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The son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, Zeus is the greek Power who led his siblings in revolt against their despotic father and established the Olympians as the supreme rulers of the heavens. He is the king of the gods, though his command over them is far from absolute and his decisions are often challenged. Zeus is the god of the sky, the ruler of all high things, including the clouds, rain, wind, thunder, and mountain summits. He is the protector of laws, friend of the weak, and dispenser of justice. Although he can take any form he wishes, and often assumes that of a powerful, bearded man with regal bearing, in his true form he is a ball of fiery light so intense that no mortal can look upon him without bursting into flames.

Zeus is an efficient leader, but he is something of a despot. He is moved by anger more often than mercy, and makes his decisions on the basis of politics rather than justice. A confirmed lecher, he will go to any length to woo a beautiful woman (even a mortal) — despite the jealous anger of his wife, Hera. Zeus is not above toying with men’s lives just to entertain himself and the other gods. Omens from Zeus take many forms, including thunder, animals acting in peculiar ways, and unusual celestial events.

He reigns supreme in the Realm of the greek gods, Olympus. He and Hera rules from a great temple at the summit of Mount Olympus.

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