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Zaltec, Bringer of War and Eater of Hearts, is god of war, hearts, skulls, Macas, knives, talons, fangs, rattlesnakes, and jaguars in the pantheon of Maztica. He is the antithesis of his brother, Qotal. Zaltec is humanoid with a beastlike, savage face, his mouth revealing jaguar's teeth or a rattlesnake's fangs. He demands human blood and hearts as sacrifice.

Zaltec alternates his time between a Realm in the Abyss called Teotli Itec (which encompasses nine layers of chaos, blood, ice, and fire) and a realm in Carceri called Zompantli, the Place of Skulls. Zompantli is in Cathrys, the second layer of Carceri, and the petitioners there take the form of disembodied, skinless heads.

Source: Maztica Campaign Set

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