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The Valkyries bring fallen heroes to Valhalla. Although extremely beautiful, the Valkyries’ love of battle makes them rather grim. When a battle is about to occur, they rush out of Asgard singing their deafening, foreboding song. If the battle is to occur on land, they travel on flying white horses and pour bucketfuls of gore over the battlefield. If the battle is to occur at sea, they sail into the battle in a ghastly boat under clouds of bloody rain. While waiting in Asgard for the next battle, the Valkyries pass the time by weaving battle garments, and by serving mead and ale to Odin’s warriors in Valhalla. They have the power to raise any hero who fell in combat, to see bloodshed anywhere in the Prime Material Plane where the Norse Pantheon holds sway, and to predict the outcome of a battle. There are twenty-seven Valkyries, all svelte, beautiful, golden-haired battle-maidens.

Source: Legends & Lore (2nd ed.)

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