Necro Games- Hall of the Rainbow Mage campaign

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Necro Games- Hall of the Rainbow Mage campaign

I have adapted Hall of the Rainbow mage to my new and up and coming Planescape campaign.

The adventure is virtualy unrecognizable in it's current form now and I have included a place for Daoud's Wondrous lantern (fits the Rainbow theme)

I have the campaign starting with four short epilogues for each of the PC's (about a page in length). Each epilogue is meant to closely define the tone of each chanracter and their personalities.

Two of the PC's (a couple) receive a wedding invitation (which I have printed and use as a prop). This is their hook into the adventure.

The two other PC's are yet undeclared so I haven't written their epilogues yet or backgrounds. (They have yet to commit to character creation). However one is fairly certain to play an "evil" wizard type after the knowledge of his former companion/mentor/adversary the Rainbow mage. The adverasry campiagn I have done before and it was tons of fun!

Another NPC is loosely lifted from Freeport. A Cleric of a neutral god of Money/Greed. Not evil just mercenary and ultra-capitalist (moral code disallows healing without pay etc.).

Of course the Wondrous lantern will present it's own problems but that only makes it more fun!

I have also included a modified version of the Forbidden plateau adventure from the PS Planes of Conflict boxed set.

I am looking for encounters and plot hooks to 'flesh" out the adventure. Please offer your comments and suggestions on my ideas.

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