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Character Index

Name: Furzum
Race: Harginn, Fire Agrue (Minor Fire Elemental)
Age: 93
Gender: Male
Height: 1,80m
Weight: 58 kl/g of ashes "wet"
Build: Thin
Alignement: Lawful Evil

Apparence: Bald And Grey Skinned Fire Elemental, Hot Smirk And Pierced In Nose And Mouth, Doesnt Normally Wear Clothing Except
For Is *Special Armor* When Traveling Out Of The Hive, Below is trunk a small fire storm serving has support, Rings Over Is Scythy Hands And Tattoes* Over Is Arms

Special Abilities: Blink (Has Mage Spell)
Immune to magical fire

Classes: Mage lvl 6 / Rogue lvl 7

Skin: Dark Ash Grey Skin
Eye Color: No Color
Clothing:Usually No Clothins


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(Pl / ‘female’ rogue modron / Druid 1 / LN)

It’s usually pretty hard to tell one quadrone from any other. Let’s face it, they all pretty much look alike. A metallic cube three feet to each side, with two mechanical arms, two mechanical legs, occasionally a pair of wings, and a face only Primus could love. But Box-in-Bloom’s pretty easy to distinguish from other quadrones on account of her verdant "toupee"; a three-by-three sod of lush green grass (a square yard, you might say) that flourishes on her head. Not just grass either, but herbs and flowers and occasionally even a patch of blueberries. The sod isn't just sitting there, it's well-rooted. Vines and shoots of varying thickness wind their ways in, through and out of her body, twisting and wrapping around her appendages. Tufts of grass and moss decorate her sides, and all over, various flowers, buds and berries grow.

As Box-in-Bloom recalls it, she awoke from a dream of endless marching to find herself completely buried in rich, dark soil, trapped with only the top of her head exposed. Unable to move, she found herself at the mercy of time and nature. She remembers the slow but inevitable encroachment of grass and roots into her body. She supposes that she’d been buried thus for a very long time, and hypothesizes that the penetration of roots and vines into her inner workings somehow severed her connection with the Source, causing her “awakening.” Awake as she was, she was trapped, until a landslide finally freed her. Others might have been driven to insanity by the ordeal, but what is time to a tree, or to a modron?

Box-in-Bloom's mental capacity is mostly unimpaired... mostly... by the overgrowth, and she does make good use of the herbs and flowers for potions and poultices. Her outlook has certainly been affected. Once a loyal and unquestioning modron, Box-in-Bloom now searches for the meaning of life as a druid, studying the flora and fauna of the planes of existence and trying to come to grips with nature’s balancing act of good and evil, order and chaos.

Every druid’s got to have an animal companion of some sort, and Box-in-Bloom’s no different. A colourful, sizzling, popping, fluttering collection of Spire butterflies follows in her wake, drifting along on the scents of fruits, flowers and soil. She rescued this small flutter of the magical creatures from starvation several years back, and they’ve been with her ever since.

Between adventures, Box-in-Bloom makes a home for herself in a small apartment in Sigil's Lower Ward.


Box–in–Bloom: "Female" modron outcast druid 1; Medium outsider; HD 1d8; hp 9; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 17 (+1 dex, +4 natural, +2 armor), touch 11, flat-footed 10; Base Atk +0; Grp +2; Full Atk +3 melee (spear 1d8+2); SA none; SQ druid abilities, darkvision 120 ft., modron outcast traits; AL LN; SV Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +5; Str 14 (+2), Dex 12 (+1), Con 12 (+1), Int 14 (+2), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 10 (+0).
Skills and Feats: Concentration +5, Handle animal +4, Heal +7, Knowledge (nature) +4, Listen +5, Profession (guide) +5, Spot +5, Survival +7; Extend Spell, Track. Box-in-Bloom speaks Modron, Planar Trade, Sylvan, and Druidic.
Druid Abilities: animal companion, nature sense, wild empathy, spell use (spells/day: 3,2)
Modron Outcast Traits (Ex): immune to mind-influencing effects, immune to subdual damage or critical hits, acid, cold, and fire resistance 10, +4 natural armor bonus.
Equipment Carried: 550 gp, modron leather armor, MW spear, silver dagger, cold iron dagger, sling and stones, modron storage container, healer’s kit, wand of cure light wounds (50), 2 pt. of invisibility, 1 pt. of sanctuary, 1 pt. of spider climb.

Spire Butterflies (30): Tiny magical beast (lesser swarm); HD 1d10; hp 8 (pooled); Init +2; Spd fly 30 ft. (good); AC 14 (+2 size, +2 Dex); Base Atk/Grp -/-; Atk/Full Atk Swarm (1d4); SA Swarm attack, SQ Drain magic, Lesser swarm traits, SR 15; AL N; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2; Str 1, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 12.
Skills and Feats: Listen +6, Spot +6, Move Silently +6; Alertness.
Swarm Attack: Creatures with the swarm subtype don't make standard melee attacks. Instead, they deal automatic damage to any creature whose space they occupy at the end of their move, with no attack roll needed. Swarm attacks are not subject to a miss chance for concealment or cover.
Drain Magic (Su): Spire butterflies feed on magic; drawing sustenance from magic items and spell effects. Small swarms of 50 or fewer butterflies consume magic at a rate of up to one spell level per hour, though much less than this is actually required for survival. Excess magic is burned off as butterfly wings crackle, glow, screech, and shine with the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations of various spells. Full swarms, numbering in the hundreds or thousands, drain magic much more quickly and have been known to discharge stored magical energy in self-defence.
Lesser Swarm Traits: As swarm, excluding Distraction.

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Sidrem: Modron Outcast, Rogue 2, LN
SIDReM (Stealth Interface Dungeon Reconnaissance Modron)

Str: 12 (+1)
Dex: 18 (+4)
Con: 12 (+1)
Int: 18 (+4)
Wis: 8 (-1)
Cha: 10 (+0)

BaB : +1
Melee : +2
Range: +5

Choosen Weapon: Crossbow (type determined after i get an idea of how much gold we have starting)

HP: 11
AC: 18 (+4 Dex, +4 natural)

Feats: Sneak Attack(1d6), Point Blank Shot, Evasion

open lock(Dex 4) 5 = 9
search(Int 4) 5 = 9
spot(Wis -1) 5 = 4
disable device(Dex 4) 5 =9
use m. device(Char 0) 5 = 5
decipher script(Int 4) 5 = 9
forgery(Int 4) 5 = 9
hide(Dex 4) 5 = 9
m. silent(Dex 4) 5 = 9
p.pocket(Dex 4) 5 = 8
tumble(Dex 4) 5 = 9
gather info(Cha 0) 5 = 5

Saves: F: 1, R: 7, W: -1

Equipment: Hat of Disguise

Standard Modron Outcast traits.

Sidrem is a peculiar looking thing (like all modron aren't?) . But in particular he is painted matte black and has many little spikes coming off the edges of his form. He moves with a suppressed whir, far quieter than most modron, but has a bad habit of verbalizing his actions by saying "Sneak. Sneak. Sneak." He's working on this. The black finish is marred along the top by a gouge that looks like something scored his paintjob. In some places it is clear that wires are poking out and on close inspection they look suspiciously like lock picks, or just loose wires.

1 Bonus for Hit Dice to do
I rolled 1d6+1, the result is 5.
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Character Index

name: Nova.
age : ??
gender : male
race: human [?]
class: fighter 5, monk 5
align: cn
height: 6' 1"
weight: 159
eyecolor: none
build: trim and strong
skin: average to pale. a slight pearlescent glow in natural sunlight

overall appearance: short black shaggy hair. he walks with an air of confidence and inner strength. Nova's face is somewhat of an enigma; there are no eyes, no sockets for eyes, nor a mouth. He hides this as often as he can to avoid unnecessary questions. Aside from his strange facial features, Nova exudes an air of youth.

Nova has many faces around the planes. When seen on the astral, he appears as an ascetic. hefty utilitarian pants and monks shoes, a headband cloth rolled up and tied over his eyes and one rolled up and tied over his mouth, bracers, a sword or two strapped to his back, and a small knapsack.

While in sigil, he appears in dark green leather pants, with a navy blue leather jacket and a black shirt. Many belts tie a few swords and other items to his waist, back, and thighs. He is seen with a bulky backpack and a brown and silver pair of goggles that are always covering his eyes, as well as a black bandana that constantly covers his mouth and nose (helpful in that putrid Hive Ward air, ick!).

Nova is a pretty easy going guy, but when faced with danger, he is ruthless and cunning, never without an exit. He is very charitible to those that are truly in need and has a soft spot for children and the mentally ill. For nova himself has a lot going on inside his head at all times. He's got a couple of wild psionic talents, one in particular that helps him to speak with creatures of intelligence, and when those fail, a special item was created as a gift to him to help put his thoughts into audible words.

Swords, especially longswords, are the single most exciting things in the universe to him. He often undertakes missions concerning weaponry to be simply hold a new blade, if only for mere moments. He is also a master story teller, and enjoys spinning tales to children.

Faction: ties to the Bleakers, the Anarchs, the Transcendant Order, and the Dustmen.

Rumors: Rumors circulate from time to time that nova is not a human. Without a mouth to eat or drink, how does one survive? Without eyes to see, how does one move as swiftly as he does? Another rumor is that Nova is not one person, but many as he's seemingly in many places at once. He's often unaware that he's been to some of the places previously travelled. (Though the dark of it is simply that the man has a very plagued mind. His Memory loss is a defense mechanism of his own will to ensure the safety of himself and others.)

There is one man said to know the truth of it all, the entire history of the man that calls himself Nova, and that person is Nova himself.

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Abraham Liege - Perpetual Author

Name: Abraham Liege

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Race: Human, 1/84th Slaad. (So diluted, doesnt have any effect other than to give him a slightly tweaked way of looking at problems, a complete inability to drive vehicles, oddly colored eyes, and a permanent sunburn between his toes.)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 123 lbs

Build: Average, a bit gaunt.

Skin: Lightly tanned, sunburned around the neck, and permanently sunburned between the toes on his left foot. He sports a five o'clock shadow beneath the brim of his bowler hat.

Eye Color(s): One eye is lime green, the other is purple.

Clothing: Usually, a tattered red sweatshirt with "B.U.M. EQUIPMENT" Written on it in white print. He wears what appear to be blue, green, and yellow plaid pajama bottoms, though they are two pajama bottoms sewn together in layers with a layer of canvas in between. He wears one black glove and one leather glove. He carries a Fuscia, pink, yellow, and salmon colored towel draped over his shoulder. The Sweatshirt is cut in half in front, reavealing a Navy blue tee shirt that reads "Zarchyon Falls: "It would be a great place to relax if it wasn't filled with acid." Superimposed over a picture of a grinning fish-creature flashing the thumb's up sign. The shirt appears to have two extra sets of arm holes beneath the ones he has his arms though. On a chain around his neck he has a little black stone tied to a piece of twine. Chiseled on it are barely visible the words "Don't Panic"

Accessories: His towel, a notebook. The towel has a reinforced hems, making it considerably more resistant to damage. Also carries a slightly rusted switchblade, a small rectangular piece of plastic with various markings and indentations on it, and a thick leatherbound book with the words "The Poor Man's Encyclopedia" Set into the front in gold print. Another volume is filled with loose, handwritten pages and secured with several pieces of twine.

History (Overview): Abraham Liege is largely unfamiliar with his geneology, although he is dimly aware of the tragic rape of his Great great great great great great Grandmother by a red Slaad. The fact was presented to him at a very early age as an explanation for why the family made its home in Limbo. Apparently the offspring of the cataclysmic occurance (Let us simply call him Erik, since his last name lies somewhere between "MacArthur" and "Exhema") felt more at home with Slaad than with humans, and took to living in a plane more suited to his tendencies. However, It has become a family tradition to return to one of the prime material planes to abtuct a mate when the time is right. Many mysterious dissapearances from a multitude of eras can be explained away as actions of the family. But all obscure family history aside, Abraham (A name he was not to adopt until much later in his life) was raised by his Second cousin, who also held claim to the titles of brother and stepfather (A tendancy for inbreeding was just one of the traits commonly associated with Slaadi blood.). Unfortunately, Abraham's caretaker spent more time searching for his runaway spouse than he did taking care of his charge. At the age of three, Abraham was playing in the backyard of his spacious estate when he tripped over a tree root and tumbled into an entirely different plane, one of the prime material. Naturally, he now has a pathological fear of tree roots. The plane he stumbled onto was Toril, and Where he would spend the next 20 years of his life. He was adopted by an alchoholic who, in the subconscious interest of filling an overarching cliche, needed a child to beat. Needless to say, this was not in Abraham's best interest, and soon after the novelty of free lodging wore off, he was on his way. He began writing for a minor periodical in one of the major cities on the plane. Before long, he began looking for a more advanced position. He ended up working for the Planar Inquirer, a publication largely ignored for its less than careful fact-checking. It was then that he began using Abraham Liege as a pen name, finding his original name too hard to write in common. It was about the time that he began to travel the plane as part of a project to catalogue the many locales of the realm that he realized how thorougly inept he was at self-transportation. He was almost totally unable to pilot, fly or drive any sort of vehicle whatsoever. He simply did not have the patience to steer. Thus he was forced to master the art of hitch hiking. Over the next five years, he traveled over the entire realm via every possible venue, cataloging everyplace he came to, and authoring what became commonly known as the Poor Man's Encyclopedia. After finally completing the work, and at the age of 30, he began to feel that his life was without a purpose. He began to believe that the plane he lived in could no longer suprise him. In an effort to stay somewhat sane, he began studying the phenomenon of planar travel. He never truly mastered it, but likes to believe that he has. He now wanders aimlessly from plane to plane, adding chapters to his now perpetually unfinished book.

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Character Index


Race: Human (Prime)
Gender: male
Class: Expert 2, Rogue 1
Alignment: NG
Age: 17
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 260 lbs
Appearance: White skin, Blue eyes, Blond/Brown hair, burly, slightly overweight build. Alexander has a bushy, somewhat curly beard, which he selectivly shaves to create the impression of a gotee and chops that connect. Without his beard, he has been described as a "baby face". When cold, his skin becomes splotchy white/purple.
Clothes: Baggy jeans, well worn preferably, black t-shirt or tank top under a red or black button down shirt (unbottoned), sunglasses, black bandana, steel toed work boots.
Tatoos: An oroburos around each wrist.
Special effects: Since coming to Sigil, Alexander has developed the ability to generate an effect similar to a Rebus, save that he is only capable of generating mathmatical fomulas, proofs, graphs, concepts and definitions, which appear about six inches above his eye level and about 6 inches away. These formulas, proofs and definitions appear encapsulated in transparent, pale green panes, and he can move and manipulate them as needed. After they have appeared, he is capable of moving them to any location within 10 ft. of himself.

History: A normal, if rather intelligent, teenager, Alexander grew up on the isolated Prime world of Earth. Through grades 7-11, he developed a reputation as a highly intelligent individual, to the point where in some classes his opinion was held as fact. He gained the nickname Muzzy early on in his Highschool career, although noone is quite sure how, least of all him. His greatest apptitude was for math and computer science.
He is unsure of how he ended up in Sigil. One moment he was simply wandering in the forest near his home, the next he was standing in the Great Baazar. Luckily, his entrance and subsiquent confusion was noted by another former clueless from Earth, who helped him get accustomed to his new surroundings.
With the developement of his ability to generate mathmatic Rebuses and his aptitude for math, he has gained fairly steady employment as a teacher of basic maths and sciences. He supliments his income from this venue by selling his experiences of Earth and technology in particular to the Sensorium. Alexander spends most of his time at the Great Gymnasium or the Civic Festhall. Although he would be best described as an indep, he finds the philosophies of the ciphers and the sensates to be appealing, and is naturally inclined to the Guvners.

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Character Index

Great scottin' housecakes, another one!

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Character Index

Fringe Fartale

Age- 25
Gender- Male
Race- Tiefling-werewolf (home plane Baator)
Height- 5’9” – 6’3”
Weight- 145 lbs – 173 lbs
Build- Wiry, very very lithe
Skin Cage ashen (you know all that soot gets to a berks skin!) with symmetrical blue body marks
Hair/Fur Color- Blue and quite spiky
Eye Color- Green, or if you’re a Sensate it’s green grass beginning to bow to autumn
Clothing- Loose long shirt with a brown vest adorned with tassles, otherwise the normal adventurer’s outfit
Accessories- Carries a magicked longsword (affectionally called Fang), a magical rapier (named Razor Claw), a Ring of Complete Transformation (let’s his equipment change as he shifts form as well), and a Ring of Feather fall. A bag of holding keeps all of his more....roguish equipment (such as thief tools, small gadgets, climbing gear, crowbar, wind up toy with bells, etc.)
Special Effects- Lycanthropic abilities (turn into wolf and hybrid form), flight (wings available in humanoid and hybrid form, not wolf) create darkness, resistance to fire and cold (no electric resistance), hair spines grow at 10/day, can use Protection from Good 1/day (which doesn’t help him much really, since that means he’s stuck in one place!), holy weapons can do extra damage, scent ability, rogue abilities.

-Brief known history for the common basher-

Do some digging around the Cage and a peery cutter might learn of a knight-of-the-crosstrade who goes by the name Fringe Fartale. A tiefling that grew up in the City of Doors that, despite having a damn conscience unlike many of his kind, always wound up trying to break this lock and that, make little gadgets that made a mess, and even turned to burglary a few times. This all in all was a way for the tiefling to delve into his need to break barriers and cages of a sort he didn’t knew was in himself until he found himself running away from a gang of minotaurs who didn’t take too kindly to him robbing their place. The first portal he hit was one that went straight to the Beastlands, and there, rather unintentionally, found out that a part of him was not just quite not-human, but lycanthropic as well!

The Beastlands effect upon him was bringing the beast out of Fringe, for he had never even seen a full-moon and thus never changed before, but now-a-days he’s not only capable of shape shifting, but he’s quite a capable rogue and fighter as he’s been planewalking for a bit on a self-imposed mission to free others from cages. One meaning or another. Usually involving either breaking people out of jail, slavery, mix of both, or even just sitting down and informing Primes about the planes.

But if there’s one thing he can’t quite do, it’s convince many a paladin that he’s NOT evil. So he’s pretty edgy around the holier-than-thou types. Doesn’t help that he’s got devil blood and lycanthropic blood running through his veins either.

Currently though, Fringe is advertising himself as a sell sword in Sigil’s Great Bazaar, where he’s either catching up with some old pals from before the Faction War, or picking up on the dark on current slave rings to liberate later, or other lycanthropes and tieflings in the area as well. Though for some reason, he’s been staying well out of sight from Yuan-ti, Vrocks, and certain bodies few are privy to.

Male Tiefling-werewolf

Tiefling-Werewolf: Male tiefling rogue 4, fighter 1; (LvA +3); ECL 10

Size: Medium

Hit Dice: (4d6 + 1d10 + 2d8 + 10 ( 65 hit points))

Initiative: +5/ +7

Speed: 30ft (fly 30 ft average)

AC: 21 (+5 dex, +2 natural armor, +2 deflection bonus, +2 armor bonus), 19 (+7 dex, + 2 natural armor), touch 15/17, flat-footed 18/12

Base Attack Bonus: +5

Grapple Bonus: +9/ +10

Attack: Bite +11 (Damage1d6+3), Claw +10 (damage 1d4+3), Long sword +2, +9 (damage 1d8+4), Rapier +1, +8 (damage 1d6+3)

Full Attack: Long sword +2, Rapier +1, +9/+8/+4/+3 (damage 1d8+4, 1d6+3, 1d8+4, 1d6+3)

Special Attack: Trip (animal form only) (ex), Darkness 1/day (sp), Bane 3/day (sp)

Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 10/silver (hybrid/animal form only), Low-light vision (ex); 60ft Dark-vision (ex); Alternate form (su); Resistance to Fire 5, Cold 5; cast Protection from Good 1/day (sp); Weakness against Good aligned weapons

Saves: Fort +7/ +10, Ref +13/ +15, Will +6

Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic) Good

Abilities: Strength 14 (+2)/16 (+3), Dexterity 20 (+5)/24 (+7), Constitution 12 (+1)/16 (+3), Intelligence 18 (+4), Wisdom 15 (+2), Charisma 14 (+2)

(Note: numbers after / indicate hybrid/ animal form changes)

Skills and Feats: Balance +9, Bluff + 8, Chaos Shaping +6, Climb +10, Craft (Rogue Device) +8, Diplomacy +8, Disable Device +10, Gather Info +7, Hide +15, Intimidate +5, Jump +8, Knowledge (City) +10, (Planes) +10, Listen +12, Move Silently +11, Open Lock +9, Portal Feel +5, Search +6, Sense Motive +3, Spot +8, Survival (Urban) +4 (Wilderness) +4, Tumble +10, Use Rope +4; Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Quick Draw, Improved Quick Draw, Fiendish Bloodline (Races of Faerun), Outsider Wings (Races of Faerun), Track, Weapon Focus (bite), Iron Will

Rogue Abilities: Sneak Attack +1d6, Trap finding, Evasion, Trap sense +1, Uncanny Dodge

Tiefling Werewolf Traits: Planar Subtype; Scent (ex) any form; Low-light vision (ex); 60ft Dark-vision (ex); Lycanthropic Empathy (ex); Curse of Lycanthropy (su); Natural armor +2 in any form (ex); Alternate form (su); Damage Reduction 10/silver (hybrid/animal form only); Natural Weapons (hybrid/ animal form only) as wolf; Hair Spines (1d4 damage, 30ft range, 10/day-substitutes Electric Resistance 5); Darkness as spell 1/day; Resistance to Fire 5, Cold 5; 50 percent chance weapons or attacks of Good Alignment deal additional 1d4 damage (Planewalkers Handbook 2e); see portal outline on Spot DC 18 or Search DC 10

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Character Index

Lvl 4 Paladin, 1 Wilder
Medium size outsider, (native)
Hit Dice: 4d10+1d6+14 (42 hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 20 ft or 30 ft base
Armor Class: 18 (+6 breastplate, +2 dex)
Base Attack: +4
Attack: +9 melee (2d6+7) +1 greatsword
Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Daylight 1/day, psionics, smite evil 1/day, turn undead 4/day, wild surge +1
Special Qualities: Aura of courage 10 ft, darkvision 60 ft, immunity to magical and normal disease, lay on hands 16 hp/day, resistance to acid, cold, and electricity 5
Saves: +10 fortitude, +7 reflex, +8 will
Abilities: str. 18, dex 14, con 14 (12), Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 19
Skills: Bluff +12 (Cool, Concentration +9 (7), Diplomacy +11 (7), Gather Info +8 (4), heal +5 (1), Knowledge the planes +10 (6), Knowledge history +9 (5), Sense Motive +8 (7)
Feats: Arete Induction, Dodge
Alignment: LG

Psionics: Force Screen, adds +4 shield bonus to AC for 1 min/level. Augmentable to add +1 AC for every 4 additional PP spent

(#) represents either an ability score before item augmentation, or the number of ranks in a certain skill

Magical Equipment: Amulet of health +2, Hewards Handy Haversack, +1 Greatsword, +1 breastplate, potion of cure moderate wounds (3), ring of sustenance

Mundane Equipment: Recording the 7 Songs memoirs of Sword of Gaia*, 10 sunrods*, 2 trail rations*, Explorers Outfit (wearing now), Nobles outfit with accessories*, Signet Ring, 2 lbs. of wax*, 2 lbs of soap*, bedroll*, Journal*, Water-skin*, Ink pen and 1 oz of ink*

All items marked with * are carried within the Haversack

Alhesanders conception was unique, but certainly not remarkable by planar standards, left orphaned after some unnamed disaster on his home plane, he was recognized by a summoned Ki-Rin early enough to get him to safety but too late for his half-celestial parents. Shuffled along the bizarre but well meaning adoption agencies of the upper planes, the child was eventually brought to like parental figures of similar race in a virtually inaccessible portion of Shurrock. It was here that he found a home, one of seventy three mortals of slight celestial descent to make their residence within the confines of the jungle valley. Though the twelve Couatl sovereigns of the valley, the orphans caretakers, were never aloof towards those in their care, they had an air of distance between themselves and their wards. This hard contact was made up for in their dedication to their "special" children; the community was given education in all spiritual, historical, and physical aspects of the planes and its greater inhabitants. In addition to this were bizarre meditation exercises that would make even a cipher shiver, acts in isolation where the child was asked to "converse with the will of Bytopia".
Unfortunately for the community, it seemed as if the cast offs own bad karma was enough to finish the ring of years for whatever experiment was being planned within Bytopia's depths. In Alhesanders sixteenth year the very forest of Shurrock seemed to rise up against its inhabitants, spawning huge mantis like creatures from the very trees of the rain forest. These horrifying monsters that smelled of decaying wood and dying mammals and crawled with an unnatural grace, tore into the ranks of the academies inhabitants. The warped jungle was insatiable, and though defended courageously, it took less then a day for the entire complex to be over-run and tore down before the wrath of some un-named foe. In desperation the couatl cast a ritual gating upon their remaining students, sending them into every corner of the wheel in hopes that some would escape to give word of the invasion or simply survive.

Alhesander was easily one of the luckiest, instead of ending up at the base of the spire or the top of Khin-Oin he was shifted into the ocean realm of a Great Dreamer, one of the godlike whale outsiders of Wild Space. Within the ocean planet of the Great Dreamers psyche he floated and listened to the songs of empty space, growing in wisdom and enlightenment from the stillness around him. But it only took him three years for Alhesander to realize what he had yet to finish on the outer planes; therefore it was with a heavy heart that the Dreamer allowed the paladin to leave his realm for Sigil.

In another strange example of planar irony, it took Alhesander another three years of tracking, bluffing, and chant gathering to find the abandoned academy. Overgrown with a blood red vine, the ruins of the monastery held nothing of their former glory, shifted by the bloodshed of celestials to a sphere in Carceri. It was here though that Alhesander discovered the motivation behind the orphanage, in a journal left by a Solar calling itself the Sword of Gaia he learned of the Couatl's plans for him and his siblings within the academy, he learned the glories of his heritage. Seemingly opened by the revelations within the text, all of the academies training sprouted fruit as Alhesander opened up his psionic potential to the planes. Lastly, and most importantly it was within the blasphemous jungles of Cathrys that Alhesander vowed the creation of a new faction, it would begin with the other seventy two of his dimension lost siblings. Soon the cosmos entire would learn of the Arête Brotherhood.

He's currently hoisted kip at a local tavern in Sigil, and is looking for information on the whereabouts of his "siblings", Alhesander is also subtly putting the word out about his faction ideals and aspirations, his philosophy has be seen by planars and primes alike as either complete screed, completely ignored, and interesting chant as they've seen fit. He's made an enemy of Ciliry of the Planarists, and even spoken out against the councilor in public on one occasion.

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A new character

NE - Unaligned
Level 1
Female Elf(?)Fighter
A sturdy if somewhat short woman in an unassuming if slightly unkempt dress that comes down to her knees, slit on either side for running. Over it she wears a simple bodice with mettle rings, and leather shoulder guards as a light form of protection. Her brown hair is bound in a loose braid that falls down her back. Her eyes are a sparkling green and if she were to clean herself up and dress better she might come to look very pretty, however something in her manner suggests that that will never happen.
Personally, she's in it for the money, the goods, her curiosity or just to bash some berk's skull in. While she does have a good streak in her, it is very hard to find. After growing up in the hive Anaska has little faith or patience for things not of the present time and place.

[Note on Race] Anaska seems to be either an elf of some mixture of elf and something else; being from the hive no one was really interested in that anyway. For racial ability bonuses she receives a +2 to wisdom and intelligence, and a -2 to strength and constitution. Outwardly she seems to be an offspring of some prime elf, but then again no one has really tested it.

Level 1 - Elf(?)
Ftr: 1 (d10)

Str: 10 +0
Dex: 16 +3
Con: 9 -1
Wis: 16 +3
Int: 16 +3
Cha: 13 +1

Fort: -1 + 2 + _ = 1
Refl: 3 + 0 + _ = 3
Will: 3 + 0 + _ = 3

HP: 9

AC: 16 (3 Dex, 3 Armor)
BAB: +1 (+1 melee, +4 ranged)

Climb (str) 4 + 0 = 4
Jump (str) 4 + 0 = 4
Know(Sigil) (int) 2(4) + 3 = 5
Swim (str) 4 + 0 = 4

Ftr: Dodge
1st: Amoral

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Ránar Olorin Celebrimbor

Ránar Olorin Celebrimbor
Wanderer on the Moonlit Path

Ránar Olorin Celebrimbor is a moon elf of average height and build, with smooth pale skin, ice-blue eyes, and long silver-white hair that is usually tied or braided back from his face. He is clothed in loose, dark blue robes embroidered in silver with elven runes. A rapier hangs ready at his right hip, and a quiver hangs at his left. A simple leather satchel apparently holds the remainder of his worldly possessions. Olorin’s expression is typically neutral, and he moves with an efficient grace.

Many think that the Ránar are intentionally cryptic, but for monks of Olorin’s order, the line that divides what is real from what is possible is blurred. For them, the landscape is littered with omens and symbolisms, each a trail marker upon the Moonlit Path. As a result, Olorin’s choices are odd, and his speech is riddled with strange references and vague metaphors, many of which seem to have no relevance to the situation at hand.

Those who manage to get past his strange perspective find the young elf to be strong-willed, yet kind-hearted and deeply-devoted to his faith. He is a font of wisdom and insight, and possesses a rare gift for prophecy – something he has inherited from his grandmother. He has taken the teachings of his monastic order to heart and yearns for the enlightenment and transcendence that others of the order have already achieved. In accordance with the teaching of his order, Olorin seeks to maintain an expanded awareness in both reverie and in the waking world, so that he might better recognize Sehanine’s subtle signs and portents.

Olorin, son of Fuinur and Amarie Celebrimbor, was born in Semberholme in Cormanthor on the continent of Faerun about 150 years ago. Olorin spent his early childhood along the shores of Lake Sember. By day he would play beneath the towering oaks and maples, and as the sun set he would sit by the hearth and listen in awe to his grandmother’s tales of her adventurous youth.

Olorin’s grandmother, a bold and cheerful soul, became plagued in her final years by terrible visions of war and strife that ate away at her spirit. Knowing well her gift for prophecy and heeding her warnings of troubled times ahead, Olorin Celebrimbor’s parents set out westward from Cormanthor with Olorin in DR1304, years ahead of the Retreat. Young Olorin did not understand his grandmother’s visions or the need to leave the only home he’d ever known. He only knew that he wanted to live a life of adventure as she had once done. Sullen about the journey away from the exciting lands he’d roamed so many times in his imagination, he prayed for some opportunity to stay in Faerun and explore its mysteries.

Making their way slowly westward to the Sword Coast and to the haven of Evermeet beyond, Olorin and his family stopped for a time in the High Forest to bid a final farewell to loved ones living there. While in the High Forest, Olorin pleaded with his parents to take him to visit the Lost Peaks so that he might at least see the fabled Fountains of Memory before sailing away from Faerun. His parents, feeling guilty, relented.

And so it was that young Olorin found himself sitting by the Fountains of Memory on a warm, fateful spring afternoon. He stared deep into the dark pools and watched the past unfold, but his heart was focused on the dreary future that had been forced upon him. A blue-garbed monk meditating nearby could not help but notice Olorin’s sighs and gloomy expression and inquired what was wrong. What began then as a polite conversation grew into a string of meaningful discussions of life and philosophy and of Sehanine’s Moonlit Path. By month’s end, the young elf had made up his mind to stay behind and study at the monastery. It was a perfect opportunity to stay in Faerun and set his own future. His parents did not wish to part from their only son, particularly during these worrisome times, but Olorin’s heart was set and implacable. They finally acceded and after a tearful farewell, departed for the Sword Coast and Evermeet, trusting in the clerics and monks of Sehanine to keep him safe and nurture him.

Olorin did exceptionally well with his studies and training at the Fountains of Memory. However, Sehanine’s best lessons are taught along the Moonlit Path and Olorin’s mentors decided that the time had come for him to set out from the monastery to follow where his dreams lead. Olorin’s mentors had no idea how very far away those dreams would take him.

After several years of travel throughout Faerun, Olorin’s Path led him to the Outer (Arborea, Outlands, Ysgard) and Transitive Planes (Ethereal). Now, haunted by troublesome visions of flesh being flayed (whose, he cannot say), he has come to Sigil. As near as he can tell, he is supposed to seek out ‘One who would become a God against his will.’

Ránar Olorin Celebrimbor
(Prime / male moon elf / monk 6 / LN)

Moon Elf: Medium Humanoid (moon elf); HD 6d8+0; hp 28; Init +4; Spd 50 ft; AC 20 (+4 Dex, +3 Wis, +1 Monk, +2 Bracers of Armor), touch 20, flat-footed 14; Base Atk +4; Grp +5; Atk +8 melee (unarmed strike 2d6+1, 20/x2) or +9 melee (+1 rapier 1d6+2, 18-20/x2) or +9 ranged (+1 comp. longbow 1d8+2, 20/x3); Full Atk +7/+7 melee (unarmed strike 2d6+1, 20/x2) or +8/+8 melee (+1 rapier 1d6+2, 18-20/x2) or +9 ranged (+1 comp. longbow (+2) 1d8+2, 20/x3); SA stunning fist, ki strike (magic); SQ evasion, still mind, resistant body (5, fire), slow fall (30’); AL LN; SV Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +8; Str 12, Dex 16 (18, Gloves of Dexterity +2), Con 10, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 10.
Languages: Elven, Common, Githzerai.
Skills and Feats: Balance +6, Diplomacy +7, Heal +5, Hide +7, Jump +11, Knowledge (Outer Planes) +4, Listen +10, Move Silently +7, Sense Motive +12, Spot +14, Survival +6, Tumble +9; Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Combat Reflexes, Improved Disarm, Weapon Finesse, Ability Focus (Stunning Fist), Improved Natural Attack (Unarmed Strike).
Equipment Carried: Bracers of Armor +2, Gloves of Dexterity +2, Efficient Quiver, Rapier +1, Composite Longbow +1, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50), standard adventuring gear, 400 gp.

The Order of the Moonlit Path

The Tel'Menisilme, or ‘Order of the Moonlit Path’ as it is called in the Common Tongue, is an ancient elven order of monks and mystics devoted to the teachings of Sehanine Moonbow, Daughter of the Night Sky. Members of this order are recognized by their embroidered blue robes and are referred to as Ránar (Wanderers) because they wander Faerûn and beyond, following paths set out for them in cryptic dreams and omens by their goddess. They claim that this ‘Moonlit Path’ leads to enlightenment and transcendence beyond mortal bounds.

The enigmatic Ránar are the seers and mystics of elven society and often serve as counsellors and guides to elves and half-elves who seek to embark on physical or spiritual journeys. The primary goals of the order are to aid and encourage those who seek to improve themselves, and to ensure the continuing welfare of the Fair Folk through wise council and foresight. Just as Sehanine rarely concerns herself directly with mortal matters, the Ránar are generally removed from the daily concerns and outward expression of everyday life. Still, as advisors and seers, the Ránar take advantage of their loose-knit network of brethren to exert subtle influence and discreetly gather information across vast distances.

Cloisters are distributed widely throughout the Realms, typically located in places considered sacred to elvenkind. One such cloister is hidden among the Fountains of Memory on the high plateaus of the Lost Peaks, in the northwest corner of High Forest. Another is located somewhere near the Vale of Lost Voices, in Cormanthor, where the Ránar tend to unsettled elven spirits.

The Ránar are respected by all good Fair Folk. Among moon elves especially, the Ránar are revered for their wisdom and foresight. The Ránar are welcome to take shelter and train in any Seldarine temple, but for their open devotion to Sehanine Moonbow, the Ránar are hated and hunted by Lolth’s clergy.

Ránar Monks: Monks of the Order of the Moonlit Path combine the ancient unarmed martial forms of Temerad with the mystic arts to achieve physical and spiritual transcendence. Members of the Order can gain levels in one other class and still progress as a monk as long as their monk level is their highest class level. Ránar monks who choose to multiclass as Ránar mystics, however, may do so freely without any restriction.

Like monks of other orders, Ránar monks are proficient with the club, dagger, quarterstaff and sling. They forego training in exotic weapons such as the kama, nunchaku, or siangham in favour of the rapier and bow – weapons more popular in elven culture and history. A Ránar monk treats the rapier as a special monk weapon for purposes of Unarmed Attack Bonus and Flurry of Blows.

Ránar Mystics: Like Ránar monks, Ránar mystics are on a continual journey of self-discovery, but their focus is internal rather than external. Though they are wielders of divine magic, they do not obtain their spells in the same manner as other Seldarine clerics. Rather than granting specific spells, Sehanine Moonbow offers Ránar mystics an open channel to the Power. The process of harnessing this Power is one of inner awareness and enlightenment, requiring strength of will and force of faith. Ránar mystics select one domain from among the following: Chaos, Elf**, Good, Illusion**, Knowledge, Moon**, or Travel. A mystic may choose an alignment domain only if his or her alignment matches that domain.

Ránar mystics, like Ránar monks, practice the ancient forms of Temerad as part of their meditations. Ránar mystics automatically gain the Improved Unarmed Strike feat at 1st level. This is in addition to any granted Domain powers.

Temerad: Possibly the oldest form of unarmed combat, the ancient art of Temerad*** (the Way of Wind and Water) was first practiced by elf pilgrims and seekers of wisdom. As suggested by its name, Temerad is based on movements of natural forces and emphasizes humility and harmony with nature. A practitioner of this martial art confounds his or her opponent by moving constantly, seemingly reacting to blows even before they are struck. Temerad practitioners rarely use weapons, although Ránar monks and mystics learn to combine this style with rapier techniques to deadly effect.

*See the Dragonlance Campaign Setting for details on the Mystic class.
**The Elf, Illusion, and Moon domains are detailed in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.
***Temerad is an elven martial arts style described in Dragon #309.

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Character Index

Name: Riliarc the Seven-Helled
Age: Thirty or forty. He claims it doesn't matter, so he doesn't keep close track of it.
Gender: Male
Race: Tiefling ('loth-descended)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: About 120 pounds
Build: Thin and wiry. He seems strangely resilient for his build, though.
Skin (hair, feather, scale, or skin): Ashen, and it usually seems like small motes of darkness fall away from him when he moves. His hair seems an equal mix of black and green.
Eye Colour: Grey with red flecks. When he's angry the red will expand into veins running through the grey.
Clothing: From the waist down he's wrapped in appropriately gothic black leather. His shirt is of deep red crushed velvet, and his ensemble is augmented by a pair of cloaks - the top one seeming to be woven of shadow, and occasionally flaring out into dire wings. He has a bloodstone amulet hanging from a short chain around his neck.
Equipment: Riliarc possesses a few items that enhance his natural abilities, but these are likely of only marginal note. What would be relevant are his boots, which allow him to teleport; his mythril-forged chain, which makes him immune to critical hits and grants spell resistance; and a small stone that floats around him wickedly, suppressing his need to eat.

Riliarc the Seven-Helled is extremely gothic, embracing both his dark origins and the strange innate power that runs through him. He had been a member of the Doomguard, happy to help the multiverse towards its own inevitable destruction. Since the Faction War he's fallen in with the Planewalker's Guild, although he still at least marginally follows the tenets of his old faction. His expertise usually gets him sent on missions to retrieve dangerous items (or retrieve them from dangerous places).


Pants of the North!

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name: furt, the goblin lord of the dance
class: bard
build: average for a goblin, red eyes, dark hair, very smooth skin for a goblin
clothing: dressed like a fancy street preformer

equipment:mastercraft mandolin, eversmoking bottle, mastercraft heavy crossbow w/ frost, shock, and flame, chainmail, chime of opening

charectoristics: furt is a pretty boy bard. he is very jovial and lives to have fun. nothing seems to ever ruin his day. most people think it's wierd that he's a goblin bard, but being the prettiest goblin ever he had no choice but to become a master of bardic skills. Furt is also a master linguist as he speaks 15 differnt languges and what he doesn't speak he can understand using his bardic magic. Furt tends to get him self in trouble with creatures of the opposite sex as he is a very saucey lad. even as a wonderful looking goblin he doesn't relize that he's no elven heart throb. furt became an adventurer because he loves to see the planes and meet new people. everwhere he goes it seems there is someone there that knows him.

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Character Index

Name: steve the skeleton
Age: unkown
Height:5' 11''
speed:30 ft
base attack/grapple:+1/+2
Flat footed:12
Build: appears to be a humanoid skeleton(never really seen)with bright blue points of light where his eyes should be
Clothing: monk's outfit and a gaudy looking green mask depicting a githzerai
Abilities: str.:13,Dex.:13,Con.:-,Int.:12,wis.:11,Cha.:5
Skills:spot+2,move silently+3,concentration+1,profession(trapmaking)+3,disable device+3
Feats/special abilities:Weapon finesse(longsword,shortbow),Cleave,Dodge
Dmg. reduction 5/bldg.,undead traits,psionics,cold resistance,darkvision 60 FT.,intertial amr.,spell resistance 8 dead site(see 2 minutes into the future ramdomly)
Psionics:3/day:Daze(D.C.9),feather fall,shatter(D.C.11)
Eqiupment: +1 frost longsword,+1 composite shortbow of lighting

Charteristics:a plain looking humanoid skeleton that gets angry when called human, he was killed at his mother in laws transedence party the result simply makes him think he just transended and is still alive also he says happy transedance when revived. he has set out to find somebody that can make him "gain weight"for free an almost impossble task but he dosen't relize this and will rant for hours about how things were in the good ol days before his"transendance" and somehow manages to mention how much of a pain his family was. He also is prone to random burts of paranoia,muttering and,yelling about how annoying fey can be.he was created by a necromancer that had had a very liqiud meal. apparently saying the wrong words can result in a pseudo revival.

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Name: Foetus
Race: Elf (Moon)
Class: Mage
Age: 124
Gender: Male

Little can be said about Foetus. He was born with the eyes of a cat and raised by his father in his school of magic somewhere in Icewind Dale until he was kidnapped and brought to the UnderDark. Many things have happened since then but the main clue is that, unlike other planewalkers he does not need any key to travel through a portal when he finds it...He was not born but created by his father, Eorus of the House of Fener. An experiment that his father will not ever find out if it was successfull since he has passed away. Foetus has only traveled to Sigil from the known planes and to one more that is hardly known and the name of it is not to be spoken at large. There are the things that can be said about Foetus at present time because times are strange and suspicious...

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Character Index

Class: Psion L6 Elocater L2
Race: Modron Outcast
Height: 6'0" Weight: 500
Alignment: NN
STR:12 Speed:30
DEX:16 HP:54
CON:16 AC 29
WIS:12 Intitiative: +3

ref:9 BAB: +4
will:9 Grapple:+5

Attack: +1 holy greatsword Attack bonus +8, damage: 2d6+2, Crit: 19-20/x2

Attack: Masterworked Longbow Attack bonus +8, damage: 1d8+3, Crit: x3
Range: 100 Ammo:20

Skills: Appraise 6, Autohypnosis 3, Balance 3, Bluff 6, Climb 1, Concentration 12, Diplomacy 10, Disable Device 11, Disguise 1, Escape Artist 3, Forgery 6, Gather Information 5, Heal 1, Hide 13, Intimidate 3, Jump 0, Knowledge Psionics 11, Knowledge Planes 11, Listen 1, Move Silently 11, Open Lock 13, Psicraft 14, Search 10, Sense motive 10, Sleight of Hand 5, Spot 8, Survival 1, Use psionic Device 1, Use Rope 3

Mithral Modron Armor type:light, AC+6, Max Dex +4, Check penalty 1, Speed 30, weight 33

Masterworked buckler AC +1, Check penalty 0

Special abilities: Darkvision 120, Imunne to mind effecting spells/critical hits/subdual damage, Acid, Cold, and Fire resist 10, Scorn Earth, Sidestep Charge, Opportunistic Strike +2

Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Spring attack, Weapon Finesse- Greatsword, Karach Blade, Power penetration

Items: Bracers of armor +2, Bag of Holding type 2, gloves of Dex + 2, Eye charms (4), Yeverah's Ring of Almost Invisibility (db), Ysgardian Belt, Time's Eyepiece scope, Alchemists fire (5), Holy water (4), Traveler's Ring,
Crowbar, rations (5), hammer, Silk rope, portable ram, magnifying glass, everburning torch, small steel mirror, 10 foot pole (2), signal whistle

Languages: common, modron, celestial, fiendish, draconic, thri-kreen, gith, slaad

Wealth: 8 sp, 253 gp

Power points: 70

1st level: distract, mindtrust, Catfall, Astral Construct, bolt
2nd level: inflict pain, energy push, swarm of Crystals, Psionic repair damage
3rd level: body adjustment, energy bolt, touchsight, ectoplasmic coccon
4th level: correspond, death urge

Psicrystal Personality: hero
Hp: 26
AC: 19
Saves: Fort 6, ref 9, will 9
Abilities: str:1 dex:15 con:- int:9 wis:10 cha:10
Special qualities: alertness, improved evasion, personality, self-propulsion, share powers, sighted, telepathic link, deliver touch powers, telepathic speech, contruct traits, hardness 8

Berk's Psicrystal looks like a small topaz gear.

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Character Index

Name: Dscrates 'Blank'
Age: ?
Gender: None
Race: Vacuum Elemental, Small
Build: What build? I'm invisible!
Alignment: TN
Class: Bard 1/ Rogue 3/ Spymaster 3

Dscrates, like all other of its kind, is completely invisible. It is, however, often wearing cloaks, hats, and other kinds of apparel it finds interesting and exotic. Right now, it is wearing a long, black and white sash, a cape made of turquoise fabrics ( With a Brooch of Shielding) , several amulets (Mundane and magical, with an Amulet of Natural Armor +4), bracers (of Armor +6), and a wide-brimmed hat (Hat of Disguise). It also carries a long rapier.

Dscrates is inquisitive about the world at large. Having recently found its way into the Outer Planes, there are many things it wants to ask about. However, its lack of understanding of the concepts of good and evil leads it to be slightly naive in such acts. It has said that it's not really whether a person is good or evil, but that the ends justify the means, and that at least one person will benefit from an act. It is trying to learn how to converse in the language of Planar Trade, as well as pick up the cant. Its speech is often a slurred mix of the common tongue, and some phrases in Auran. It often tries to state its independance, but its strange appearance and lack of social skills leads it to tail people for help.

Dscrates is not very aware of its past on the plane of Vacuum. It does, however, remember learning of Auran chants.

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male tiefling
AC:23- (touch-18,flat footed-23)
Abilities:STR 17,DEX 26,CON 20,INT 13,WIS 15,CHA 16
SAVES: (Fort 9,Ref 16,Will 6), INIT:12, Speed:30, BAB-9/4, grapple-12
ATTACKS: Keen Rapier+2 atk bonus=19/9, Damage= 1d6+2, CRIT= 16-20/x2; mighty composite shortbow+1 atk bonus= 18/8, damage=1d6+3, CRIT=x3; Tiger's claws atk bonus= 11/6, damage=1d6, CRIT=18-20/x2
Skills: Balance-18,Bluff-21, Climb-12, Diplomacy-17,Disable Divice-11,Disguise-13,Escape artist-20, forgery-9,Hide-24,listen-17,move silently-22,open lock-20, search-11,sense motive-12,sleight of hand-22,spellcraft-8,spot-12,survival-9
feats: persistant attacker, weapon finesse(rapier), improved init., Skill focus(diplomacy),Skill focus(bluff) Special abilities:Sneak atk+6d6, evasion and improved evation,Uncanny dodge, Improved Uncanny dodge, Trap sense +4, Trap finding, Darkness 1/day,darkvision 60ft., cold-fire-electricity resistance 5.
Languages:common,fiendish, modron, ignan, planar trade
Plane of origin:material (Toril), Capasity chart, light=86,medium=87-173,heavy=174-260, over head=260,lift off ground=520, push=1040

possesions: Pack,sunrodx4, block+tackle,bedroll,masterwork thieves tools, ink+pen, parchmentx10, fine wine-4 bottles,necklace of adaptation, scroll case w/ drawn maps of sigil and outlands, blue royal outfit, theatrical mask of horror, keen rapier+2, tiger's claws, mighty composite shortbow+1, padded armor+4.
Blackthornes was found in the woods of the silver marches by the uthgard tribe of the red tiger, and was rased in the camps, when he was old enough, he left to become a rogue and thief, and eventually found his way to amn. His occupation boomed, and he was called the masked thief. He had no real problems, until he got into a brush with the athkutla guards, as he was running into the theatre house with the mask of horror on, he entered one of the closets, and the mask opened a portal to the outlands, were he currently resides.
Appearance: Blackthornes is short, with long black hair and yellow eyes, he has very small white horns atop his head, and is always wearing his old blue outfit.

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Modron Warlock L2
Alignment: LN

STR: 13/1
DEX: 17/3
CON: 14/2
INT: 15/2
WIS: 13/1
CHA: 16/3


AC: 17 (3 dex, 4 natural)
Touch: 13 Flat footed: 14

INI: 3

Speed: 30

Fort: 2 Ref: 3 Will: 3

BAB: 1 Grapple: 2

Eldritch Blast: +5 (+6 within 30 feet, +5 within 10 ft) attack, 1d6 (+1 within 30 feet) Crit 20/ x2 Range 250

Morningstar: +2 attack, 1d8+1 crushing damage, crit 20 x2

Skills: Concentration (7), Knowledge Arcana (5), Knowledge Planes (4), Spellcraft (7), Use magic device (8 )

point blank shot

Special abilities: Invocations, Detect magic at will, Acid/cold/fire resist 10

Entropic warding: all ranged attacks that require an attack roll have a 20% miss chance, leave no trial, cannot be tracked by scent

Eldritch Spear: range for blast becomes 250 feet

Languages: Modron, common, infernal, celestial

now with item upgrades!

Dex gloves +2
Scope of the Horizon

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Character Index

Ophelia Whispers

Age: 175 years
Gender: Female
Race (human, fiend type, celestial, etc): Elf (moon)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100 lb.s
Build: Medium humanoid (thin)
Skin (hair, feather, scale, or skin)
Color(s): Skin:chalk white Hair:white
Eye Color(s): Black
Clothing: Dark Green leather armour
Accessories (catch all): has dark green braids in her hair
Special Effects (if any): Well, she IS a Druid.

Special powers or abilities, etc:

Ophelia Whispers is a Druid, and has all the powers that go along with that. She is very loosely affiliated with the Xaositects. She carries a scimitar with a permanent ironwood spell cast upon it. The scimitar also has one daylight and one seering light spell held within it per day, but must be recharged for one hour during the day.


When Ophelia was just a youngster (about50 years old) she was attacked by a Death Dog, and it ripped open her larynx. The healers in her camp did all they could to heal her, but to this day she still whispers.

At her birth rite her parents named her Ophelia Whispers. Ophelia after her great grandmother and whispers because that is all she can do (she can scream but to great expense to her voice).

She was always a curious child and that never left her as an adult. When she was about 125 years old (she had been living a normal nomadic Druidic life thus far) she came upon a huge gnarled tree. It had a gaping maw of an opening at the base of it about 6 feet high. She decided to go and take a look through, and as she walked through, unbeknownst to her, she stepped through a portal that led to Sigil.

It was the Xaositects that first brought her into their “Hive” within the Hive Ward of Sigil. She seemed to one of the members, sometimes named Girgerel, to have just experienced the ultimate meaning of chaos through her journey to Sigil. He was fascinated by her and her odd ways. He kept her under his care until she knew the city well enough to fend on her own. So, she became a guide for those clueless in Sigil. For the outsiders that were there for specific purposes. And she was a good guide at that. She knew the city and made many a friend there.

Many people know her there as she has been there for about 50 years now. Guiding people here and there. Never helping the Harmoniums, the Mercykillers, or the Fraternity of Order, because of her strong ties to the Xaositects. They (the Xaositects), still allow her in their “Hive”, but because of the nature of the Xaositects she can never get a hang of the place. It is always changing, structure and people. Her good friend Girgerel is now in his 70’s. But he always has an open door, or window, or opening of some sort, to his home for her. She visits him often, and knows she has only a little time left with him. After that, she will have to wait and see if she will meet him on the other side.

She has a little house in the Hive Ward of Sigil, near the Xaositects “Hive”. She keeps all of her cumbersome things there and carries only what she needs on a day to day basis.

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Character Index

Rishhad claze
monk level three

STR:17 H.P.:30
DEX:24 A.C.:24 touch:23 FF:17
CON:14 iniative:+11
BAB:+2 grapple+9
skills:+11 balance,+7 climb,+7 climb,+8 diplomacy,+9 escape artist,+11 hide,+9 jump, +13 jump
feats:combat expertise,improved iniative,two weapon fighting,eye for injustice
special abilities:dark vision 60',psionics,inertial armor,evasion,stillmind
equipment: one +1 handaxe,one +1 sai of wounding,ten feet of silk rope,standard lantern a copy of the sigil municipal code,gate compass,
shadow sight goggles

rishhad emigrated to sigil in his youth yearning for a life that held more structure and free of the strangeness of limbo not to long after this he was recruited by the mercykillers.they taught him the ways of martial and hand to hand combat and instilled in him a pride for the laws of sigil which he uses as the basis for his lifestyle.he currently lives in the barracks located in the clerk's ward refusing to live in a house that is not up to every single code in the sigil mun.He also has a strange and abgect hate for all aberations claiming that they are all as twisted and evil as the illithids that enlaved the gith so long ago.though strange and for the most obtuse and blunt in his mannerisms rishhad is loyal to his allies and will aid them no matter what the cost may be(save for breaking the law).

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well, everyone else is doing it...

Name: None given
Age: Appears around 20
Height: 5'7"

This tiefling seems very childlike in action, if not appearance. She has a glittering in her violet eyes, and a spring in her haphazard step. Her hair is long, a dark black that seems red in the sun. It flows freely, sometimes tangled, sometimes well managed to to point of suspicion. Two straight horns extend from behind her hairline, dark and pointed. She also has a short and stubby tail, only about 6 inches long. All over the left side of her body, from neck to toe, (and stopping at the wrist) are wave-like tattoos done in black ink.

She wears a collar made of many metal rings, extending from chin to collarbone. For a shirt she has a black tank top of sorts, only long enough to cover what her mother told her to. Her skirt is made of old belts, and not very many of them. Her net stockings are held up by garters and she wears a pair of nice looking boots. She wears 3 sets of pipes and a morningstar in one of her belts. Over all of this she has trinkets, shiny paper, assorted rings or bracelets, whistles and sometimes fishhooks.

Even though she dresses a bit strange, there's almost an otherworldly beauty around her. She's always seen with her sister Charolette, who strangely enough, is an elf.

History (summary):
She grew up in the Hive of the Hive with her mother who was somewhere between a tiefling and an Alu-fiend. Her mother was large and instead of arms, had large pincerlike claws. They served her well in her role as bodyguard for the Hive itself. The girl though, was touched in a much more minor way, and grew up to be gorgeous. Her mother called her "Guh" but that was never enough of a name for her.

She learned to play the pipes for her mother, who would always fall asleep with any music. In an unfortunate accident, Her magic manifested in a blaze that burned down her house with her mother inside. She then took up residence with rats and began her life as a Tout. She would only take clients to the Hive Ward and show them all the places that were her. Life as a Tout wasn't very good. One day though, She stumbled across someone new to the Hive, someone crying and sad. She played her pipes for this someone new and found her twin Charolette. After cheering Charolette up, She vowed to never leave her side.

For the most part, She lets Charolette give her names now, instead of picking words that she likes.

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Character Index

Bruce Maxson
Hexblade 3, Psychic warrior 2
Race: Elan
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 32 years as human, 145 as an Elan

HP: 51
AC: 18: 4 chain shirt, 1 gronkskin cloak, 3 dex
Speed: 30
Initiative: 3

Abilities: STR: 14/2 DEX: 16/3 CON: 13/1 INT: 15/2 WIS: 17/3 CHA: 16/3

Saving throws: FORT: 5 REF: 4 WILL: 8

BAB/Grapple: 4/6


Spiked gauntlet: +6 [1d4+2] x2 crit [Casts produce flame at will]

Force rod: - [2 Reign of Anger missiles (1d4+2 each) per round]

Skills: Autohypnosis +9, Climb +8, Concentration +4, Diplomacy +9, Intimidate +7, Jump +7, Search +7

Feats: Iron Will, Ignore Reality, Up the Walls, Mental Leap

Special abilities: Hexblade curse (DC 14), Arcane resistance, Mettle, Resistance, Resilience, Repletion

Backpack, 100 ft silk rope, grappling hook, flask, 8 rations, Tanglefoot bag, 2 Thunderstones, Climbers kit, Feather token (anchor), 2 potions of jump, Potion of endure elements, 3 clot charms, Mechanus Eye.

Currency: 35 gp

Languages: common, Elven, Draconic

Power points: 6
Powers: Catfall, Biofeedback


Bruce Maxson was born human, a blue eyed, blonde hair baby boy. During his career as a mercenary, working aboard a Spelljamming vessel, he traveled the crystal spheres. He always heard talk of the Outer Planes, but never visited them.
Then, one day, the ship he was on found a derelict Illithid vessel. Cautious, but intent on the profit of salvage, the crew boarded the ship. Everything seemed all right, until it was discovered the ship wasn’t quite deserted. In the ensuing battle, Bruce was hit in the face by a vial of acid. Blind in one eye and in pain, he fled the battle into the bowels of the ship, where he found some… thing. A giant crystal in the hold of the ship. He was quickly found by the Illithids, and tried to flee. He was hit by a burst of energy and flung backward… Into the crystal. After that, his memory becomes very… hazy. He remembers pain, and a bright blue light.
He woke up in the Gatehouse some time later. It was there he Learned of his unexplained transformation into an Elan. Apparently, he had turned up in Sigil over a hundred years ago, crazy as a loon. He was picked up and dropped in the Gatehouse to be cured. Whatever caused his insanity, the couldn’t do anything about it. In fact, he was as crazy as every right up until the morning he woke up and asked where he was.
Learning that he had lost his humanity, and that all of his loved ones have, very likely, grown own and died was a bit of a shock to him. After a few weeks, he joined the Bleak Cabal, as has lived there for 30 years.
But recently, he has grown bored with the Gatehouse, and has left its walls to join the mercenary life again. He’s found he’s even more suited for it then ever, and has found that battle seems to be the one time that he forgets himself, and feels like the warrior he once was.
But his change has cost him heavily. The acid wound that hit him never fully healed. The whole right side of his face is a horrific sight, looking as if several layers of skin have been removed. Veins can clearly be seen through what little skin is left. And his right eye has been burnt away. He has since replaced it with a Mechanus Eye.
As it is, he wraps cloth around his face in such a way as to resemble a burn victim. Only his eyes can be seen, one a brass orb with a glowing red pupil, the other a vibrant blue.

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Character Index

Ok this is a little long and in some places on the character sheet part, confusing... but Bob has gotten the "nice" copy of this and has approved it. Oh yeah, and she is a cartographer of Sigil and it's many portals :shock: . I know, I know.. it is supposed to be funny haha! Laughing out loud

Also the background and the character sheet are ALL OOC knowledge to everyone BUT PB's no cheating with any of it...or..or, I'll get my ruler out, and start cracking knuckles!

Charlotte Sometimes


Charlotte is sitting at the table with a sharp look to her eye and a
quick wit. Her hair flies wildly around as the door opens. Her hair is
waist-length, auburn, curly, with three small braids running from the
top of her head to the back of her hair, meeting and then falling down
her back to her waist. Her eyes are grey, her skin is fair, and she is
a Planar Elf, about 5'4".

Her dress is such that she could be easily lost in a crowd or a group
of shadows just as easily. She wears leather armor that is mainly dark
blue. There are also black runes on it from every plane known to a
well travelled person of Sigil. From far away it would look like just
some sort of strange camoflauge, but up close you can tell that they are
runes and only a very knowing person would know where each was from.
There seem to still be room on her legs for more runes, but hey, she
can't of travelled all of the multiverse in this one lifetime, right? Her
boots are black with dark blue buckles.

Her features are sharp but womanly. Her eyes at any given time look
either sharp as a hawk's or distant and cloudy. You never know what you
are going to get when you run into her, but tonight it seems as though
the hawk prevailed over the clouds. Her mouth is full and her nose is
very straight, apon which a pair of spectacles sit. Though if you've
known her long enough you would know that she doesn't need them to see.
No one really knows why she wears the spectacles, just that she does.

She is a Xaosetect and lives in the Xaosetect Hive. Most of the
regulars and residents of Sigil know of her affiliation with the Xaosetects,
she really doesn't mind.

Her voice is usually (like tonight) clear and well spoken, though she
sometimes will speak, and you find that what she said didn't make sense
to you then, but it did later.

Character Sheet:


Class: Rogue Level:5 Race: Planar Elf Alignment: C/N
Size: med Age:155yrs Height:5’3” Wt:110#s
Eyes: grey Hair: Auburn Skin: fair Deity: Mask(doesn’t make this known)

STR:16 / DEX19(w/gloves of dex) / CON:16 / INT:18 / WIS:14 / CHA:15

HP:40 AC:18/touch:15/FF:14 Initiative:3 FORT:4 / REF:7 / WILL:3

BAB: +3 / GRAPPLE: +6


Rapier 7 D6+4 18x2 MW+1 P/S

Mace 6 D6+3 20x2 Light B

CrossBow 7 D8 19x2 Light P/80’

*5 Daggers 7 D4 19x2 throwing P/10’

**2 Daggers 6 D4 20x3 punching P/S

* hidden in various parts of her clothing, like boots, etc.
** hidden in her sleeves

SKILLS(Type: total=mod+ranks+misc. mod)
Appraise: 8=4+4 Blance: 4=4+0 Bluff: 12=2+8+2 Climb: 3=3+0

Craft(cartographer): 4=4+0 Decipher Script: 4=4+0

Diplomacy: 6=2+4 Disable Device: 4=4+0 Disguise:4=2+0+2

Escape Artist: 8=4+4 Forgery: 4=4+0 Gather Info: 10=2+8 Hide: 12=4+8

Intimidate: 8=2+4+2 Jump: 3=3+0 Knowledge (local-Sigil): 4=4+0

Listen: 10=2+8 Move Sil.:10=2+8 Open Lock: 7=3+4 Perform(dance):2=2+0

Profession(cartographer): 2=2+0 Search: 12=4+8 Sense Mot.: 10=2+8

Sleight of Hand:4=4+0 Spot: 10=2+8 Swim: 3=3+0

Tumble: 4=4+0 Use Mag. Device: 10=2+8 Use Rope: 8=4+4


Armor: Studded (dark blue with different runes all over it that say “chaos”)
+3AC light armor max dex+5

Gloves of DEX: +2AC & to DEX

Ring of Protection: +1AC


Persuasive & Dodge


Sneak attack (3D6) & Evasion & Uncanny dodge


Common, Elven, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Draconic


She grew up as a planar elf in Sigil. She grew up with a normal mother and father. They weren’t barmy or shady or anything. They owned a goods shop, and she grew up around Planewalkers, coming and going. One day a Planewalker that had come in a few times before took a liking to her. She was about 125 years old at the time. And the Planewalker was about 180 years old and his name was Mikel. He was a planar elf as well. He took a liking to her curiosity, and capriciousness. He was a rogue, and Mikel started to teach her the trade of becoming a rogue.

Her parents didn’t mind because he was taking up her time instead of her hanging out with the Xaositects. Mikel was giving her a goal and her parents were ex-planewalkers themselves, so they let her go on with her training. She studied with him off and on for about 10 years, until she became comfortable and good enough to start going on planar adventures of her own. Over the time she kept secretly hanging out with the Xaositects, and became a good friend to Ianekel, a local Xaositect mage.

When she was about 150 years old, she was back in Sigil again and visiting her old friend Inaekel, who unbeknownst to her had a surprise up his sleeve. He had enchanted a pair of spectacles. He thought, Hey, she’s been around us enough, maybe this will show her our ways with a little more insight. So trusting him she tried them on, and bam! Her vision got blurry, her head hurt and she felt nocuous. She immediately took them off. Breathing hard she looked at Ianekel and slapped him and walked out with him laughing.

She immediately went home to her parents, since she wasn’t, until then, in Sigil enough to get a home there. She sat on her bed breathing hard. Her mother came to her door but Charlotte just sent her away with a lie that she was just feeling sick, when in fact she was feeling more than sick. Her head was spinning. What had Ianelek done to those spectacles? she thought. She lay down and fell asleep.

While she slept she dreamt of nothingness, like the Void. Nothingness so bleak that nothing seemed able to penetrate it. Then came a light, miniscule at first. It slowly became larger and larger. When it was about the size of a copper she could see swirling lights dancing this way and that. Colors interspersed with blackness, and then suddenly color again. The dance of light, lack of light and color was not rhythmical, she noticed as the shape grew larger. And the shape wasn’t a shape she had ever seen before, and it kept changing and changing, from this shape to that shape. Then there were the noises. It almost sounded like someone talking, and then whispering then screaming, all in gibberish. She heard horns and violins and pianos and singing and then…. Silence…. All at the same time. When it became about as large as an elf’s head, she reached out to feel it. It felt like nothing she had ever known before. It was smooth and bumpy and curving and rigidly square with, what was that? She thought. It was right angles and 45 degree angles and suddenly all degree angles, all at the same time. It was furry and soft and hard and prickly as a pine cone from Toril. All these noises and feelings and colors were happening at the same time. She felt she couldn’t handle it anymore, and then suddenly she was caught within it. Within all the colors and sounds and feelings. She felt as if she was going barmy. Then she became the colors and feelings and sounds. She was realizing that there was no sense to make of it, no sense at all. Just as she realized that her thoughts became a part of all of it, and she lost herself into pure chaos. Then out of everywhere and nowhere inspiration hit home and she was again herself, looking at the strange “thing”, for lack of a better word. Then as suddenly as it was there it disappeared. With a resounding “Pop!”

The rest of her dreams were a little more normal. She dreamt of a spinning world where things were not as they seemed. The world was filled with chaos. Every event that had ever taken place in her life, she saw chaos as the progenitor. It was all whirling by too fast.

She awoke in a sweat. She didn’t realize it yet, but her viewpoint from now on was permanently changed.

She got up and took a bath. As she bathed, the water began to swirl, becoming an inferno only to turn into wispy air transforming into a celestial, which morphed into fiend only to descend and kiss her. Followed by screams and faces in the water rising, falling, bubbling only for the noise to rise to a high sharp crescendo with a huge clang and then a haunting silence. Blood trickled down her ears, turning into butterflies and moths that came to the center and begin to melt together into a shimmering orb of light. The orb then started to fluctuate, with water swelling all around it. Nay all of existence was swirling around it all except Charlotte. The Orb started to reassemble portions of various forms from different faces. Eyes, noses, mouths, brows, scars; all of people she knew. The random shapes morph into her face and everything abruptly came to a screeching halt.

Then a low hum vibrated around her. It was the orb singing;

"I once was lost,
But now I am found,
I was blind,
But now I see...."

It screamed the last few words. Literally cracking reality as if it was a pane of glass. The pieces shattered into an endless night and fell, only for her to wake up naked, gasping for breath in her tub.

She then realized that there was no reason for her to take a bath other than she was sweating, and she was sweating from a dream? She realized dreams were inspired, and inspiration came from chaos. So she was taking a bath because chaos had provoked her to.

This though followed her throughout her day. Ad nosium. She was getting sick of how everything was no longer simple, it was all screwed up. Or so I think, she thought.

Over the next week she got used to it, and started to realize that it wasn’t all screwed up. It was starting to make sense in the way that it didn’t make sense. It was all jumbled. She was still pissed at Ianalek, so she wasn’t about to go ask him what he did to her. How could he! she fumed.

That night she came home to her parents and the front door was open. It was nighttime, and after hours. She went worriedly inside. And found to her disbelief that her very own mother was dead, her body bloodied, and ripped from a dagger. And above her mother was her father, sweating and bloodied. He tried at first to deny that he had anything to do with it. That he had just walked in and found her this way, just as Charlotte had. Then he began to sob, and confess, that he knew her mother was plotting against him. That it was either her or him. That he had no choice. She ran and immediately rang to town bell. The Coppers arrived just in time. They took him away for the Guvners to take care of. The Coppers had left after looking over the crime scene, and her mother had been taken away. She cried and cleaned up the room. It was a very sad time for her.

After a few months of mourning, she sold the once prosperous shop. She took that money and bought herself a place in the Hive. Eventually she went back to Ianelek. She was angry, angry from whatever he had done to her and angry that her mother was dead and who knew what was going to happen to her father. She stormed into his room through the window, which was what he was using as a doorway for now. She screamed at him, until she lost her voice. And then she sat down sobbing. He came over and comforted her.

“I heard what happened to your parents,” he said.

“I am not surprised,” she sobbed back.

“Now why do you think all that happened?” he asked.

“Because my dad went barmy,” she replied.

“And why do you think that happened?” he asked.

“I DON’T KNOW!” she hollered back.

He let her cry a little more. Then he very softly said “Exactly”.

She then started to understand. It was chaos that had inspired her father to go mad. There was no other explanation. That was all she could wrap her mind around.

“Chaos,” she whispered.

Ianelek nodded quietly.

“Do you see why I put an impermanent Suggestion spell on the spectacles? The spell was only temporary. The rest was your doing,” he said.

She nodded back, and stopped crying. It was all beginning to make sense now. It all made sense. Everything. From her birth to this moment.

“Can I join the Hive?” she asked.

“Of course, we already have a room ready for you,” he answered.

She moved in and sold her place in the Hive Ward and moved into the Xaositect’s Hive. From then on she knew herself to be a Xaositect. She became more confidant in herself. Not very barmy, at least that is what she thought. She was even able to go on adventures now and again. Though as to what her traveling companions thought of her, who knows?

While in the Hive she was very sad... and she met a tiefer who cheered her up by playing her pipes. She and the tiefer became great friends, and began calling each other "twin" and "sister". Charlotte would give the tiefer a different name everytime she introduced her, and sometimes everytime she spoke with her... but the tiefer seemed to like it, that someone cared enough not just to give her a name, but a different name most everytime they spoke to each other. Charlotte loves her sister very much, and is, in some cases, almost over protective of her. They are all each other has got in the whole world of planes and Sigil and primes... not to mention all the things beyond their knowledge at this time.


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Character Index

Copied and pasted from my PM to Bob because I'm lazy like that....

Neui 'Summitfinder' Thalenamake (known to most as Summitfinder)
Male goliath. Ranger 3/Barbarian 1 XP: tbc Al: CG

Str: 20 Dex: 16 Con: 17 Int: 14 Wis: 14 Cha: 13

HP: 40 BAB: +4 AC: 14 Fort: +8 Ref: +6 Will: +5
Lang: Common, Gol-Kaa, Dwarven, Giant, Planar Common

Special: Powerful Build, Mountain movement, Acclimated, Favoured Enemy (Giants), Wild Empathy, Fast Movement (base speed 40 feet), Rage 1/day, Archer style.

Skills (ranks/overall adjustment, those useable untrained but no ranks or modifiers not listed): Sense Motive: 0/+4, Climb: 6/+13 (includes kit), Hide: 5/+8, Heal: 5/+9 (includes kit), Jump: 6/+11, Knowledge (nature): 2/+6, Survival: 6/+8, Move Silently: 6/+9, Listen: 5/+7, Spot: 3/+5, Swim: 3/+8, Intimidate: 4/+5, Speak Language (planar common): 1, Use Rope: 1/+4

Feats: Track, Iron Will, Rapid Shot, Endurance, Auspicious Markings.

Gold: 58gp

Equipment: Heward's Handy Haversack, containing 100ft silk rope, 100ft hempen rope, 4 days trail rations, 3 waterskins, healer's kit, climber's kit, whetstone, 10 fishhooks, 25ft fishing net, bedroll, 4 flasks Holy Water, 2 potions Cure Moderate Wounds, 90 sling bullets
Quiver of Ehlonna, containing Composite (+5 Str bonus) longbow, 60 arrows, 10 javelins, 2 longspears.
Worn/carried: +1 large longsword, Bracers of Armour +1, sling, 10 sling bullets, large heavy mace, 2 belt pouches.
Total usual weight carried, 38lb. Very light load.

Description: Grew up on a prime world, and took his first two (three?) levels there. Was one of his tribes better climbers and hunters. When hunting in the peaks on his own one day, he unwittingly went through a portal, and found himself in the Great Bazaar. A passing Sensate, seeing a creature he'd never met before, spoke to him (magic), and over the course of the next couple of days, Summitfinder came to understand what had happened to him. As the only words he knew for his homeworld translate pretty much as 'Home' or 'The World', it's basically impossible to tell which prime world he originated from, therefore more or less impossible for him to return there. He learnt Planar Common, and has been earning a living as a mercenary. He has no faction affiliations, but has a leaning towards the Sensates, though he likes what he has heard about the Wylders as well. He is basically making the best of a bad situation. Tends to have a lighthearted view on life, makes little bets and competitions with himself frequently, and others only slightly less often. Not a natural leader, but expects leaders to be good at what they are doing, or to appoint someone else. In a group, expects everyone else to pull their weight, sees shirkers as being generally worthless. Uses little cant, and what cant he does use, he often gets wrong.

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Character Index

Name: Rik “Antippir” Deffirra
Race: Human
Class: Wizard/Rogue
Level: 3/2
Alignment: NG
Age: 42
Plane of Origin: Prime Material
Gender: Male
Strength: 13
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 11
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 192 lb.
Faction: Athar
HP: 28
Initiative: +2
Fort: +3
Ref: +6
Will: +2
Base Attack Bonus: +2
Concentration: 10
Spellcraft: 11
Sense Motive: 7
Sleight of Hand: 10
Spot: 7
Search: 11
Diplomacy: 8
Move Silently: 10
Tumble: 10
Gather Information: 8
Listen: 0
Feats and Abilities:
Sneak Attack 1d6
Summon Familiar
Scribe Scroll
Practiced Spellcaster
Combat Reflexes
Expert Tactician
0th level:
Acid Splash
Detect Poison
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Dancing Lights
Ray of Frost
Ghost Sound
Disrupt Undead
Touch of Fatigue
Mage Hand
Arcane Mark
1st level:
Charm Person
Tenser’s Floating Disc
Undetectable Alignment
Mage Armor
Comprehend Languages
Magic Missile
Expeditious Retreat
Feather Fall
2nd level:
Detect Thoughts
Mirror Image
Rope Trick
Spells per Day:
0th: 4
1st: 3
2nd: 2
Kord (MW Shortsword): this sword was forged by a cleric of Kord on the Prime Material plane, it has since lost all its magical power, but Rik still keeps it and has named it Kord, as a joke about the god of strength.
Quiver with 20 Arrows
Traveler’s outfit
2 Waterskins
Spellbook: this old tome was a parting gift from Rik’s mentor, Lucas, a mage from a small town on the Prime Material plane, now gone for more then 20 years. May he rest in peace (and may the gods leave him be).
4 trail Rations
A pack of Bandages
Belt pouch with 87gp, 50sp and 9cp
Spell component pouch
A scroll case with some blank paper inside
50ft. of Hempen Rope
Flint and Steel
Vail of ink
Iron pot
Wand of Magic Missile (9th)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Unguent of Timelessness
Quaal’s Feather Token of Swan Boat
Background and Story:
Rik was born in a town called ferreton on the prime material. He was brought up by his two hardworking parents alongside his sister. Rik was trained in the magical arts by an old wizard named Lucas who lived not far away from his home town. After his mentor’s death Rik has started his adventuring career, he wouldn’t call himself an adventurer at the time. Over time Rik became an experienced traveler, going back and forth over the mountains form his home to the neighboring region’s capital. The first time Rik crossed a planar boundary was 4 years after his Lucas’ death, he was 24 at the time and that was the last time he has ever seen his parents or sister. Rik has found a powerful spellcaster’s hideout in the mountains, seeing that the mage was not home Rik decided to take a peek at the scrolls and spellbooks inside. At first he thought he was merely teleported outside of the hideout, but taking a look at the sky revealed the truth. Rik has since set kip in bytopia for almost ten years, until he met a group of adventuring Athar. Rik joined those Athar on their travels through the outer planes (the Outlands, Ysgard, Carceri and Elysium). Rik has learned much about the planes from that group of adventurers and they have also taught him the philosophy of their faction. Rik has now returned to Bytopia after his adventure and continues to live there to this day.
Rik is a good willed man, he usually has a joke to tell about almost any situation and will attempt to help anyone in his close vicinity. Although a friendly man, Rik does not usually have close friends nor does he keep the same company for long (from this his nickname Antippir). Rik is an Athar, he despises the gods, but that is not to say he could not be on good terms with a believer (unless he is of an evil deity). The last 5 years of Rik’s life were spent on searching for a way to contact his family on the prime material, but he had no success as of yet. Rik has heard much of a city named sigil, but has never visited the place.
Although pretty old by human standards, Rik seems to have left some of his years back on the prime. He likes to eat, as can be seen on him, and usually plays with a stick between his fingers when idle. Rik never wears any sort of jewelry or bright clothes but the clothes he has he keeps in good condition. Rik does not care to cut his hair or shave too often.

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Character Index

Age: The exact age is unknown. Over 1000, under 2000.
Gender: Male
Race: Guardinal ~ Leonal
Class: Monk 14
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 210 lbs
Build: Thickset musculature yet extremely quick and dexterous for his bulk.
Skin: Thin, very packed fur. Mane of slightly darker brown hair with numerous braids worked in.
Color(s): Fur = golden.
Eye Color(s): Dark blue.
Clothing: Simple gray pants extending to just above the knee, belted with a thick, enameled brown leather belt at the waist.

Maul of the Titans
Necklace of Adaptation
Bracers of Armor + 6
Ring of Planeshift
Token of Elysium

STR: 27
DEX 17
CON 20
INT 14
WIS 15
CHA 15

Balance + 22
Concentration + 12
Diplomacy +4
Hide + 22
Intimidate +10
Jump +35
Knowledge(any) +17
Listen +17
Move Silently +22
Sense Motive +17
Spot +17
Survival +17

Special Abilities:

Damage reduction 10/evil and abyssal
Darkvision 60 ft.
Immunity to electricity and petrification
Lay on hands
Low-light vision
Protective Aura
resistance to cold 10 and sonic 10
Speak with animals
Spell resistance 28

Fortitude +13 (+17 against poison)
Reflex +11
Will +10

Armor Class: Armor class 27 (+3 DEX, +14 natural, +6 Bracers of Armor +6)

Initiative +3

HP 115

History: ~ To come later~

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Character Index

Lothem of Trathia
Age: 48
Gender: male
Race: Prime-Human, Elorian
Height: 5`5”
Weight: 477lbs
Build: heavy (hugely, grotesquely fat)
Skin: an unhealthy black-greyish tinged
Eye Color: slow black
Clothing: Usually only a terribly sweat stained but well kept white toga-like article and sandals under a similiarly sweat stained white set of thick woolen robes, complete with fetishes and fetch objects, trinkets and baubles and other assorted such “junk”
Description: Lothem of Trathia (pronounced: LOT hem) is a terribly fat, grotesqueture of a man with a greying fringe of kinky hair kept cut close to his mostly bald head like a diseased laurel wreath. He perpetually stinks of sour sweat and a certain other bodily something that is indescribable, but more than vaguely offensive. His robes and the toga-like under garment aren’t sweat stained with days of staining, as he is fastidious about their appearance, he is simply able to sweat them ugly in hours irregardless of his efforts otherwise. His teeth are crooked, snaggled in places and uneven, his eyes like two dark pearls in his fat, unhealthily grey skinned, doughy face and he’s perpetually plagued with such serious acne that he appears diseased by it. (If you are familiar with it, think Baron Harkonnen from the original Dune movie, but without the suspensors, in the clothing described and make him African). The assortment of fetishes, fetches, charms and geegaws he wears look like superstious junk-wear.
Powers and/or Abilities: It is rumored that Lothem is able to move like a cat, with grace belying his size, when he wishes, although usually he waddles about with a distinct lack of grace. When wishes, Lothem can be tremendously intimidating. This is unusual though and the “feeling”, besides revulsion, most often associated with Lothem is amusement at the fat old mans bumblings.
History: This first part could only be found after extensive digging into his background-->On one of the many Crystal Spheres of the group of them refered to as the Triat of Triats, on a minor continent, in a minor countries frontier province, a village butcher succumbed to the temptations of vile evil and began preying on young women from the surrounding villages and thorps, then slaughtering them out to destroy the evidence, selling the sausages thus produced far and wide. The man may have been evil, but he was certainly a skilled butcher.

When it came out, the butcher was put to death by the outraged villagers and the mans family was run out of the province, penniless and hectored, including his youngest daughter, who was pregnant and rumored to be carrying a vile bastard.

Certainly, the child she bore three months later was indeed a bastard. As to who his father was...

From here on out, the following might well be information gatherable with some difficulty, but it's, none of it, hidden consciously. ---> Lothem was raised in squalor in the ghettoes of Trathia, the small southern city of the small realm in which his family’s infamy doomed him to perpetual disdain. He was a short boy, but hugely fat from an early age as his mother fed him to the point of obscenity, perhaps in some strange penance, nearly starving herself to afford it. As he grew this compounded the dislike, even deep disgust that people held for his mother and himself. It did not escape the lightning quick, monkey agile mind of the grotesque Lothem. Still, Lothem played it off, acting as though he didn’t understand snide remarks and even outright rudeness and always acting happy, and gentile towards all. But he did show one sign that the wise understood...he ate incessantly.

When Lothem turned ten years old he already outwieghed most of the men in Trathia and by the time he was an adult he was the fatest man in all the southern lands; but even more than for this, he became known for his agile and brilliant mind and his uncanny memory. Some few knew too how strnuosly he trained himself to be supple and agile of body. His many years of training left him uncannily dextrious, especially for so huge a man. Too, Lothem is a powerful man, and while he appears unhealthy, it is not so. He was accepted into, despite his ungainly look, the famed Trathian Monestary, a thing that confused many.

Over the years Lothem undertook other studies, becoming a known and respected (if secretly reviled and dis-trusted) Wizard as well, but his familial infamy followed him and he was accused of dark Necromancy and ultimately he left Trathia rather than face the constant persecutions. His life as an adventurer so began and he gained a further reputation on his home world so.

Little else is known of Lothem’s past, other than that he travelled much, paired with many a stalwart band of champions, but was always, but once, the only survivor of these bands. The one exception was the band that he accompanied to Sigil, staying when they left.

That was a short number of weeks ago and he is still striving to find his feet, as it were, in the City of Doors, but he is already garner notice even in Sigil for his bizzare appearance, not yet for his undeniable brilliance and drive.

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Character Index


Age - 55
Gender - Male
Race - Human (Barbaric in Size)
Height - 7"2'
Weight - ~300
Build - He is chocked full of muscle, like a body builder
Skin - Tanned
Eye Color - The pupils are the flames of utmost love and determination for his goddess
Hair (and color) - White, in a topknot that goes to the bottom of his neck
Armor - It is full plate mail, in a beautiful ruby red, lined in purest gold. His cloak looks as if made of real ruby, though the tailor was asked to do so.
Weapon(s) - A huge sword, that looks more ornate than elven made items, and spiked gauntlets for punching
Special Effects - Has a strong affinity for fire, which makes his fire magic very strong. He also has a lot of strength

He has powerful magics, but he never uses them, except in the face of something more powerful than him in strength. In this strange new land, he knows no one, so he has no true friends...yet.

As a boy, he lived in the cold mountains on his world, and he hated it with a passion. So, when he came of age, he moved into warmor climate, and found homage with Paladins of a Fire Goddess, who he now worships t this day. He never says her name, for he does not know it, and those who do speak it are said to burn on the spot, to ashes. As a fire paladin, he has strong ties to fire, and this is almost impervious to it's effects. But, at such a price, cold based creatures, magic, or objects are his very bane. Level cannot be given at this point, perhaps a suggestion would help.

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Character Index

Tehv' rin Tu' arnak

Dread Necromancer* 8
male Githyanki
height: 6' 2"
HP: 58
AC:19- (touch-14,flat footed-16)
Abilities:STR 12,DEX 16,CON 18,INT 12,WIS 10,CHA 20
SAVES: (Fort 6,Ref 5,Will 6), INIT:3, Speed:30, BAB-4, grapple-5
ATTACKS:+1 unholy Battleaxe atk bonus=+6, Damage= 1d8+2, CRIT= x3(+2d6 damage against good aligned characters.)
Skills: Bluff-11, Decipher Script-4, Hide-9, Intimidate-12, Knowledge(arcana)-5, knowledge(religon)-5,
Feats: Bane Magic (humans)*, Willing Deformity*, Mother cyst^
Racial Abilities: Darkvision 60ft., Power resistance: 13, Red dragon pact: +4 racial bonus on diplomacy checks against red dragons
Psionics: psionic daze 3/day, conceling amorpha 3/day, psionic demension door 3/day
Class abilities:* Charnel touch, rebuke undead, lich body DR 4/ Bludgeoning and magic, negative energy burst 2/day, advanced learning x2, Fear aura, Scabrous Touch 1/day, summon familiar, undead mastery, martial weapon proficency(battle axe)
Languages: Githyanki, planar trade, draconic
Plane of origin: Astral

possesions: a backpack, Spell component pouch x10, 10 pieces of parchment, 2 ink vials, an ink pen, 1 stick of chalk, a +1 chain shirt, a +1 Unholy battleaxe, Cloak of Charisma +2, Bracers of Armor +5.

A Dead Necromancer uses spells like a sorceror, though he doesn't get to choose his spells known, below is a list of known spells:

1st level: bane, bestow wound*, cause fear, chill touch, detect magic, detect undead, doom, hide from undead, inflict light wounds, ray of enfeeblement, summon undead I*^, undetectable alignment, necrotic awareness^, death grimace$

2nd level: Blindness/Deafness, command undead, darkness, death knell, false life, gentle repose, ghoul touch, inflict moderate wounds, scare, spectral hand, summon swarm, summon undead II *^, Necrotic cyst^, Necrotic Scrying^, Dance of ruin%

3rd level: Crushing despair, halt undead, inflict serious wounds, ray of exhaustion, speak with dead, summon undead III*^, Vampiric touch, necrotic Bloat^

4th level: Animate dead, bestow curse, contagion, deathward, dispell magic, enervation, Evard's Black Tenticles, fear, giant vermin, inflict critical wounds, phantasmal killer, poison, summon undead IV*^, Necrotic Domination^
spells per day: 1st:8, 2nd:7, 3rd:6, 4th:4 (includes bonus spells)

Tehv' rin was born into a family of astral pirates. when they saw his red hair, they shunned him, and threw him into the deep astral. By some strange means of drifting, he ended up through a portal to the prime, in a city dominated by undead called Necrotrot. Here, he lived through various persecutions and the like from the undead in the area. He was taken in by the leader of this city, a necromancer named Borvias Doomblood. While living with Doomblood, he learned the weave and castings of the dread necromancer, through rigorous training setions setup by doomblood himself. At the end of his ascention, Doomblood attacked him, for fear that Tehv' rin would take his seat of power over the city ( which Tehv' rin was truly going to do). Tehv' rin took down his mentor, and then a clone came to life. Tehv' rin helped his mentor ascend to lichood, and then took his leave of Necrotrot. He found his way to the planes to rid himself of the horror infested prime world he came from, and now employs himself as a planewalker and necromantic come-too in sigil.

Though he appears much older than he really is, Tehv'rin is an 84 year old githyanki. The rot from his slow ascention to lichood has maired his gith heritage, and his self mutilation has not helped it either. he now appears a light brown, though his hair is still bright red. some if his flesh seems to be rotting, though most is not visible under his large black robes. The robe is lined with a purple trim, and hides a chain shirt underneath. Also, very unusual for a lich like man, he wields a battleaxe.

*-heroes of horror, ^-libris Mortis, %- Book of vile darkness

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Kaorti Ranger 3/Bard 3
Str 7, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 16
Str -4, Dex +4, Int +4. Cha +6
Natural attack: Bite
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Ribbon Dagger) (B)
+2 natural armor
Str 14, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 9

Str 10, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 15.

Medium-size outsider (evil, extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 2d8+6d6+16 (46 hp)
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30 ft.
Armor Class: 21 (+4 dex, +5 armor, +2 natural), touch 14, flat-footed 17
Base Attack/Grapple: +7/+7
Attack: +1 Ribbon longsword +14 melee 1d8+1x4 or bite +9 melee 1d6
Full Attack: +1 Ribbon Longsword +12/+7 melee 1d8+1x4 and +1 ribbon dagger +12 1d4+1x4
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Spell-like abilities, vile transformation, favored enemy, bardic music, favored enemy.
Special Qualities: Material vulnerability, outsider traits, poison immunity, bardic knowledge, wild empathy.
Saves: Fort +9, Refl +15, Will +7
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 22 (20 w/o gloves), Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 15.
Skills: Climb +11 (+13 with rope), Escape Artist +17 (+19 with ropes), Hide +17, Knowledge (The planes) +13, Knowledge (history) +13, Listen +11, Perform +13, Swim +11, Survival +11 (+13 on the planes), Use rope +17 (+19 with bindings).
Feats: Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Ribbon Dagger) (B), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Ribbon Longsword) (B), Quick Draw, Track, Two-Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon Fighting (B), Weapon Finesse.


Home Plane: The Far Realms
Challenge Rating: 7
Treasure: See below
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment: +2

Bardic spells known: 6/3. 0th level- Mage Hand, Lullaby, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Know Direction, Resistance. 1st level- Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Cure Light Wounds.
Bardic spells per day (4/1); levels 0-1. Save DC 14+spell level.
Possesions- Gloves of Dex +2, Resin Suit +1, Ribbon Longsword +1, Ribbon Dagger +1, backpack with bedroll, several trinkets, 50 gp and 50 cp.
Spell-like abilities: 1/day- alter self, color spray, feather fall, ray of enfeeblement, reduce, spider climb. Save DC 13.

Lundi is an elan, not one with a long story. He´s a bit broody since he lost a contest a few flops ago, but he´s nevertheless still willing to meddle in anything he finds. Meanwhile, he looks for more places for the cyst to relocate to.


Age: 9
Gender: Male
Race: Human, planar
Height: 3´11"
Weight: 100 pounds
Build: Regular
Skin: Smooth
Color: Caucasian. Black hair.
Eye Color: Black.
Clothing: A white shirt, and black loose pants.
Accessories: A small white rock on a pendant (it provides him a +3 divine bonus on all saving throws against evil spells, spells cast by evil creatures, or any effect from an unprovoked assault).
Special Effects: Gary´s small in size currently, and functions mostly as a humanoid with 1/2 hd. Treat as a 1st level commoner with 1/2 hd (hp 2), -4 to strength and constitution, +2 to dexterity, -2 to all ability scores (cumulative with previous), and with half normal skill points. He has +1 to AC and attacks because of small size, and his carrying capacity is 3/4 normal.

Gary´s just a kid on Sigil. Strangely, he seems to be nearly everywhere. Or perhaps he´s so easy to mistake for someone else, that he seems to be everywhere.

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Might as well Place him her. Here is Melvin (he's the one who wrote melvin's oddities.)

Name: Melvin
Gender: Male
Race: Human (living key)
hight: 5'4"
weight: 160lbs
Magic: as a living key spells do not work on Melvin, for good or Ill Melvin is immune to magic. He also cannot cast enchantment spells. other spells are within his ability to cast but since a key cannot be altered by magic alteration magic is beyond him.

special: Melvin was human, when he got mazed he found himself scattered throughout the planes. through this Melvin became attuned to the planes effectively becoming a living key. as a living key melvin CAN die, though his body cannot be destroyed. Melvin also shows up in many places all at once. as each "melvin" travels the planes they become very diverse. where on melvin may speak like a well educated wizard, another may speak like a cutter born and raised. as well every melvin has different spells depending on where they come from
Melvin cannot be harmed by purely phisical means, because he is a key, though he can be suffocated. enchanted items work when he uses then as long as they do not effect "him" personally. for example a ring of water breathing would not work, but a bubble ring would. Every melvin has many enchanted items or just trinkets they have collected, though very few of these trinkits are the same one is. Every Melvin carries a large tome. his journal. Melvin's jurnal is full of information about how to walk the planes and other usefull tidbits. If you ask Melvin may sell you a copy. For a price, a very large price.

Melvin CAN die, its just hard to do. Suffocate him drown him, hithim with a death touch spell, magic missile can harm him, if it gets past his defenses. but there are just so many melvins that killing one seems pointless. mjost

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i dont exactly understand what we have to do here?

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'venjr' wrote:
i dont exactly understand what we have to do here?
Read the first post of the thread.

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Bazimem of himself

Hello, there, if ya Sigilfolk is interested here my welcome?

Age: Not quite huge to confirm that it's rather small
Gender: male enough
Race: mom is a half-elf born on prime and dad was a half-dao hal-architect genie from some of the demi-planes himself. So I am supposed to be some sort of a blue-skinned edge-eared cocktail.
Height: 5 feet tall.
Weight: various. Depends on the amount of food eaten.
Build: sinewy and tough
Skin (hair, feather, scale, or skin) No hair, no feather, no scale, blue-skinned.
Color(s): light blue (watch my pic.tchr)
Eye Color(s): Red and yellow
Clothing: Unical leather armor, of course.
Accessories (catch all): funny scull, that talks. Sack with some adventurer's stuff and a couple of chivs.
Special Effects (if any): I can kill you, before you say Menzzoberanzzan.

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I never really got into this part of the forum, and while I don't plan on getting stuck in to deeply, I'd like to make a character that can just watch and chat.

Daniel Spades was the son of a petty criminal and a whore. His mother raised him surprisingly well all things considered and when he was fifteen he began work at the Bleak Cabal's Gatehouse, and well, from there it was a downward spiral.

He came to understand the Cabal's views. He rose up the ranks of the faction. He wandered into a ballroom in the Lady's Ward and slashed seventy people to ribbons, then returned to the Gatehouse asylum, released half the inmates and hung himself.

Thing is, he's still around, as a cackling phantom.

Name: "Blackneck" Daniel Spades, "The Golden Locks Killer"
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Planar (Sigil born), Ghost
Height: 6´3"
Weight: *
Build: Skinny
Skin: Freckled and pale, when it isn't ghostly transparent.
Hair: It appears curled, as if greasy, matted and brown.
Eyes: Green.
Clothing: A asylum straight-jacket, a simple tattered tunic or even nothing!
Accessories: He carries numberous useless trinkets like a lucky rabbit's foot, but nothing worth mentioning really.
Special Effects: Much to his displeasure, Daniel can not touch anything, but neither can anyone else touch him. (He can be banished for a time, causing him to return to the asylum he died in.)

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Tarrace Akuto Age:

Tarrace Akuto

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 173 pounds

Build: Lean.

Skin (and Hair) Color(s): Black hair; pale, caucasian skin.

Eye Color(s): Dark Brown, Near-black

Clothing: His clothing varies depending on the weather, but most are very form-fitting, yet allow freedom of movement. In ideal conditions, he wears a dark green bodysuit, clad with black boots and a black scarf that he sometimes uses as a windbreaker or to obscure vision of his face.

Accessories (catch all):A ring and an amulet.

Special Effects (if any): Ring - A red light for dark places when worn. Amulet - A slight boost to his reflexes when worn, and worn rarely.

Abilities/Alliances: He seems to have a slight psionic ability to control water, possibly caused by his geneaology, as his father is unknown... However the only functions his ability has is he can attract water towards himself (a rather useless ability, unless used creatively) and he can do some healing of poisons by siphoning it out of a body with water. Tarrace seems to hold no strong affiliations, and in fact seems to make more enemies than allies, but that shall be elaborated in a bit, when his personality is described.

History/Description/Personality: Tarrace Akuto's mother died during his birth, without a father in sight, effectively making him a bastard-child. Immediately following the event, he was raised and mentored by a demon called Morief. In his childhood, Tarrace Akuto witnessed the horrors of war up close, contact with which, Morief often said was necessary for Tarrace to grow. During his travels Tarrace Akuto fought in a war as a mercenary-for-hire. Tarrace Akuto's destiny was influenced by an unknown entity, ever since leaving the care of Morief at age 15. Tarrace Akuto has no close friends, due to his rather chaotic nature.

Standing at a tall six feet, two inches, weighing in at 173 pounds, with a pallid skin and black hair and near-black eyes, Tarrace Akuto is a striking figure, even now at the mere age of 19. He is often described as a wild, free-flowing personality. Though growing up, he was not known for speaking often under the care of Morief, his mentor and foster caretaker, Tarrace has become a rather deceitful caracter, often doing what he believes will get his desired result from each situation. Some people view him also as rather clumsy, as he often falls all over himself or others in battle, yet it often benefits him in some way or another, like avoiding a blow.

He says that he upholds some kind of 'Code of Honor', which he claims is akin to chivalry's position towards women. However, he often seems to revise this code to fit how he feels at the time in certain situations. He is known to sometimes attack or kill women whose goals don't line up with his own, which appears to discredit his supposed code of honor, but he always has a reason (whether this reason is true or false is unknown) why this is not so.

Often, when he works with anyone, he is even known to intentionally give his allies to the enemy of his own workings or plans, during which plans he may or may not eventually free them. Basically, Tarrace is almost completely unpredictable from a distant view. Much like Morief, he, himself, is viewed as a demon. However, perspectives may change, were someone to become a closer friend to him.


Class: As a side note, his class is rather indeterminate, though he most closely is described as a ranger. He is very knowledgeable in assassination, yet he enjoys a good fight and fights one-on-one like an agile warrior. However, he holds no respect for magical studies, even to the point that, in his own delusions, he believes magic does not exist at all.

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Name: Stal

Name: Stal Shurroth 

Age: Unknown, apparently middle-aged (He claims a brush with the Temporal Plane if asked) Gender: Male Race: Human? Height: 5' 6" Weight: 170 Build: Average Skin: Pale Eye Color(s): Purple Clothing: A plain, deep purple robe that obscures anything underneath that he might be wearing in shadow Accessories: A cart from which he sells a variety of wares, almost constantly on the move through Sigil. The one thing that stands out about this cart is the abundance of bright lanterns, candles, ever-burning torches and other light-sources (both magical and non) that he keeps constantly lit when in Sigil, even during the brightest days. (Chant has it he does this so that a certain shadow can't reach him, but few have the dark on it and he's not telling)

The Chant: He's a merchant, a planewalker, a Sensate, and barmy enough to be better avoided unless you need to do business with him. He's got the dark on countless portal-keys in the Cage, and more than a few throughout the Planes. He doesn't care much for jink (prefering useful information and items of interest) unless you've got nothing better to offer, and has countless supplies of potions, scrolls, wands, staffs, rations, weapons, gadgets, do-dads, whatchamacallits, clothing, small animals and just about anything else an adventuring party or mercenary group could need for an upcoming mission. Rumor has it he's always looking for information on some specific transmutation staff, and will reward anyone handsomely for information that leads to it. Stal isn't his first name, but rather a title, though a title of what is anyone's guess. He'll be more congenial if you call him Stal, though those barmy enough to be familiar with him, or even friends are often invited to call him by his name: Shurroth.

The Dark: He used to be human, what he is now is anyone's guess. The brush with the temporal plane is only the surface of the truth, having also brushed with the edge of reality by way of communing with a power that visited his prime, which left him rather warped from the experience. Physically, he hides his appearance behind strong illusion magic, and the purple cloak is a pair of functional leathery wings with enough joints to fold down into the shape of anything from a full length cloak with sleeves and hood to as simple as a sleeveless shirt (with his illusion magic completing the disguise). Other features hidden by his magic is a set of four horns that sprout from the back of his skull and curve out in front of his face to points, which can flex to catch any blow aimed for his face or head. Detect Magic causes him to glow like a small sun, but Detect Alignment spells all fail on him, as his madness leaves him without a true alignment (Feat: Above Good and Evil [Sourcebook unknown]). His appearance is the result of focused polymorph spells on himself, experimentation inspired by his madness, and the staff he seeks is none other than The Despoiler of Flesh itself (BoVD). It's true he fears the Lady of Pain, and will go to great lengths to avoid her if he sees her, even at great distance. The lights on his wagon are indeed in the hope that her shadow won't be able to fall on him with the light, should he be unable to avoid her completely. The whole reason he avoids her is that within his own realm he is an ascended power, though lacking worshipers completely. He leaves the essence of his power behind in his realm when traveling, for fear that it might be stolen or leeched while outside of his realm. On pure technicality he's the only power to pass in and out of Sigil as he pleases, but those who know this dark say it's because he doesn't bring his power with him, doesn't get in the Lady's way, doesn't seek worshippers, and certainly doesn't spread the dark of his power. If the Lady knows or even cares, she's naturally mum on the subject, and though the dabus have never done any business with him, they've never bothered him either.

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Re: Character Index

A character for purpose of debating in the debate threads.

Name: Brother Peel
Age: Seventyish
Gender: Male
Race: "Elf", he makes no distinction
Faction: Those chaos ones, you know
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Much lighter than he should be
Build: Wiry, thin armed and boney legged.
Skin (hair, feather, scale, or skin): Tanned, wind burnt and otherwised weathered
Eyes: Pale yellow
Hair: Short, golden, but going white at the sides
Clothing: A simple dusty black tunic, with brown robes over them. No shoes.
Equipment: Not a lot.

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