Great Modron March Pathfinder Version

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Great Modron March Pathfinder Version

I'm starting a new campaign for a group of guys who have traditional D&D but never have heard of planescape. In addition to updating everything to pathfinder I want to reinvent the modrons. Pathfinder introduced firearms and the alchemist in the setting. I feel that the modrons is the best start to introduce steampunk to planescape.

I would like to hear from this excellent community of planar scholars what unique abilities should these new modrons possess and any expanded descriptions. Additionally I'll be adding my match pathfinder notes/adventure.

Base-Worker Modrons - Monodrones, Duodrones, Tridones -
These modrons are composed of gears, springs, and wheels. These are clockwork creatures, thus there repetitive motions. The base worker modrons are used as the labor force in Mechanus.

Supervisors, caretakers - Quadrones, Decatons, Septons, Tertians
Steam Powered, steam/smoke stacks, large pistons, Rail wheels

Police, law enforcement, Military - Pentadrones, Nonatons, Hextons
Diesel powered, large pistons, Black powder guns,

Rulers - Octons, Quartons, Secundi
Fission/fussion/Solar powered, mirror like wings, energy powers

I'll start filling in stat blocks and adding images as the conversation goes by. I appreciate anyones' input.

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