Just something I did a good long while ago...

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Just something I did a good long while ago...

This may seem a bit over the top, but very early in my Planescape career, I ran my players through a fun little interlude where they had to travel to Dis to rescue a lover. A demon working for the Lord of Dis gave each of the players a chance to attain their Heart's Desire rather than rescue the damsel in distress, and hilariously enough, every one of them gave in except the player looking to recover the damsel in distress. I've been using each of their Heart's Desire as a running plot to entangle them in the politics and pleasures of Planescape since day one while Dispater sits in the background and uses his cronies to pull their strings. Some of them have retired and some of them have continued playing, but every one of them still love their characters, and all of those still playing have inched their way into epic level campaigning in my version of 3.5 Planescape. I'm still running that same continuous storyline campaign, and I've populated it with dozens of PC characters that add flesh and flavor to my campaign. I've also mutilated basic Sigilian plotlines and mutated NPC interactions to fit my story arcs. I've even gone so far as to advance the evolution of the planes and the interaction of the gods on several occasions. I really don't know that many players or DM’s as interested as I am in the indepth stuff behind the Planescape campaign, and I'm looking for more. Desperation has led me to induct several additional cult members into my Planescape campaign, but it always takes several games sessions worth of hours just to explain the changes, not to mention what it takes to incorporate a new character into the storyline. Details are just too much to speak of at this point.

Anyone wishing to discuss planescape details should IM me. My screen name is soullesscrown. Ciao.

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