the life and times of Rangor Flamepants (and Sherif)

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the life and times of Rangor Flamepants (and Sherif)

well.......first off, i have a Character by the name of Rangor Flamepants. he's a multi-class wilder/pyrokinectist menead who has had many ugghhhh........differnt adventures throught the planes.

for example, there was this one time we were mazed and meet up with quite the homicidle sorceress. Well, we finally fight through here wards and whatnot, and here I am with a crap-ton of power point left. So, when my turn comes around ( only had 3rd initiative) I just agument my Force push with all of them. The effect was.... wow

Rangor thrusts out his hands, and releases a burst of force. The recoil from it actually sliding him across the floor. Above the din, all you can here is him shouting " Meneads don't play!" The Sorceress hstelly throwes up a few protective wards, that soon flare and diea. She seems to be uneffected for a moment, before patches of skin are riped away. She lets out one last agonizing scream before every cell in her body becomes inert, seperating and causing her to disolve into a thin red fluid, which immediatly it flung at the wall behind her with the force of a cannon. Rangor smiles, and falls to the ground out of exaustion, Sherif runs over to his lord crying "Masta! Masta!" The rest of the party stands dumbfounded. Vecna breaks the silence "Whoa"...

Vecna was not THE Vecna......he's an elan that just got shafted with a poor name choice. and Sherif is Rangor's kobald man servent who was won in a massive crack-diddly-oka tournemnt........long story.

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the life and times of Rangor Flamepants (and Sherif)

So, before I get lynched for having a character named Vecna, let me explain.

I figured that since Vecna was once just a normal guy, then at some point Vecna must have been a perfectly legitimate name. All I did was have him come from a place that had never heard of Vecna.
The moment when that Lich told him about his namesake was classic. he he...

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