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Yugoloth (YOU-go-loth) are the neutral evil fiends native to the Gray Waste and Gehenna. Yugoloths sell their services to both the Baatezu and Tanar'ri in the Blood War, and it is this role in which yugoloths are often portrayed: as greedy, selfish, treacherous mercenaries.

Yugoloths view themselves as something more. They view the Blood War as a single, massive experiment into the nature of Evil, one which they may have started, and one which they themselves keep balanced and eternally ongoing for their own benefit. The 'loths, as yugoloth is often shortened to, see themselves as the favored children of abstract evil, and their own legends claim that the baatezu and tanar'ri were both in fact created by the yugoloths at the instruction of the Baernaloths, the yugoloths' own creators.

Yugoloths are most dominant in the Gray Waste and Gehenna, with the massive structures of Khin-Oin the Wasting Tower and the Tower+Arcane serving as the most visible symbol of their power in both of those planes respectively.

While the 'loths are not ordered in the same fashion as the baatezu, nor so spread apart and disorganized as the tanar'ri, their political structure is generally controlled by a few powerful yugoloths, each of whom have considerable autonomy over their respective planes. The near mythical General of Gehenna (nominal leader of the yugoloth race, said to have been the first ultroloth), Mydianchlarus the Oinoloth, and Bubonix the Lord of the Tower of Incarnate Pain, are among the most visible of the unique yugoloths.

List of Known Yugoloths:

Anthraxus the Oinodaemon (TOH)

Charon (TOH)

Cacodaemon (TOH)

Arcanaloth (MM2)

Canoloth (MOTP, MM3)

Dergholoth (TOH)

Echinoloth (Stormwrack)

Corruptor of Fate (MM4)

Voor (MM4)

Hydroloth (TOH)

Marraenoloth (MM2)

Mezzoloth (MOTP, MM3)

Nycaloth (MOTP, MM3)

Nycaloth Commander (MM3)

Piscoloth (FF, TOH)

Skeroloth (FF)

Ultroloth (MOTP, MM3)

Yagnoloth (MM2)

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