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Ushas is the Vedic Power of dawn, the bright and ever-young daughter of the heavens. Every morning, she drives away the evil spirits that have gathered in the night, awakens the gods and all living creatures, and then opens the gates of the sky to allow Surya into the world. After Surya has brought the rising sun and delivered it to Savitri’s one-wheeled chariot, Ushas leads Savitri’s horses across the sky. No evil thing may stay or approach within 100 miles of Ushas. She also has the power to reincarnate any dead being into a new body of her choice, awaken any creature from any type of sleep, and to open any door or gate, regardless of how it is locked. In her true form, Ushas is a beautiful, light-skinned woman.

Ushas is a beneficent deity who protects humankind from evil spirits, especially those associated with the night. There is a small chance that she will send her avatar to aid anyone (except thieves) needing help while fighting supernatural evil beings. Omens from Ushas generally occur in the form of vibrant colors in the dawn sky (e.g., red for impending violence, black for evil to come, gold for a hero’s approach, etc.).

Her Realm in Eronia, Morninglory, is shared with Lathander and Zodal.

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