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Ok, here is my take on Aborea in UPS. Pelion is not my own work, but Jem's from his Lets Irrigate Pelion thread, and you'll find a fuller description of the three cities there. For Ossa, I had in mind some scenes from the film Spirited Away, with the trams and shallow waters. Finally Olympus completes the plane, with a hideaway of the past, thought it would be nice to have such a place. Anyways, heres Arborea...


The first layer of Arborea is a semi-arid desert, rolling out forever under clear skies and fair weather. Here people come to enjoy themselves, it is the tourist hotspot of the planes. The layer has many highways, and railways running between major attractions. The railways are especially popular as the trains are very spacious and are designed for luxury. The three most famous cities on the layer are Mirage, Glamour and Serene. Peitioners of the plane appear as they did in life, and are usually found partaking of the joys of the plane.

Mirage: This is a gamblers dream. Casinos line the city streets, lit up at night with a multiude of colours. The House doesn’t always win and the food and drink is sweet and affordable.

Glamor: The city of dreams. Here play writes, directors, actors and performers come to find their dream. The greatest epics of the modern age have been filmed and recorded here. The city has the most film studios of any city across the planes, and expansive mansions to match. 5 star hotels accomdate tourists and fans that want to get close to the movie stars and legends of glamour.

Serene: Unlike the other two cities, Serene is a step back, a clamer city, where the choice phase is chill out. Here musicians chill out, gently srumming a guitar, or a group of friends discuss the ethics of mirage upon a lush green lawn. The city is for those that need a break ffrom the excetiment of mirage and glamour but don’t want to go back home just yet. (Ive changed the name, as it didnt seem to fit with the other two, hope thats ok with folks).

What was once an endless ocean is now a shallow sea, not more than a few feet deep at its greatest depths. Here, the gentle sounds of wave lapping against one another is the backdrop for the crystal blue waters. There are few creatures that actually live in the water, nor plants, just white sands and blue waters. Running across the layer is a tram system, its tracks only just below the water’s surface. Stations are raises above the water on legs. The main attractions of Ossa are spas and health clubs and the occasional water park. Its most famous attraction is the Water Gardens of Orion, which are said to heal the mind, body and spirit. There are no cities on Ossa, but the towns are pleasant and relaxing, having a rustic feel about them, raise just above the waters surface. White sandy beaches are also found, small islands and archipelagos with a few palm trees are popular locations.

Olympus was once the first layer of Arborea, but times have changes. It is now the most remote, but it hasn’t change. For upon Olympus, technology does not work. For those looking to leave modern life behind, Olympus is the place. Here the landscape is untouched by modern industry. Rolling hills lead to towering mountains, deep ravines and massive forests. The terrain is on a massive scale, but is soft, not like the hard landscapes of Brux of the Beastlands. The peoples of Olympus live life with a song in their hearts and skip in their stride, they enjoy life, they celebrate life and the simple pleasures found within it. Celebrating, in fact, is an important part of their life style, a dominant one almost. Most work on Olympus is in preparation for the next party or festival. And you can always find a party in full swing in any one of the small townships or villages dotted across the layers. But for those looking for more mellow relaxation, strike out towards the wildernesses of the layer and you’ll find peace and serenity.

The ancient pantheons of the Olympians and the Elves are no more, but their mountains can always be seen, one on each horizon, but no one has ever reached them, they always stay on the horizon.

Well, thats the basics of Arborea, I will try and flesh it out when I get the chance, but atm Im just trying to get the basics done for each plane plus sort out factions.

Talking of factions, I was thinking that the Order of Being might make their HQ in Serene, as it fits quite well with their ideals?



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