whatever that is... but I know a few other places that would love to study you.
FalkBurel: I can guess
CG123n: "Errm I tend to disturb the reality around me sometimes, I can usually surpress it but somtimes I send reality tremors out in my sleep"
Spectre503: "Where is Lady Grace?"
Darwyn1234: Nordom looks to the five of you and beckons you to follow. He leads you back to Grace's room, where she awaits in her chair.
Spectre503: <how convenient. Nordom must be telepathic>
Darwyn1234: Laughing out loud
Spectre503: <blank message again>
Darwyn1234: Damnit. How about now?
Nekaku: Fine.
Umbreon197: Fine.
FalkBurel: Nows find
FalkBurel: er, fine
CG123n: "Hello there, Are you prepared to set out to find that artifact?"
CG123n: <fine now>
Darwyn1234: Ok. I SAID, the DM is the one whose telepathic.
CG123n: <Just checking to make sure my computer isn't lagging again>
CG123n: <Yup no lag>
Darwyn1234: Grace smiles at the five of you. "Thank you for bringing them, Nordom. Now, we won't be leaving for Bedlam for another few hours. The portal can't be opened until after Peak."
FalkBurel: Is that the key?
Spectre503: <just another warning, I have to leave in a little bit>
Darwyn1234: "Until then, please, make yourselves at home, and purchase whatever you need for our journey. The key is to laugh, quite hysterically in fact, while facing the portal."
CG123n: <would you mind being an NPC for the remaining half hour? Just an idea>
Darwyn1234: We can stop now. I don't want anyone to miss anything.
Spectre503: <wouldn't be a problem with me>
Umbreon197: Umm... what exactly is this Bedlam?
CG123n: <Ok would probably be best to stop now then>
Spectre503: <One of you guys is going to have to supply the laugh. I'm no help there.>
FalkBurel: A town of lunitics with a portal to Pandimonium at it's heart
CG123n: <Gate town I believe>
Darwyn1234: The only thing left to do is shop for equipment, and I can do that one on one.
Nekaku: <I'd have to leave about 15 to 20 minutes in, so you'd have two NPCs... >
Darwyn1234: Yup. Pandemonium's gate town.
Umbreon197: Oh... ok.
Nekaku: [Gate town?]
Darwyn1234: So, what do you guys think? Questions? Comments? Criticisims?
CG123n: <Shall we end now since 2 of us have to leave soon?>
FalkBurel: That means it has a portal to a plane thats always open
Spectre503: <well, I have equipment purchased, unless you want us to go out into Sigil and buy it in-game or something>
Umbreon197: Might as well just end now.
Umbreon197: Went pretty well.
Spectre503: I'm liking this
FalkBurel: I'm liking this
Nekaku: Pretty good, other than the random blank messages.
CG123n: <Twas pretty fun>
Darwyn1234: Yeah, I don't know what happened. Sorry about that.
Nekaku: I'm trying to get better at keeping up to speed, was I lagging too terribly for you all?
Spectre503: For a stoic humorless wooden cleric, my character is a lot of fun to play.
FalkBurel: Question, can we purchase the leadership feat?
Darwyn1234: Not at all, Nekaku.
Darwyn1234: Do you have a feat slot open?
FalkBurel: Yes
CG123n: <well I'm saving this chat log and going,bye>
Darwyn1234: Then go right ahead.
Umbreon197: Cya.
FalkBurel: K, thanks
Spectre503: oh and I assume that we're allowed to use feats from PS3E?
Darwyn1234: Bye Chris.
Umbreon197: What use would the leadership feat be in where we're going?
CG123n: <hmmm who's gonna be your cohort?>
Darwyn1234: Absolutely. I encourage it, acutally.
Spectre503: ok cool because I have 3 Dustmen feats and a general planar feat
CG123n: <also may I add the rest of you to my buddy list?>
FalkBurel: Its just an option, I'm not sure weather to take it or not
FalkBurel: sure, go ahead
Darwyn1234: PS3E feats are encouraged.
Umbreon197: Go ahead, I'll probably have you all on my list soon enough.
Nekaku: Those are on the Planeswalker site, ne?
Darwyn1234: Hai.
Spectre503: yes
Nekaku: I already added everyone, if that's okay.
Spectre503: I would recommend to anyone to download all the released chapters from PS3E, as they are awesome
Spectre503: if you haven't already
Umbreon197: Did that a long, long time ago.
Darwyn1234: Ok, so next Sat, 3 pm EST. Got it?
Nekaku: Sure.
CG123n: <yup>
Umbreon197: Good enough as far as I can see.
Spectre503: erm, I'm out of town
Darwyn1234: Great. I'll be in touch! Great game guys. I had alot of fun.
Darwyn1234: Oh.
Nekaku: Oh, wait... I MAY be working then, I don't know... I'm having a job interview next week, so that time slot may or may not be open for me depending on when I work.
Spectre503: I mean, if someone wants to take over Elisted for that session, he's not exactly a high-maintenence character
Darwyn1234: Hmm....I'll email everyone on next week, ok?
FalkBurel: k
Nekaku: Fine.
CG123n: <k>
Darwyn1234: We could just work out a new time good for everyone.
Spectre503: and if he just faded into the background and hung there until needed, it would actually probably be more in character
Umbreon197: That's fine... I'll probably see you on AIM sometime between then anywya.
Spectre503: alright
Umbreon197: *anyway*
Darwyn1234: Ok. See everyone later. I'll be closing the room in a minute.
Nekaku: I'm going to leave now, I'll catch you all later, okay?
FalkBurel: K, see yall
Nekaku: Logged.
FalkBurel has left the room.
Nekaku has left the room.

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Possible storyhour?

I'll wait for opinions on the first Game log before posting any others.

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Possible storyhour?

You might get more of a response if you novelized it... it would certainly be easier to read.

As a fellow participant, I'd be willing to help you tidy it up a bit, if you like. Besides which, there's the little sticky business of one of the characters getting ret-conned....

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Possible storyhour?

probably, if you guys are willing to help me out I'll do it. I'm not very good at putting things in story form though.

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