Freeform: Lundi´s back!

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Freeform: Lundi´s back!

(Lundi enters a nameless tavern.)
-Whoa. Time´s passzzz...
(Awakens all of a sudden, and sits down on a stool near the bar. The guy on the other side of the bar...)
-Want anything?
-Yez. I´d like a beer, anything´s fine, and a bit of information... pass the chant, somebody´s looking for material for a sensory stone. I want any info on the past Planewalker contest.
-I´d swear that anything that can be put on a sensory stone´s already here, but I dunno... You talked, let that happen. Getting you yer wine...
-No, I wanted water.
-But you said wine!
-I said water, so I said water.
-Water...? Sure, you must be a glutton for punishment.
(Lundi awaits...)

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