Quasielemental Plane of Vacuum

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Perhaps the strangest of the Inner Planes, the Plane of Vacuum is utter emptiness, the lack of substance. The Doomguard believe that at the end of the Multiverse everything will resemble the Plane of Vacuum. Others might point out that, to a large degree, it already does. Isn't vacuum the most plentiful of all substances?

Some confuse this plane with the Negative+Energy+Plane. Although it's created from the interaction of negative energy with the Elemental Plane of Air, it's not the same. The Negative Energy Plane is pure death, the dissolution of everything. It's an active, hungry force that drains everything it touches. The Plane of Vacuum is simply emptiness; it doesn't actively destroy anything but air and gas. The Negative Energy Plane, on the other hand, has no particular antipathy toward gases, and in its "doldrum" regions, which may superficially resemble the Plane of Vacuum, air elementals can safely exist.

Unlike most Inner Planes, the Plane of Vacuum has no recognizable border regions; it's all the same endless void stretching on forever. However, it touches the Negative+Energy+Plane, the Quasielemental+Plane+of+Salt, the Quasielemental+Plane+of+Ash, the Paraelemental+Plane+of+Smoke, the Paraelemental+Plane+of+Ice, and the Elemental Plane of Air.

You might think the Plane of Vacuum would be cold, or that the lack of air pressure would be as deadly as the lack of air. For whatever reason, this isn't the case. In the reality of Planescape, cold is as much of a substance as heat, and vacuum lacks both. As for pressure, well, if the extreme water pressure doesn't kill you in the Elemental Plane of Water, the lack of pressure won't kill you in Vacuum. Physics works differently on other planes: deal with it or don't. Vacuum welding is still a problem for complex mechanisms such as Inevitables.

Anyway, you obviously can't breathe here, so that's the primary problem to deal with. If you're made out of gas (perhaps you're a Belker or an Air elemental), you lose a hit die every round - this plane is the death of air, the end of all breath.

The Plane of Vacuum is almost empty, but not quite. Vacuum Quasielementals dwell here, beings of pure nothingness. It's said they killed all the vacuum mephits in a genocidal war. There are also vacuum Animentals and a few other creatures like the Egarus fungus, the Vacuous, Spectral deaths, and a few other incorporeal undead and beings adapted to the void between the stars on the Prime Material Plane.

High-ups include a being (possibly an Archomental) called Sun Sing and an enormous beholder called Zal+the+Destroyer.

The Doomguard Citadel Exhalus is on this plane as well, built around a special gate leading to the Negative+Energy+Plane.


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