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Red-skinned, four-armed aliens, the xill are an aggressive race from the Ethereal Plane, feared and despised by most natives of planes bordering the Ethereal. Their origins are unknown, but they speak the language of the baatezu. The modern xill race is divided into two distinct castes: the High Clans – the so-called Settlers, and the Low Clans – the Hunters. The Low Clans are savages who disdain the use of tools, but the High Clans are civilized sophisticates with an equal disdain for their cousins' primitive ways.

All xill need to use sentient creatures as hosts in which to hatch their young. Rumors speak of a vast hatchery somewhere in the Deep Ethereal where human slaves are bred and grown to serve as hosts for xill eggs. In order to ensure that the hosts retain a spark of intelligence and do no become so inbred that they are nothing better than animals, the High Clans trade with the Lower Clans for fresh hosts.

Both races of xill worship a god called Sixin.

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