Mass transit in UPS

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Mass transit in UPS

This may have come up before, but I would like to get a new thread going (and probably the old thread is locked out by now anyways)

Bascially,the planes and layers are infinite, but they are also NOT mutatable,expect by powers and they dont do that too often (ignoring limbo for this discussion). So that means that it can forever to get from A to B travelling by normal means. So planewalkers use portals. Add to this mass transit and the predominant forms of transport then on the planes will be cars and trains, as roads and railroads can quite happyily go through the 'naturally' occurring portals throughout the multiverse. Aircraft are not used, as few mortals are easily accessable to commerical size aircraft, at surfficient altittude. Waterways do have portals, but are few and far between, the two famous waterways offcourse have mass transit along their route - tho the loths have a monolopy on Strix transportation.

 Of course this doesnt preclude other forums of transport, merely roads and rails are the most common for long distance travel, across and between  planes and layers.

Any thoughts?


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