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Yen-Wang-Yeh is the Chinese Power of the dead, chief judge of the Ten Law Courts of the afterworld, and king of the Eighteen Hells. When a dead man’s soul reaches the first court of the afterworld, the Palace of Judgment in the Outlands, Yen-Wang-Yeh determines whether the man should be rewarded, passed directly to the Wheel of Transmigration (reincarnation), or passed onto the lower courts for punishment. The Palace of Judgement is the size of a city, with portals to the realms of all the other Chinese deities. In his true form, Yen-Wang-Yeh resembles a yellow-robed warrior with ebony skin.

Yen-Wang-Yeh is a dedicated and humorless servant of the Celestial Bureaucracy. His primary concern is making sure that the spirits of the dead are processed quickly and efficiently.

Yen-Wang-Yeh must personally approve any raise dead, resurrection, or reincarnation spell cast by any worshipper of any god in the Chinese pantheon. Any time such a person casts one of these spells, there is a decent chance he will cancel it.

Yen-Wang-Yeh is not well-known for sending omens or portents.

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