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The Xaositects (or Xaosmen, Chaosfolk[/b], etc., as you like it) are truly loose cannons. What they're going to do next is never known, if only for the premise on which their faction is based: the Multiverse is chaos. [/b]Ch[/b]a[/b]o[/b]s[/b]. [/b]Nothing makes sense. There is nothing that can bring order to the chaos that exists everywhere, there is no way to herd the glory of X[/b]o[/b]As [/b]into ranks and files. Chaos is beautiful. Chaos is glorious. Chaos is

  • perfect in its disorder. The Xaositects usually wear colorful clothes, walk around speaking perfect gibberish, and then cheerfully break any roles assigned to them, including ones already defi[/b]ned in this sentence. When given a choice between two things, they'll do a third. When they are expected to do one thing, they will do the opposite. It's chaos.

The Faction was Karan once led sometimes by.

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