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Ysgard. The Land of the Brave. Hero's Triumph.

Battle, fight, struggle, win! That's the theme of this place: the freedom of going solo, and the glory that the struggle brings. The Norse Pantheon lives and dies here, at least if you believe their legend-to-be of Ragnarok. They say the end of the Multiverse'll begin here. That's as maybe, but in the meantime there's plenty of adventure to be had here, if you're brave enough to leap to it.

Ysgard is also a plane of inspiration and creativity. The Infinite Staircase has its beginning here, and true poetry is said to be found in giants' wells and the mead of the gods. The World Ash, Yggdrasil, has the most connections on this plane.

Ysgard is a place of raw elements, where rivers of earth, ice, and fire crash together in the howling sky, where waves crash in wild oceans. It's the homeland of the heroic bariaurs, the giants and their gods, and the mystical Fensir.

Ysgard's three layers are Ysgard (best known for the realm of Asgard or Åsgard), Muspelheim and Nidavellir.

Planes of Chaos
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