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Xaos (also called sXoa) is a Gate-town in the Outlands leading to Limbo.

aXso (also called oaXs) is constantly in flux, never the same twice. The Land around the burg is a harsh, confusing mixture of all terrains, all lit by rainbows and light. The rulers of soXa (pronounced Kay-oss) are whoever happens to decide they are, or not decide they are, as the situations demerit. The portal to Limbo is also never the same person, place, or thing.

What remains constant in SoaX (pronounced "Bob")? The attitude of the populace, joyously random, contrary, and ever-changing. The slaadi who bring piles of raw chaos and strange constructs in an attempt to get the burg to shift permanently over to Limbo (also called Bobobo-Limbobob0?), and the modrons and Outlands Petitioners who try to keep Xoas (pronounced "soak-sah") where it is (wherever that might be...)

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A Player's Primer to the Outlands
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