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Game Play Themes

Game Play themes - ie what a character can undertake in the game for a medium/long term experience, the most basic and obvious being adventurer aka standard MMO hack n Slash n Quest....

We need to work out what the players of this game can do in it, beyond a few hours of killing monsters. some might call these professions, roles etc. I'll post a couple up to begin with and I will try and keep the list updated as hopefully more are added by others.

I am assuming we are aiming for a sandbox game, much like EVE in that it is up to the players what they do, what they choose to achieve, how they achieve those goals etc.


1. Quester/Adventurer (npc issued quests)
2. Bounty Hunting (npc/ maybe pc?)
3. Explorer (hinterlands would be an excellent location in addition to the planes)
4. Trader (not sure how to make this a profession yet, but it should be needed)
5. Crafter (most MMO players seem to expect crafting options)
6. PVP (Faction V Faction)


Thats the list so far - lets get more - the more the merrier :mrgreen:


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Game Play Themes

to pull this off the way (i think) we want to see it happen is going to require a lot more admin involvement then you see in other MMOs. social intrigue, and the power play between the factions i think should be a large draw of the game. as such the game itself will have to be more dynamic then the static games we are used to. how did the doomguard gain the armory as their HQ? they stormed the place and simply took over. that would be a combat thing, but would still require a lot of social intrigue and plotting beforehand.

in more simple things like trade we can bring a large shipment of goods into the city, and simply let people duke it out for control of them as they see fit. some might enter into diplomatic discussions, others might plan out a night raid on the warehouse to steal the whole shipment. i dont think player run stores is really the answer, or even auction houses, not when there is already the great bazaar anyways. a barrage of people trying to buy and sell goods there would be very in theme.

though also, if that reputation gauge discussed before could be applied to buildings and places it might be possible to script a lot of it. say a bunch of doomguard start hanging out at a'kins, buying and selling from him or just being there, the reputation of the building could slowly slide over towards it being a doomguard place. that might give them discounts or something as an obvious bonus, but more importantly the system could monitor those levels and post lists of which factions are gaining power throughout the city/ward (combined with other factors of course).

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